Causes Of Pedal Edema

  1. Hi does any know all the causes of PEDAL EDEMA (particular left sided Pedal Edema), or unequal Pedal Edema test done to help differentiate between possible different causes.
    If you can take it a step further and differentiate pitting verses non-pitting edema

    Here is what I know so far of course

    1.Heart DiseaseThe obvious one for Left side pedal edema can equal Heart Failure (TEST:ECHO):redpinkhe (ProBNP)
    2. Obsesity
    3. Obstructive Sleep Apnea (Sleep Study)
    4. Corpulmonale
    5. Lyphedema
    6. Pretibial Myxedema
    7. Renal Disease (BUN/Creat)
    8. Diabetic Renal Disease
    9. Proteinuria (may need 24hr urine collection) (screen with urine dipstick)
    10. Hypoalbuminemia
    11. Hepatic Disease
    13. Nephrotic Syndrome
    14. Throid Disorder (hypothyroidism)
    15. Meig Syndrome (triad of benign ovarian tumor with ascites and pleural effusion that resolves after resection of the tumor. The ovarian tumor in Meigs syndrome is a fibroma.) Not to be confused with Meige's syndrome which is a type of dystonia
    16. Pleural Effusions
    17. PAD ( not sure if this does) (TEST=ABI testing)
    18. PVD
    19. Being Sedentary (Couch Potatoe test lol)
    20. Lack of excercise umpiron:?
    21. DVT (Venous Duplex)

    Ok thats my list with the testing I know about can you post your test and what you know about the conditions that you list or if you know about the condition I list. Particular Meig syndrome has any one heard of that one. List the test done to help physician make a differential diagnosis
    You can add in any testing to my list if you know.
    Please correct any ones that I posted that are not correct thanks

    Would like your opinions hope you can post and enlighten me as you post a possible cause and appropriate testing for the cause.


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    being in airplane across the feet looked like a footbal with toes
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    Socks are too tight - no kidding, this happens to me all the time!
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    WoW, Angelique alot of what you said I didn't know.

    Thanks for the FYI.

    I am writing that on my notes, esp. Meig syndrome. I have to look that one up.

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    If it's just one-sided, I think that trauma and cellulitis jump way up on the list of possibilities. That's a good link that Emmanuel Goldstein posted for you.
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    very nice topic & information ,,,thnk u 4 ur effort
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    Quote from EricEnfermero
    If it's just one-sided, I think that trauma and cellulitis jump way up on the list of possibilities.
    DVT and tumor obstruction too.
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    You'd probably find more in a medical textbook on differential diagnosis.

    Here are some more I found in Nurse's 5-Minute Clinical Consult: Signs & Symptoms from Lippincott Williams & Wilkins Publishers.
    • Burns
    • Cellulitis
    • Envenomation (insect stings or bites)
    • Trauma
    • Osteomyelitis
    • Drugs: hormonal contraceptives, lithium, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories, vasodilators, and any drugs that cause sodium retention
    • any surgery where there has been saphenous vein retrieval or other vascular surgery
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    Thanks so much great responses thanks for your help. Often like to put information together appreciate it

    Thanks Angela
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    Daytonite was correct but one of the common drugs that will cause this is "Neuronton" (Gabapentin) if the dose is some what high. some Doctors dont tell PT that it will.