Bonus Pay

  1. Are you being offered a "bonus pay" if there is a need and you work extra?

    Our hospital just started last month offering bigger bonus pay. They used to offer 75$ for a 12 hr shift if they needed extra help. Last month they changed it to 150$ for 2 areas (cardiac and med-surg only) but you have to sign up for at least 8 shift (12 hrs) in 60 days to get the 150$ bonus. At first I refused to sign up, but then I wrote my name on the list thinking the money will be nice.

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  3. by   laurako
    oh yeah, our hospital is offering "agency pay" for nurses picking up extra shifts. The hospital gets off a little cheaper, they have their own full time nurses working, instead of someone who has never been there, and the nurses get PAID. It benefits everyone.
  4. by   Tweety
    Yep. We get $10 extra an hour on 3-11, $15 extra on nights, and 5 on days I think. This is in addition to time and a half.

    Good money. I can make $500.00 working a 12-hour shift at my rate of pay. But I'm too lazy and burned out to do it. It's not worth it.
  5. by   niteshiftnurse
    We get 150.00 extra per pay if you work an additional shift and come in 4 hrs early
  6. by   traumaRUs
    Our bonus pay is double time plus $75 for 4 hours, $100 for 8 hours and $150 for 12 hours so you can make some bucks!!!!
  7. by   Disablednurse
    The bonus pay is wonderful, but take care of yourself. Where I used to work, we got $50 dollars to take call from Friday afternoon until Monday morning and we had a beeper. Sounds good, except when we were on call, we always had to work a shift on both Saturday and Sunday as well as sometimes a shift on Friday. We could not take the time off the next week as we had to be there to do our own job during the week. Then they started week long call at the time I had to quit that meant carrying the beeper for seven days. If anyone called off during that time, you worked their shift and your own shift so you could get your work done. You also had to fill the open shifts. It would not be worth it. You would be dead and being that tired only asks for nursing errors.
  8. by   Mimi2RN
    Our extra shift pay is base pay + $20 plus diffs night/wkend/holiday whichever ones are appropriate. We can schedule in advance, or when they call looking for staff, and work anything over 4 hours to a whole shift. As we are paid for these shifts on the off week, we don't pay excessive taxes (at least till April 15!).
  9. by   altomga
    shoot, we only get $4.00 extra an hour for every hour worked only if you work 8 12hr shifts. then they figure the $4 separately.
    oh well.....such is life
  10. by   rreed
    so far, I'm thinking it is good money.
    I make my base pay + over time after 40 hrs in one week
    +shift diff if any time after 3 pm
    +week end diff if any time after 7 pm on Friday night till 7 pm on Sunday night
    week-end and shift diff pay are 3.00$ each.
    so, base pay with the shift and w/e diff with over time
    then the extra bonus pay of 150$ for 12 hrs.......
    I have signed up for 10 days in the next 2 months and already did 3 of them.
    All my over time goes toward my travels, check them out.
    Bali in Oct for 3 weeks, can't wait.

  11. by   majrn
    we get 50% for anything overtime
  12. by   louloubell1
    We make an extra $10/hr for an extra shift (plus our OT pay) so it works out nicely. We used to get an additional $50 for each 4-hour period if we were called and asked to come in, but they cut that out, so we're back to just the extra 10. Still, it's nice.