BUY OUT./MERGER... will i be fired?

  1. I recently took a position at a hospital.Just this week i started ..... They made an announcement that they signed a letter of intent to for another larger hospital, to be partners with them .... My issue is..... my last employer WAS this larger hospital system... I was let go for too many abscences... will I be fired when the merger goes through? I have never experienced anything like this... can anybody give advice? should I expect to be fired, when the merger, or whatever they call it, officially happens? PLEASE ADVISE!!!
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  3. by   RNOTODAY
  4. by   KelRN215
    Are they being bought out/merging or are they just going to be partners? We have a system of hospitals in my area that are "Partners" but the hospitals don't own each other or have anything to do with each others' staff.
  5. by   applewhitern
    I have survived two "buy-outs" due to hospitals I worked for went bankrupt. Hardly anything changed as far as staff, etc., went. Only "laid off" a few nurses, mostly LPN's. Stop worrying, and stay positive. One thing they looked for (before laying someone off) was whether or not they could (or would) work different areas of the hospital if needed, i.e., flexibility. Seniority did not matter either time. It was a way to get rid of higher salaries and dead weight. It could easily turn out that nobody even notices you used to work for them, unless they bring in their own management.
  6. by   Been there,done that
    First of all, don't be so sure the merger will even happen. The letter of intent is just the beginning... we just had a merger fail here in Michigan.
    Merging does not necessarily mean one company owns the other.
    By the time this would all be said and done... you will have been on staff for a long time.. with an excellent attendance record.
  7. by   nurseprnRN
    Yeah, that "excellent attendance" will be key, even if they don't notice you.
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    Ok, it is a partnership, not a buy out. and it will go through, im sure of it. this system is eating up the state!!!! also, i was wondering... would this be a way to get myself BACK into my original position with said company? after my year or so of excellent attendance? ( i know thats a bit premature to be thinking that way, but im heartbroken i lost that job, and this new job is an hour away. ) I was thinking i would be an employee of the same system, so it would be a transfer?? thank you all for the advice!!!