1. This may sound a little strange, But here goes. I am a first year nursing student and have just found out that my next placement will be at a private hospital not an NHS hospital, and I will be expected to tie my hair back in a cap! and i have no idea how i will get my hair to stay up in a cap for around 9 to 14 hours?

    I thought about asking the other staff on that ward but they were either male, or had very short hair, or hair bobbed to above their collars. My hair is quite long, i can nearly sit on it. I can usually tie it back for work in a bun, but i have told that this will not be acceptable.

    Any hints or tips would be wonderfull.

    Thanks, Whisper
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  3. by   ERNurse752
    Wow, you can't even put it up in a bun, and then wear the cap?
    That's pretty strict! Are you supposed to actually put your hair inside the cap? I'm not sure if I understand correctly.
  4. by   Whisper
    I was told that my hair was to go up into the cap!!! not a bun, and it should be witht he majority folded under, but it didn't make much sense to me, so i thought i would ask for help on here, as i can not ask my supervisor about it for another month as i am still on a different placement.
    I do know that it is suposed to be a more traditional dress code, but i am not too sure how, when caps were common place, nurses used to wear them. I may be showing my age, but i can not remember nurses ever wearing caps!
  5. by   funnynurse
    Well at least the patient will know who their nurse is!!! (just joking) but seriously, this sounds ridiculous. I only remember seeing nurses where caps on TV. It sounds like most of your future coworkers had short hair for a reason....If you don't want to cut your hair, just call the supervisor and explain your situation. Maybe they have some suggestions for you. Thought about braiding your hair in two braids then pinning them on top of your head? Good luck!
  6. by   GPatty
    I personally like the caps and all white uniforms.
    PS I wish I had a suggestion for your hair. I certainly wouldn't cut it! There has to be a way!
  7. by   P_RN
    When mine was that long, I just put it into a long braid and then pinned it up. It fit quite well under a cap and under a scrub bonnet also. To my regret right after I graduated, I decided to celebrate and had all my long hair cut off!

    Sometimes two braids across the top of your head is an alternate. Looks rather Germanic that way.
  8. by   Whisper
    Thanks for all the help, I am goign to try pinning my hair up that way, however I am still not looking foward to wearing a cap! But there is no way I am cutting my hair (I am not being vain, I am just scared of having my hair cut! ) I'll let you know what my superisor says, I have to see her about it next week,.

    Thanks very much.
  9. by   essarge
    I vote for the two braids wound around the cap of your head. If you don't know quite how to do it, why not make an appointment to have your hair done that way and watch how they do it. Besides, it's kind of nice to be spoiled once in awhile!!
  10. by   canoehead
    OK, take a barrette and pin back the front of your hair, just behind the bangs. Place the pin where you want the front of the cap to land. Put your hair up in a bun just behind the pin, make the bun as small as you can as it has to fit under your cap.

    Put a safety pin inside the front of your cap, it should be invisible. Take a bobby pin or two, clip them onto the safety pin and then take the whole cap with pins attached, and slide one end of the bobby pin into the barrette that you have already pinned the front of your hair up with. Flip the cap back to sit right side up on your head.

    Now you should be able to fit the cap over your bun of hair, leaving nothing showing. Take a couple of bobby pins and use them on the back, on the "wings" of the cap where it touches your head to secure the cap firmly to your head.

    You should be able to go the full 12h without losing your cap or your hairdo. Once you get the hang of placement it is welded on like iron, the bun and the cap keep each other in place. Of course you'll have to shop for a cap with a little dead space for the bun.

    If your boss isn't happy with this...I don't know, shave your head and pierce an eyebrow, ask her if she prefers that.
  11. by   Whisper
    Thanks very much, I'll give that a try. I don't think I'll take it as far as body piercings, after all She can decide whether I pass or fail my course!
  12. by   Jay Levan
    Check out my Picture here, I have the opposite problem(LOL) However I would love to wear a Beret All White with Black Nursing band. Of course this would not be acceptable because it would be considered "TO COOL" To answer your query, I have seen many nurses cope with this same problem, advise; Do the best you can and if it is not good enough for the "Powers to be" ask for their help in solving the problem. If it gets nasty as it may well do, remind them that EOE frowns on this matter of Individual Rights. I know you feel vunerable and I empathise with your problem Good Luck in dealing with this matter.
  13. by   P_RN
    Jay, we had a couple of guys with sexy cerebral solar collectors who wore the male scrub caps in white fabric. They did look kind of cool.

    Hmmm maybe you will start a trend. I like the black band thing too. Wow and we could limit only NURSES to wearing the berets!!!!

    Whisper, I just thought of something else. Perhaps a hair net would help hold the bun in place. Also I sewed a hair comb into the front of my cap. A small plastic one, not the kind you comb your hair with?
  14. by   Whisper
    Thankyou for all your help, think I may now be able to tie my hair back in the cap however i have one more question raised by canoehead's post, what is a bangs?????

    Thanks again.