California nurses & others who can't find jobs- read this!

  1. hospital administrator william r. moore of el centro regional medical center in el centro, ca says that he can't find enough nurses to fill his staffing needs in ca, and wants to bring in nurses from overseas specifically for his hospital. if you are a ca nurse who cannot find a job, please contact william r. moore and inform him that there are many nurses right here who cannot find jobs! if you would be willing to move to el centro or could commute, let this guy know, before he brings in even more nurses from overseas and makes the employment outlook for nurses in ca even grimmer!

    here is a quote from william r. moore"
    "to them [nurses from the philippines] the u.s. "is the land of milk and honey, and the streets are paved in gold," says moore. "they're not so particular."


    william r. moore

    contact ecrmc

    1415 ross avenueel centro, ca 92243
    760-339-7100 (telephone)
    760-339-7363 (fax)
    760-339-7151 (ttd)

    excerpt from article about bill to allow 60,000 more rns to come to the us to work in the next 3 years from business week magazine:

    "some lawmakers are looking to the immigration pipeline as one means to raise staffing levels. in may, representative robert wexler (d-fla.) introduced a bill that would allow 20,000 additional nurses to enter the u.s. each year for the next three years as a temporary measure to fill the gap. if the bill doesn't pass on its own, lawmakers may include it in a comprehensive [color=#007cd5]immigration reform package. obama is slated to meet with congressional leaders on june 25 to discuss reforming u.s. immigration laws.
    hospital administrators such as william r. moore in el centro, calif., a sparsely populated town 100 miles east of san diego, see the wexler bill as a potential life raft. moore is chief human resources director at [color=#007cd5]el centro regional medical center, a 135-bed public hospital that typically has 30 open positions for [color=#007cd5]registered nurses (rns). while it's hard to lure nurses from nearby big cities (san diego is 100 miles west), moore says he could quickly recruit dozens of eager, qualified nurses from the philippines if the government allocated more visas. "all we want is temporary relief," says moore. "let us get a group of experienced rn hires from the philippines, and we won't ask for more."

    if you cannot find a job and you are against bringing 60,000 rns to the us in the next three years, let your representatives know.

    the proposed bill is the emergency nursing supply relief act (ensra) and was introduced by rep. robert wexler (d-fl).

    if you do not want this bill to be enacted into law, please contact your representatives and tell them.
    here is a link that gives you the contact info you need.
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  3. by   oslogirl
    They are not so particular?. What's that supposed to mean? Does it mean he can import nurses, work them harder and pay them less? The land of milk and honey? Streets paved in gold?. Is he nuts? What jibberish. Enough already! He should be fired, ASAP.
  4. by   UM Review RN
    Thanks for posting this. I'll bookmark this thread and respond.
  5. by   oslogirl
    I have e-mailed the hospital in CA and my reps re: my opposition to this.
  6. by   KateRN1
    My response:

    I recently read about the Emergency Nursing Supply Relief Act, which proposes to allow 60,000 foreign nurses into the United States over the next 3 years. As a nurse, I cannot tell you how appalled I am that this bill was introduced by a representative of my own state! I am further appalled to see that the myth of a nursing shortage is still being perpetuated at this time. I can assure you that there is no shortage of nurses, particularly in Florida. One has only to briefly peruse discussion forums such as those at to see that the problem is not the number of nurses but the willingness of facilities to hire new graduates. Sadly, many nurses graduate their primary nursing education programs, whether LPN certificate programs, RN Associate Degree or Bachelor's Degree programs, only to discover that they cannot find employment because hospitals are seeking "experienced" nurses only. Even experienced nurses, like myself, are finding it hard to find a position.

    Many hospitals are keeping positions permanently open (deliberately not filling them) and forcing nurses to care for more patients, resulting in unsafe staffing ratios and increased possibilities injuries. Many facilities are also cutting into ancillary nursing staff, such as nursing assistants (patient care technicians) to save a dollar, while forcing the nurses to pick up those cares as well.

    One possible solution to this "nursing shortage," as I see it, is to create an incentive for hospitals and other facilities to hire and train new grads to give them the opportunity to become those experienced nurses which they so eagerly seek. This a far more cost-effective solution than "importing" foreign-trained nurses and goes much further to stimulate our economy, on every level.

    Please, I urge you NOT to support the Emergency Nursing Supply Relief Act. Support our local nurses instead.


    Kate F, RN, BSN
  7. by   pennyaline
    Quote from oslogirl
    They are not so particular?. What's that supposed to mean? Does it mean he can import nurses, work them harder and pay them less? The land of milk and honey? Streets paved in gold?. Is he nuts? What jibberish. Enough already! He should be fired, ASAP.
    From a nurses/employees point of view, yes he should be fired. From a business point of view, he's Superman. He is, regrettably, the embodiment of what health care is.
  8. by   SoundofMusic
    Well, we've got to stop electing jerks like this to Congress. Democrats, Republicans -- they're ALL corrupt! Look what is going on in the US in general with illegal immigration. They're allowing millions in illegally and paying them less while reaping larger profits. It's called SELLING OUT AMERICANS.

    But people are oblivious. They wanted Hope and Change, and all we get is change without the hope.

    Sadly, this is what plays out on a broader scale in this country every day. That's why a lot of Americans are protesting our government through the tea parties. It sounds corny, but most of our reps in Congress really do need to be fired and the entire placed cleaned out and replaced with reps who are LOYAL to Americans first, or we are all going to find ourselves out of work and living in a nation we will no longer even recognize.
  9. by   SoundofMusic
    The thing is, this WON'T be temporary. Once these nurses get a foothold here, they will never leave. They will also bring over family members and will demand that they be cared for -- all on the taxpayer's dime.

    Then we American nurses will be told that the Fillapino nurses are just "doing the jobs American nurses won't do" for less of a wage.

    Don't even think it won't happen -- our government has been doing this w/ the Mexican illegals for years now -- and California is just about bankrupt because of it.
  10. by   Kosmonavt
    Do you know what's the starting pay rate at that hospital? It's $25.84/hr . When that dude decides it's time to the address the shortage maybe he will consider giving pay raise to nurses, not to himself and other top management.
    Also, many facilities eliminated ward clerks, CNAs, and expect nurses to do it all. So, maybe they need to address the retention issue as well?
    This particular hospital does not have enough CNAs either. Do you know what the starting pay rate for CNAs there? Guess. $8.91/hr. The top-payed CNAs make $11.90/hr at that facility. That's not even fully. Even if they bring more nurses, they will not be able to retain them. The sooner the CEO with understand that, the better for his facility.
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  11. by   Chapis
    omg i can't believe this-when there's so many americans here willing to do the job and are turned down, what about me, i'm fixinf to start ns in this coming semester, this makes me sick and i can't believe they're willing to pay for non american nurses than to train their own in their country!

    does anyone have the link to where we, or at least i, can write my state representative/senate? we all need to do this, so they know how we feel!

    god bless our usa
  12. by   TeleNurse2010
    I have contacted my congressman on this issue. I think it is appalling what that hospital administrator is trying to do. I hope he fails to get what he seeks, and decides to put his efforts where they should be, in retention of qualified staff and training of new graduates.
  13. by   stillwant2banurse
    I think this is one of the reasons why nursing should be unionized across the board. Because some people are not for them, but there is strenght in numbers.
  14. by   Neveranurseagain
    Thanks for posting this-I just emailed the hospital-but a lot of good that will do??