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  1. Warrior504th

    Feeling called to nursing...some questions

    I only really have a right to comment on one part of this post, and thats the first comment you made... 1. Time is never wasted until you have a change of heart and refuse to follow. Much like a relationship... Years spent with another is only wasted when you know in your heart that they are not the one for you. Before then, it is all experience relevant to you becoming the person you are today. Follow your dreams or you will look back and regret it forever. You are never too invested or too old to be happy. I wanted to be a US history teacher for years (funny coincidence) and am now aiming at starting nursing prereqs at the age of 23 with almost no general education even completed. I am already state-licensed for and involved in another full time career (not even remotely the same field). Like i said, it is never too late, and my time was not wasted. It WILL however be wasted if I continue doing something when I know my true passion lies elsewhere.
  2. Hey all, here is my dilemma. At my community college, all eligible qualifying nursing applicants are entered into a lottery system. I've heard more than a few times, "expect to not get in your first try"... Why, I'm not sure. According to the director there are no additional merits so my potential situation is I do not get accepted. Possible solution is to use the free time to knock out either bsn nursing program prerequisites and apply to both programs the following semester in which case I may end up wasting a ton of time on prereqs that'd be waved if I get into the adn program and follow with an adn-bsn. Or, I can continue my $15/hour job and knock out a few adn-bsn general Ed classes. The risk, however, is that I can only reapply to the adn program and if I get declined again... You guessed it... 6 more months of a bunk job with poor pay. So... Risk wasting time on bsn nursing prereqs thatre waived with an adn, or risk a second declination from adn while working only on adn-bsn bridge classes?
  3. Warrior504th

    Family and PT reactions to male nurses

    With some medical professions and even nursing specialties where privacy is of greater concern, or perhaps through the eyes of family who do not experience the care given firsthand, do you find that male nurses are disliked or a major discomfort to many? I imagine in less health critical circumstances that this would be towards the forefront of some family members minds and wanted to know what you've seen/heard/experienced on the topic. This is of more concern to myself as a future RN with a particularly masculine build... Though it comes naturally to offer a gentle touch and warm smile whenever appropriate!
  4. Warrior504th

    body fluids, vomit, feces, smells, etc.

    Strange that I've not yet gotten into NS and have considered this... Always thought the shame and/or embarassment of the pt would be enough to make you feel better about it. At least you aren't the one stuck in that bed having to lay in it as someone gags over you! Should anyone apologize or be further embarrassed by my reaction, I think I'd just smile (and suppress a gag) telling them it's only a natural reaction to a natural action and they have as little to be embarrassed about as I do.
  5. Some of what I read is disheartening, but I remember a few points. -Not everyone is as motivated to search every area of healthcare as you. Some may post "I cant find a job ANYWHERE!" and apply only to one particular area. -Many people are not willing to relocate in any way. -Many if not most are in a larger city and only want a job within those confines. On a personal note... -I have a few years till I graduate - Hooray for working full time and going to school at the same time. -Unless things change, I will relocate and/or float without looking back. My opinion (having not actually graduated), is put your head down, and lean into your stride. Dont let anything slow or stop you. We as students have more to worry about than what will happen in 1-3 years. If you are willing to do what it takes to "get a foot in the door", i have a feeling you'll have zero problems. As for obamacare, I believe most of us half-grasp what is being thrown at us and only time will tell.
  6. Warrior504th

    Failure of non-required classes 5 years ago?

    Hey all! Got a rough response from the program director, so here goes. Chancelors system in California rates you on your chance to survive nursing school. You must have a 75 percent to be considered. 3.0 in English overall gpa 3.0 in mandatory biology 3.0 in overall college gpa 78 percent chance to pass, considered for acceptance the director said I would easily be taken into consideration despite the failures and an old c because I am expecting higher than 3.0 in other categories even if I slip below 3.0 career gpa due to failures. Also, the college cannot replace my classes on the transcript but will allow me to retake failed classes for replacement in THEIR consideration of my GPA. So worse comes to worst, I retake a couple. Now, the problem is that the ladder biology prerequisites I need are full, meaning I can't get in for fall and can't cram them in spring... Blah! I'll make it :)
  7. Warrior504th

    New selection criteria for California Community Colleges

    According to the local nursing director... a 3.0 in all 3 categories with zero repeats indicates a 78% chance of success and qualifies you for entry.
  8. Warrior504th

    Failure of non-required classes 5 years ago?

    Wow. This sounds rough to pass up considering it can almost be seen as a "sign-on bonus" of sorts. I will see what the local hospitals have to say on this. Considering their enormous demand for nurses, I would say it shouldn't be exceedingly difficult (not to say it would be easy). I will be funding this entirely myself one way or another, and because of parent's income I will likely qualify for no aid. Should be huge for me.
  9. Warrior504th

    Failure of non-required classes 5 years ago?

    Thank you all for your continued support in this matter! If I had to write an essay that would be reviewed, I can be fairly sure the grades would not be a problem. After FINALLY getting through to the nursing program line to the college today, the lady who answered believed that only prerequisites were considered in GPA. However, she gave me the email address to the director of the program. I emailed him and am awaiting a response. I will let you all know what I hear! On a side note, did any of you attempt a hospital-internship while in college in exchange for the college assisting with school expenses? If so, did this enter you into some sort of work agreement upon graduating?
  10. Warrior504th

    Failure of non-required classes 5 years ago?

    Thank you both for your input! Sounds like I'm going to have to call and/or speak with a counselor asap. And a program to erase the fails would be beyond relieving. I'll be printing your answers as a reference and to calm my nerves along the way :)
  11. Hi all, been browsing this forum for quite some time and gathered quite some info. Finally registered to see if I might recruit some help on something I haven't found!! About 5 years ago, after college and before I realized my very obvious calling, I bombed horribly out of the local JC (Bakersfield college). They are the primary local nursing program (and probably the best nearby). My concern is this. I got two (perhaps three?) failures and three withdraws. Will double check exactly. None of them were nursing related or prerequisites. It's been 5 years and I'm now on the path to my passion. However, I am concerned with this school being competitive for ADN and getting accepted. Students here PLAN to get refused the first time and resort to working on BSN prerequisites in the meantime. Thus you can see why I am concerned with the previous performance despite distance. Now, these were all 5 years ago as stated. How do you feel these will affect my acceptance chances if I maintain a 3.8-4.0 throughout prereqs?

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