Calling all nurses and nursing students.

  1. So here is the story-

    My gerontolgy professor (a geriatric her self) divided the class in half. The 1st half (my half) was to do their paper the first half of the semester. The 2nd half was to do their paper the 2nd half of the semester. So my paper is turned in...the average score was a 17/30!!!! YIKES. i got a 24/30. HOWEVER the professor told the SECOND half of the class their paper was due on Friday. and she made a WHOOPS because she realized thats 4 days less than we she changed the due date to Monday to give them the same ammount of time (that is fair) ANYWAY....she announced that if they turn their paper in on friday they get 2 points extra credit. WHERE THE HELL IS FAIRNESS IN THAT?
    the 1st half of the class was NOT and i repeat NOT given the option of turning in our paper early for extra credit points. Bottom line- she made a mistake, crap like that happens. and i need to add this is the WORST and i mean WORST AND MEANEST professor on the face of this earth. We've tried emailing her (the entire class got to together and everyone was to send her an email)- even the students who do have the option of turning it in early.

    And she is'nt backing down!!!!!! So we are now going to start a petition (or ANY OTHER suggestions would be appreciate)
    is this fair?!?!?
    is this worth starting a petition about)

    FYI...the class is only 100 pts. so 2 pts can make a HUGE HUGE difference! (as well know...)

    how should i start writing it??
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  3. by   Jay2daq
    to add:

    there is about 5 of us that are going to be writing it. AND we would also like to know would be legit to get others outside our nrusing program to sign it? There is only 60 of us in our class so 60 people is not going to be enough. Like upperclassman, lower classman, students from other nursing schools, other professors if possible, people that work in the hospial (alot of us work in hospitals now and nurses and doctors their say they will do it as this has been on ALOT of talk)
    the class is only 100 pts in it and we need an 80 to 2 pts can make a huge huge difference!!!
  4. by   nicurn2be
    I would first start with talking to the Professor, and state that the first half of the group should have the oppurtunity to get 2 extra points. If that doesn't go anywhere I would go to the chair of the nursing program. I agree it is not fair to only have that oppurtunity for one half of the class. Good luck.
  5. by   Whispera
    Why don't the ones with the option of getting 2 free points if they turn it in early, just NOT turn it in early? You said they're in agreement with the rest of you! Seems an easy fix to me....if you're more concerned with grades than with the fairness of this.

    On the other hand, if you're concerned with the fairness more, I agree with the next poster...
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  6. by   JSDNP
    So sorry this is happening to you; very upsetting. I am a faculty member. Let me tell you, if I received 60 emails, or 30, or 15, I would not like it. You have already received some good advice. Let me build on it:
    1) Calm down
    2) Collect your thoughts
    3) Elect a spokesperson for your group. Pick the person with the calmest, most professional presentation style; not the most agressive, or "in your face", but someone who is personable, can think on their feet, and speaks well.
    4) Write down the concerns in a rationale way
    5)Schedule an appointment with the professor. Only one person goes. Faculty does NOT feeling "ganged up on". You can bring the names of the students who concur with your position, but petitions come across as hostile.
    6) If the meeting goes well - thank the professor. If it doesn't - thank the professor. Then, schedule a meeting with the Chair/Dean.

    You can win this. This is an exercise in change (remember Change Theory? This is why you learned it!). Good luck.
  7. by   brynprough
    I guess my only input is that I go to Jackson Community College in Jackson MI and their Nursing Program policy is NO EXTRA CREDIT PERIOD! It is totally not allowed per institutional policy. I would question the program policy first...
  8. by   VICEDRN
    My advice as a fellow student:

    Ask once if it is available.

    When you are (predictably) told no and given some ridiculously self-serving explanation from the faculty member, move on with your life. There is no point to feed their superiority complexes any further.

    Nursing school sucks. No point to increase your blood pressure over it regardless of the serious consequences you mention in your first post.

    Good luck. Hope she or he gives you a chance at those two points!!!!
  9. by   TuTonka
    Try having a school where they shave points off your grades for a Cardiac Surgeons relative, being told by your microbiology professor that if your want to learn to use a microscope you have to learn it yourself because he would not help you, take the NLN bridging tests and pass but told you did not then take another and pass only never see the results at your school ,all that and more before you ever get to the Nursing Program. You are wasting time and effort. Do not lose sight of your goals This is only one class and is not worth sacrificing your goals for.