Busy but fit

  1. Most nurses,and everyone else, I know live busy lives.Were busy working hard,busy taking care of families,busy with responsibilities ,etc. and etc.
    Ive always found time to maintain an almost daily fitness program,running,lifting wts,swimming,surfing,hiking,but lately,in my busy life with job,wife,kids,mortgage,irritating neighbors,pets,car repairs and daily obligations, its becoming increasingly difficult to work in excercise
    I wanted to know how you nurses out there incorporate excercise into your busy lives?,if you do at all,and if so,how much? ,what kind? how often? where?
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  3. by   JJFROG
    I run nearly every day. Even if I just have an extra 20 minutes I get out and go. It helps that I work 11a-11p so I do not have to get up really early to get my run in before work. When I was working 7a-7p I found it really hard to get up and go, and if I waited until I got home I rarely felt like exercising. My cure was to change into my running clothes at work and stop off at the gym or a running track on my way home. My days off I go an extra mile or 2 since I have more time. I sleep much better and have more energy when I get outside and get moving.
  4. by   ptnurse
    I get up earlier than usual 3 days a week and go out walking. It is still dark outside, but it is the only way for me to get it in before the kids get up and the day starts and all the other stuff that gets in the way of exercise. It helps that I am more of a morning person. Lots of people in my neighborhood walk in the evening. I know myself well enough to know that I would never stick with it at that time of day.
  5. by   Nurse Ratched
    Hubby and I go dancing. We also hit the gym most nights. I'm a stepper fan - but working out to an exercise program in front of the TV in the a.m. is my favorite way (I also work on the fifth floor lol.)
  6. by   researchrabbit
    I have recently begun a regular program of going to the gym. Am trying HARD to stick with it!
  7. by   nakitamoon
    Go to the gym,,, couldn't do it any other way,,, something always interupted,,,

    Three days,,, I use the weight machines,,, I swim five days a week,,, Working in a three story building I get all the stairs & walking I can handle,,, the swimming is a good cardio,,,

    Due to staffing problems at work,,, couple weeks ago,,, missed a few days,,, WOW could I tell a difference,,, I was sluggish,,, felt horrible,,, So no matter,,, As I leave work I drive straight to gym,,,, for 'my time',,,,

  8. by   teeituptom
    Howdy yall
    from deep in the heat of texas

    I make time for physical activity. Thats the advantage of working night shift. I get off in the morning and go to the club and work out, That way you get to see all those early morning ladies in their spandex and lycra, I love it. Or I get off and head to the driving range or the course. So much cheaper during the week. But then there are those dreadfull days when I go home and have to yard work. I hate yard work, but Im too cheap too pay for it.

    doo wah ditty