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I start w/ a lil gal w/ BPD... HELP!!! I don't recall ever hearing of this!!! what is it? Know of any sites where I can learn more? I don't want to walk in "blind"!!! THANKS!!!!!!!... Read More

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    I HATE acronyms and initials. This is why.
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    Crabby is not the word! LOL

    Just off my weekend with a frequent flyer BPD baby.

    Stroking the baby's face and soft music seems to help. This baby also likes a little blankie wrapped around her head and near her cheeks/mouth.

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    Originally posted by Heather333
    When somebody talks about their PDA (palm pilot). My first thought is Patent Ductus Arteriosus. So I guess it goes both ways.

    I think Public Display of Affection.....
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    Originally posted by teddybear433183
    ONE more question... her breathing.. she always has wheezes.. she also has PRN order for albuterol... THIS SOUNDS STUPID!!! but what other indications should I watch for ...so if she does need a med neb.. ???? no rales/rhonchi.. just wheezes throughout
    My daughter had trachea malacia when she was born, and she sounded congested and wheezy all the time. It was worse at night (because it would relax). I made her sleep in our room because I was paranoid, but it got so loud we had to move her back.

    She never required any treatment or anything. They said it would mature on it's own. It took about 6 months though.

    With some their trachea will collapse, and I believe that's when they need a tracheostomy. Thank goodness we didn't have to go to that extreme.

    Very interesting case though!

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    Forgot to add this. We were told to elevate her crib mattress and that seemed to decrease the noise a little bit.
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    Lil gal went back to the hospital today..she's having some trouble over the weekend....
  7. by   CraftyLPN
    LIL gal is back......WOW.. these guys get this sick this fast???
    Because the last day I had seen her ..NOTHING was out of ordinary...
    "Nother question gang!!! why would albuterol be so strictly monitered?
    One more came to mind... I'm looking and can't find anything...
    Would anyone know of a site where I could hear lung sounds of a BPD pt?That would sound "normal" for these lil ones?
    All this helps me give her better care!!!!
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  8. by   lawgrrltx
    I'm recently married.... I knew my husband suffered from hyaline membrane disease at birth (BPD), but we spent this weekend at the hospital having nebulizer treatments, and getting pumped full of various drugs, which I didn't expect. I can't seem to find any information on the impact on adults who survive this, other than basic.... "they may suffer ....."

    I was very surprised that the doctors didn't suggest any long-term course of therapy, especially given that the nebulizer didn't show a significant effect. Any thoughts???
  9. by   Havin' A Party!
    Obviously, we need a special site for all the abbreviations.

    Anyone know of a good one?

  10. by   prmenrs
    BPD=Broncho Pulmonary Dysplagia, which is (occassionally) a sequela of Hyaline Membrane Disease, usually referred to as RDS (Respiratory Distress Syndrome). Babies who survived BPD usually outgrew it, however, asthma could become an issue.

    You might want to determine if your husband had RDS with or without BPD. How was his disease treated? A copy of the discharge summary would provide you w/all that info. His mom should have received that @ time of d/c, or you can contact the hospital that treated him.

    Starting about 20 yrs ago, RDS began being treated w/Surfactant, which drastically decreased the incidence of BPD. Current trends of Maternal Rx w/steroids, short intubations, non-invasive ventilatory support, etc, have all decreased morbidity for premies. A lot has happened since you husband was born.

    Best of luck to both of you!