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I have been feeling absolute s**t for the past 3 days, woke up with it on Thursday, came home after 2 hours. Called off Friday and went to the Doc and ended up with abx bronchitis (duh, 2 ppd... Read More

  1. by   live4today
    Originally posted by frankie
    hello - i have always followed the tried and true advice of - if you'r e sick - you're sick. i stopped feeling guilty about staying home with a temp, or vomiting, or some other probably contageos illness. It is not in the best interest of the patient.........not wise to spread germs. and i hate when
    the staff comes in sick - and every one get the bug - frankie
    My sentiments exactly, frankie! Going to work sick means that I don't value my own life and health as much as I do other sick people's lives and health. If I am not at my optimum level of wellness, I do NOT go to guilt feelings to it! Besides, if I were the patient, I wouldn't want a "sick person" taking care of me anyway. I'd be the first to tell that nurse to 'get away from me cause I'm sick enough already'. :stone
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    Originally posted by jones58
    Have you ever been told that you need to come into work, even though you have decided you are too sick, and have called in sick?
    No, I haven't, jones58, but if someone told me "I had to come to work even though I was too sick to go to work", I'd tell them where to go next. NO ONE owns my life but me and God, and I know HE would want me to take care of my "temple" that HE I'd stay. Job or no job waiting on me! My life is far more valuable than a paycheck.....even Donald Trumps paychecks wouldn't make me go to work if I was sick. I'm far more valuable than money anyday......any amount of money.
  3. by   SandyB
    cheerfuldoer, I agree. I know I'm too sick to work when no amount of money would temp me to go. And I'd be looking for a new job if anyone had the nerve to tell me to come in anyway!
    I figure, I'm a nurse, I know what sick is!
    I agree that I would take a couple extra days off when getting over a bad illness to be as close to 100% as possible cuz I have gone back to soon and then had to call off again...and was written up! Better to miss more in a row!
    Hope u feel better soon kidsrfun!
  4. by   nurs4kids
    I work 7on/ my contract, I CAN'T be sick...
    so, if I am breathing..I work..

    now, when i worked 12's, I'd consider how long the shift was and debate if I was going to make myself sicker by trying to work..
    i usually could convince myself that it'd be to my benefit and that of the employers for me to take one day vs getting sicker and missing several
  5. by   Youda
    This is a little different, but not by much. I'm IDDM, so if any illness is causing my blood sugar to go up, I stay home. Period. With me, it's easier to see when my body is under stress, cuz the BG's go up. Take the time. Even with a "normal" body, your body is under just as much stress, you just can't see it as easily as me!

    As for someone giving me crap about calling in, I take this attitude: I don't call in to ask PERMISSION to stay home; I call in to INFORM them that I'm staying home. I'm an adult, and don't need anyone's permission to stay home, so any crap just doesn't do any good. The decision was made before I called!
  6. by   Jenny P
    Originally posted by Youda

    As for someone giving me crap about calling in, I take this attitude: I don't call in to ask PERMISSION to stay home; I call in to INFORM them that I'm staying home. I'm an adult, and don't need anyone's permission to stay home, so any crap just doesn't do any good. The decision was made before I called! [/B]
    I agree with you 100%, Youda! I'm not asking permission to call in sick, I'm TELLING them I can't work! I call in sick if I'm contagious, if I KNOW I can't make it through a shift, or if I have to take meds that affect my ability to think and function at my usual ability. I work CV-ICU, and feel that if I'm not thinking clearly I could easily make an error that could harm or kill someone.
  7. by   VivaLasViejas
    There are 2 instances when I call in: when I can't get my head off the pillow, or my head out of the toilet. I don't even consider myself sick unless one or the other (or both) of those things is happening. I rarely catch cold, and am truly ill only once or twice every 4-5 years; the only things that really get to me are stomach viruses and chest colds. The latter are especially dangerous for me because I have this freaky kind of asthma that can go from nonexistent to severe overnight. Last winter I got pneumonia twice; the first time it was bacterial, and I never missed work because it responded to antibiotics and prednisone. But the second time, it was viral and sent my asthma spinning totally out of control, and I spent 2 days flat on my back. I was on prednisone for almost 4 weeks that time, and probably should've been on it longer, but my doctor told me to go ahead and taper myself so I stopped it entirely because I'd already gained 15 pounds (which is why I hate the stuff). After all was said and done, though, I still only missed 2 1/2 days of work.

    That said, I do take precautions to prevent my residents from getting my germs, like wearing a mask in resident rooms if I'm coughing or have a sore throat. I'm a bear about handwashing, which is probably why I rarely get sick in the first place. My immune system has been known to attack raccoons in the back yard, it's so strong from years of working with sick people.
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    originally posted by youda
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    as for someone giving me crap about calling in, i take this attitude: i don't call in to ask permission to stay home; i call in to inform them that i'm staying home. i'm an adult, and don't need anyone's permission to stay home, so any crap just doesn't do any good. the decision was made before i called! are my kind of woman, girlfriend!!! right on!!! tell it like it is!!! :hatparty: :d :kiss
  9. by   sjoe
    Self-care Rule #1: When in doubt, call in sick.
  10. by   Alley Cat
    Self Care Rule#2--See Rule #1

    YOUDA--You ROCK! If I needed to ask someone, I'd call my mother! Like you, I'm calling to inform them I won't be in.

    Incidentally, I did have an experience several years ago with a nursing supervisor (house-type, on week-end coverage), who,
    when the charger person called and said I was sick and needed to leave (I'd worked 8 out of 12 @ this point), said "How sick IS she?" Mind you, I had very few call-ins the first few years I worked (marriage, kids and burn out have taken their toll since then). The charge nurse informed her I was NEVER sick, and if I had to leave, then I was leaving!!!!!:chuckle

    Said supervisor left the facility a couple years after that in a management shuffle, apparently got a taste of her own medicine. I've outlasted her, wonder of wonders! (Not gloating, mind you, just amazed.)
  11. by   gpip
    if i'm febrile, cannot breath, vomitting, runs,or cannot stop coughing. I have not called off for being sick since I have been an rn. Alll my call offs have been for mental health.
  12. by   Youda
    The last time I called in (not counting the leave of absence I'm on), I was well . . . there is no way to put this delicately. Let's just say I had the flu. A real bad case of the flu. OK?

    The witch who answered said, Do you realize you're going to have to work your next weekend off if you call in today? I said, well, since I only work weekends, I was kinda planning on it! (DUH)

    Well, are you going to come in if I can't find a replacement? Well, no! If I could come to work at all, I wouldn't be callling in now, would I? (DUH)

    Well, have you been to the doctor and gotten an excuse? Well, I don't usually go to the ER for diarrhea, do you? (DUH)

    You get the idea how it went! The only thing that made the flu enjoyable was learning that this witch had to work my shift because no one would come in! LOL!
  13. by   ?burntout
    If I feel as if I am contagious in any form or fashion-I stay home.
    If I am still unsure if I should go in or not I ask myself or my husband, "Would you want someone who looks/sounds like this taking care of you?"If it is no-I stay HOME!