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so sitting down to morning report i am the off going nurse and have two nursing students sitting in. great, no problem. if i was to be 100% honest i don't love having nursing students around. i... Read More

  1. by   Ruby Vee
    Quote from ican!
    i would think "the look" would have been enough for a 30 and 50 year old adult.
    one would hope, but evidently it wasn't.
  2. by   nursecassia
    I think this situation was handled poorly Im sorry...we can all agree im sure that sometimes people just dont clue in to what they are doing...I myself have students all the time and they either talk like this during report or they only write down the info for their patients and not the whole team.( Drives me nuts)...I am quick to remedy this situation by telling them at that moment that they need to pay attention to what is being discussed and there will be time for chatting later, sometimes they just need to hear it..WHen i was a student im sure I did a couple times cause you get into clinical and are so excited sometimes it just slips your mind...That being said I try to be understanding, not overanalyse it and just tell them how it is..if they continue then I would tell them strait out that I would be discussing it with their instructor...I think you need to take responsibilty that teaching is more than just teaching skills, it is teaching how to be professional as well, and myself as a recent grad would much rather you tell me and us get along better than you going behind my back to tattle on me which would make me resentful and not want to work with you again...
  3. by   Valerie Salva
    Quote from sjt9721
    They were out of line.

    With that said, I believe you could have been more assertive in dealing with this situation. "Giving them a look" doesn't cut it. Stop report, look directly at them, and ask/tell them to stop talking so that everyone can hear the shift report. If they continue, stop again and send them outside the room for their personal conversation, then seek out their instructor before you leave.

    Being direct and assertive (which doesn't equal rude) may have produced a better outcome in this situation.
    I totally agree with this.
  4. by   arelle68
    I had a nurse bite my head off for something like this when I was a student nurse. I had found an error in pt. identification, and I thought I had just saved the world. I didn't know that my brilliance was not the major topic of report that morning. I was in La-la land. I didn't know what nursing was about. Exhaustion, time constraints, working all night, feeling at the end of yourself all the time. I understand those things better now, though. However, when I have absolutely clueless people interrupt my report, I take a deep breath, and remember what a silly little thing I was, and how it hurt to have my silly little head bit off.