Caught With His Pants Down

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    I recently graduated from LPN school here in Connecticut, and I'll never forget the experience. I was one of 6 men who started the class, and one of 3 who graduated. Along the way, there were many hardships, trials, and funny moments. But the one moment I will always remember happened on our first clinical day.

    Caught With His Pants Down

    One of the guys was a very kind professional who wanted to become a nurse for all the right reasons. He really wanted to help people, not just make money. Unfortunately, he had never been in a hospital or convalescent home, had never worked as a nurses aide or anything to do with medicine.

    The days leading up to our first clinical day was filled with fear and trepedition. Although we were only going to be doing the most basic of tasks, the thought of actually taking care of another person had him shaking in fear. As a veteran nurses aide, I tried to get him to relax. I can still remember saying to him "After all, what can happen?"

    He gets his assignment, a little old woman with no current problems but with a heart condition being controlled by medication. She is an assist of one and does most ADLs with only limited assitance. The perfect first patient for someone without any experience.

    Well, here is the story as he tells it:

    He woke the patient up and asked her if she wanted to go into the bathroom to get washed and changed. She said sure, and told him what clothes she wanted to wear that day. Then, he executed a perfect move to get her from the bed into a sitting position. After waiting, as we were taught, he put the gait belt around her, and assisted her to her feet.

    It was then that he realized he had forgotten his belt in his haste that morning, and the gait belt was holding his pants up. Figuring he had plenty of time as it was only a few short steps to the bathroom, he thought he could move her along a little more quickly than she was used to.

    About halfway to the bathroom, he realized his pants were slowly slipping down and tried to adjust. Just at that moment, the woman says she is getting really dizzy, and starts to slump over. As he couldn't let the woman fall, he grabbed the gait belt with both hands. That caused his pants to fall completely down around his ankles.

    Just then, the door flies open, and our nursing instructor, who is giving a tour to the director of the LPN program, enters the room!!!

    It was a moment he would never live down... Arms around this little old lady, he
    looking green and she looking pale, his pants around his ankles.... it was priceless!

    Although he didn't make it through the program, he became a successful CNA and to this day laughs with us when we tease him about the day he was caught in nursing school with his pants down.. literally!
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  3. by   jekjek14
    That was soooo funny... poor guy, he's just trying to help the little old lady. To see him in that position is proceless!! lol* ^__^
  4. by   Straydandelion
    rofl.. a shame he didn't make it through the program however, maybe he will try again?
  5. by   mixxer
    well i didn't know things like this actually happens. haha! lesson: think about yourself first before others if its not a life and death situation.
  6. by   dean4nea
    question sir, how come that only 3 of you made it? is the program that hard? tnx, i love your story... hahaha!
  7. by   cooliegirl
    awesome picturing in my mind him with the elderly lady. thanks for the laugh
  8. by   mimi1jb
    Such a great story. It was classic. Thanks for a nice smile
  9. by   Draven1872
    That is too funny. I hope they didn't assume the worse in that scenario as you can imagine what must have been going on in the teachers head. I must say that is a one of a kind moment.
  10. by   THANKGOD1922
    good one to laugh after work. thanks for sharing.
  11. by   sillyxaria
    omg such a cute story!!! ..the visual i'm
  12. by   cleo2uluv
    oh boy! U made my day, thanks
  13. by   skeptismo
    oops! haha... poor man, at least he's successful now.
  14. by   SDMamma
    This had my husband and I laughing sooo hard my stomach hurts.