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how long did it take before you got used to it to the point where it didn't bother you any more? some people tell me they were always ok with such things. (actually, that's the only response... Read More

  1. by   fultzymom
    Sputem still makes me want to puke! Also the smell of someone with C-Diff gags me! I think you just learn to tolerate the smells, fluids, ect. Also try to place yourself in the patients shoes. If it is grossing you out, it is probably grossing them out too! And they have embarrassment on top of that.

  2. by   albany lady
    Hi everybody--
    I am an aspiring nurse...i am currently taking my pre-reqs. and I want you to know that this site is very informative. That said, the idea of working with not so desirable stuff as a nurse has bothered me in the past. Good thing it was brought up.

    Now please tell me...I know I will have to pay my dues as a floor nurse fresh out of nursing school. My longterm goal is to be a they have to work with vomit, feces etc...? Oh yeah when someone is having a baby....Just wanted to ask ...

    is there any specialty whereby there is minimum exposure to vomit, feces etc?
  3. by   missdeevah
    i have had the same problem with gagging because of all the smells. i'm in lvn school and during my very first clinical day at a nursing home, i gagged so bad, i had to run to the bathroom while my friend and i were trying to get this lady cleaned up after a semi-diarrhea episode. my friend also took off running towards the door and calling for help cause the eh..."poop" was flowing all over the place, out of control. a pct came and helped. i could not belive that she did it all with just one face towel, which she kept rinsing in this little basin. now to make matters worse, the pt was laughing the whole time we were in crisis mode (she had some sort of dementia). i would dry heave everytime we got close to the nursing home entrance, every clinical morning for the 6 weeks that we were there. friend just told me yesterday that the clinical instructor told her that we could not use masks (is this the norm in most instituions?). it just kills me. i can't stand any smells or crazy secretions at all...puke, poop, sputum, pee. i think i could do it with a mask on, at least it would be more bearable. what has got me through it so far, is the knowledge that it could not be any easier on the pt. i also tell myself that i just need to do what i would want someone else to do for my loved one. with that said, i think i will work in l&d or nursery(even though i saw these two women do some serious pooping while giving birth. all i could think of was..poor baby, what an introduction into the world!).
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  4. by   TigerGalLE
    gangrene tissure is really know the kind that burns your eyes? ughhhh... I had to do a dressing change yesterday on one with the family in the room.... Pt is having it debrided today.... It was all I could do to keep a pleasant look on my face...

    And yea the mech soft diet trays are really gross... Our hospital shapes the food... so if it was fish.. it would be molded into the shape of a fish.. and the corn is molded to look like corn on the cob... GROSS!!
  5. by   Warrior504th
    Strange that I've not yet gotten into NS and have considered this...

    Always thought the shame and/or embarassment of the pt would be enough to make you feel better about it. At least you aren't the one stuck in that bed having to lay in it as someone gags over you! Should anyone apologize or be further embarrassed by my reaction, I think I'd just smile (and suppress a gag) telling them it's only a natural reaction to a natural action and they have as little to be embarrassed about as I do.
  6. by   cb_rn
    I still get weak kneed with mouth injuries, avulsed teeth, and bitten tongues...omg I'm shuddering thinking about it
  7. by   elizabeth8503RN
    I guess I'm just lucky...I have NO sense of smell....or rather a very very very blunted sense of smell....(I have had this non-sense of smell since I was either born or very little)
    If something has a very strong ammonia smell, then I get a nasty taste in my mouth and the inside of my nose burns....(this is my indication to grab someone with a sense of smell and have them figure out where the smell is coming from and whether or not I should be concerned about it)

    Although...sometimes I still get nausous at the sight of mucous, but thats just me...and I have gotten used to it over the years. I now work with two trach patients that I have to suction (one I suction several times a shift, the other I suction a few times a month, but still, the sight of the mucus makes me want to gag every once in a while)

    My lack of sense of smell has never affected me negativly in the work or home setting....and yes...I can taste things for those of you thinking asking....apparently tho...I just have distorted taste buds.

    It is something that I have lived with my entire life, so...I'm used to it....

    But I have heard that pepperments help get rid of bad smells, (it helps me get rid of bad tastes in my mouth)

    Good luck to ya...