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  1. How are you all?

    I've been reading threads on how difficult it is to enter nursing school. Does anyone know why? I mean with nurses shortage you will think it will be easier to enroll (qualified canditates).

    I just started taking my pre- reqs and i am beginning to worry that i might not even be accepted when i apply or that i might have to be put on a lonnnnnnnnnng waiting list. This is becoming confusing.

    If you have any idea on how to successfully be acceptted into a nursing schools, please let me know. I live in Dallas Fort Worth area in Texas.

    Thanks in advace.
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  3. by   Zee_RN
    Perhaps because taking state boards is difficult. Perhaps because a lot is at stake. I mean, should we just open the doors to any and all? And have people go through 2 to 4 years of schooling only to fail state boards--possibly repeatedly? That's a waste of the student's time and money and doesn't help the crisis at all.

    I know there's a crisis and believe me, as a nurse recruiter, I want many many more people to go to nursing school. But, as a nurse, I want it to be qualified people. Now, I'm not really afraid of nonqualified people getting through because state boards will blow them away. But--it is foolish to let people in to nursing school, take their tuition money, put them through the trials and tribulations of schooling if they don't stand a reasonable chance of passing.

    I may raise some hackles responding as I have but it scares me to think that a solution to the nursing crisis would be to "lower standards."

    However, I'm sure you will do fine. I doubt you'll be put on a long waiting list. If you're just starting, give yourself some time to adjust. Relax! You CAN do it if you're committed and dedicated, even if you're not an academic overachiever. Some of the best nurses are C-students (some are A-students, too). But...I stand behind the NCLEX entrance exam.

    That's my humble opinion.
  4. by   oramar
    We got nursing schools comming out the wazooooo! One of them will take you. Hi Zee, everything you said is absolutly correct.
  5. by   thisnurse
    i doubt the lists are very long these days. if your grades are good you wont have a problem. if you are taking the prerequisites and not getting good grades you might want to rethink your career choice. not being a smart ass but the prerequisites are the easy part. if you cant cut those you probably wont make it thru nursing school.
  6. by   Teshiee
    I understand how you feel but just think if we were critcally short doctors do you think they should make med school easier? Not! Even though we have a shortage you must take into account you are dealing with someone's life!. Unfortunately when you do finish school the respect we get goes out the window. I don't think we should lower our standards. You are with that pt more than a md but you have to have critical thinking and problem solving skills. Just think if they skimp on school you coming out with half of what you should be doing and end up hurting a pt because of something you did or did not do.

    Hang in there you will be fine. I say get the best grades possible with your prereqs don't do yourself a disservice to just get by. In the long run you will be very very glad.

    My LVN training was very hard I studied like a mad person. I passed my boards first time. Four years later became a RN. With that knowledge of working and training as a LVN helped me make a very smooth transition as a RN. I am not saying be a LVN but I just want to make a point that whatever road you choose for nursing will be hard. Anything that is easy to get is easy to lose.
  7. by   debbyed
    Regardless of whether or not you raise hackles what you say is true. Those who truely want to become a nurse will be able to over come the obstacles placed in their way by learning to problem solve and persevere, two very necessary traits of a good nurse.

    To studentrntx..Because of your concern now I am sure you will be one of those who will overcome and persevere. Consentrate and do well in your Pre-req's and I'm sure you will have no trouble fulfilling your goals.

  8. by   dawngloves
    I've heard the myth of the waiting list for years. I thought it was a local thing! It's just the way the people that failed the entrance exam makes themselves feel better.
    The test is hard because nursing school is hard. You need to have cetain skills (reading comprehension, math ) allready in hand to muddle through. It filters out people so no ones time is wasted. Even still, you will notice a smaller class after first semester.

    Good luck!
  9. by   P_RN
    The "third" time I started Nursing school.....long story....anyway it was in 1973, and the great minds had come up with this same idea...the dumbing down of admission requirements.

    There were students....I swear..RN STUDENTS who each had an individual instructor! They seemed to think that would make for more nurses. All it did was make for a class of 31 with only 16 passing the boards! BTW I passed first time.

    Zee you are TOTALLY correct. If there is a waiting list, it must mean that the schools are taking their responsibility seriously.

  10. by   Xenia
    So what are the requirements to be accepted into these nursing schools. I'm this week meeting with an advisor at UNMC and now quite frankly I'm nervous about the requirements. Are we talking about prerequisites or something totally different? I was told by the advisor that if I apply now that I would have a good chance of getting in this semester but she doesn't know much about my history.. I haven't been to school in over 6 years and I know you need to go through Philosophy and other courses as prerequisites.

  11. by   Zee_RN
    I don't really know how to define the entrance requirements for you. The school should be able to tell you. For prerequisites, I had to have chemistry and algebra. I tried to do as much of the non-nursing courses ahead of time--the Anatomy and Physiology, microbiology, college writing, psychology, etc.

    Acceptance into nursing school was dependent on the NLN Entrance exam. When I took the exam, there were 1200 applicants for 120 seats. Talk about grueling!
  12. by   AngelicNurse2B
    Here in CA, the waiting list is no myth...it's reality and is why Gov. Davis is promising millions to expand the state's nursing school prgrams so that more qualified students can get into and through the programs and help ease the shortage. I think maybe part of the reason that California's programs in particular are so impacted is that school here is extremely affordable. Community colleges, offering ADN programs, cost only $11/credit!
    At my local community college, and I believe this is true statewide, there is no entrance exam. If you complete your prereqs you are placed on the list, it is first-come, first-served.
    I agree that entrance requirements should not be relaxed just because there is a shortage. But it is a shame when there are many students who are qualified and who have passed their prereqs and any other requirements and are then told they have to wait, in some cases *years*, for their turn...

  13. by   pkmom
    I read the question differently from everyone else I suppose. My take on it was, why aren't the programs bigger, not why aren't they easier. I don't think they should be made easier, we have a standard to uphold, but there is a shortage and many people willing to meet that shortage, but some schools won't make room for the increased number of qualified students, instead they just put them on a waiting list. That doesn't make sense to me.
  14. by   Zee_RN
    I guess bigger is not the problem here in PA. There is a BUNCH of nursing schools--BSN, ADN, and diploma schools abound. And the latest statistic I heard was that BSN program enrollments were down by ~43% and ADN by 23%. And it's no where near as inexpensive as CA. Community colleges though are still pretty affordable (~50/credit?).