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She did it again! We have this nurse who calls in sick so often! She will tell you right out, "I needed a mental health day", and smile! I think she should back off to a .8 if she is too... Read More

  1. by   RNforLongTime
    Exactly Dennie!

    Last July, I was denied a vacation (only 7 days) because we "didn't have enough staff". Yet, I got mandated a lot during that time period to cover night shift's vacations! There were nights where there were only 2 RN's scheduled for night shift for a 30 bed unit! There was a mandation every night!

    I am scheduled for a 2 week vacation in September. Can't wait.
  2. by   susanmary
    It's a personal decision to use a sick day -- it's an earned benefit. As a charge nurse, I would NEVER ask an employee why they were calling out sick. Nor would I necessarily share why I called out sick with my manager. By law, "for medical purposes" covers the reason -- management cannot legally ask for more specifics. Let's face it -- nursing is punitive. Dammed if you stay home when you are sick -- dammed if you come to work sick. I do NOT want sick coworkers suffering through their shifts -- infecting staff/patients -- want them to stay home/rest/get better. I will take sick time when I am truly sick -- yes, I realize it's difficult to staff sick calls -- but that's the way it is. I absolutely
    don't feel guilty about it. I don't use sick days as "mental health days" -- I plan mini vacations for that reason -- just came back from several days at Cape Cod. But -- I don't judge/begrudge other staffers if they do -- it's their time. We don't have a float pool -- my unit covers our own sick calls.
  3. by   Brownms46
    You know several times during my life as a nurse, I have worked in units...where I actually had a head nurse, who I could go to, and say, " Can I have tomorrow off"? And the answer was YES! Isn't it great to feel you can be honest? I guess I prefer an honest...I'm not coming in...because I need a mental health day....from someone...then a out and out lie!
  4. by   JeannieM
    Ouch! This was another thread that really hit home with me. I've hauled my aching, febrile, peeing-blood body in to work because of what it did to my peers, taking onto myself the responsbility that should have belonged to my staffing department. I suppose that those of us who are in the caring professions may have a harder time nurturing ourselves than those in, say, business or technical careers. Even now, when my absence would leave me behind, but not inconvenience my colleagues, I still have to prop my dead body up and do whatever I'm supposed to be doing that day. I'm afraid (hope?) I've instilled the same work ethic in my kids. Oh well...whatever we die of, it won't be starvation...
  5. by   ohbet
  6. by   nurseratchett29
    Last year I had a wisdom tooth out and got dry socket (which in my opinion is worse than childbirth ever thought of being). I walked around with ice on my face for 3 days because i knew if i called in sick my patients parents wound sent him to school without me and that was unsafe. (I was doing pedi private duty with a multi-involved c.p. patient. NEVER AGAIN. I got no thank you and the nurse that was supposed to relieve me after school called in twice during those 3 days. Those of us who do stuff like that always get walked on by everyone.
  7. by   amber munchkin
    We dont have mental health days over here, but you can take self certified sick days for up to 5 consecutive days before you need a doctors paper to 'prove ' you are sick. I have to say that I would rather someone phoned in sick than came in and moped around all day moaning and not doing any work...that just causes ill feeling and resentment!
    Most people in management know who is pulling a fast one as far as sickness is concerned and keep an eye on the situation.
  8. by   Teshiee
    You can look at it two ways. 1. Is she abusing the policy? 2. She is not one of those nurses who is going to allow her health and mental peace of mind go to pot because she doesn't work her fulltime hours. I am with her if I don't feel well I am not coming in. Some nurses work like a dog only to get burned out, ill or mental for the "GOOD OF THE UNIT" when the powers that be could give a rats arse! If she has the time it is her business. Like my famous saying DON'T HATE THE PLAYER , HATE THE GAME!
  9. by   Y2KRN
    I have no problem when someone calls in sick that is really sick. I understand the occasional mental health day, but when someone is calling in sick very frequently, I often wonder if that is the kind of nurse that you want on your unit????? I think it was stated before very well. A nurse that calls in soo frequently that it is noticed by everyoe, should be re-evaluating their work/home/and social life.

    I was an abuser of sick call in my young days!! I was more interested in finding a husband and having a good time than I was working!! I knew what my alteritive motives were and was not happy in my private life. I was not a nurse at that time though. Nursing taught me a lot and responsibility is a big part of that.

    Boy do I pay for it now, I never call in sick unless I am just dead!!
    I feel to guilty otherwise! Just my opinion good, bad, or ugly.