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I just took the boards and it seemed that q question had 2 possible answers.I prepared for the test by taking a reveiw course and by doing 100 reveiw questions/day for 6 weeks, and yet p/ having... Read More

  1. by   e-nurse
    Thanks again for all the replies. I still haven't heard about any results and this is me . I'm turning purple and I'm constipated c/ fear and will be until I hear. That's just me though, plus I've relocated and have taken on added expenses that go along c/ that and need to continue to earn a nurses salary or I don't know what i'd do. So I've tried calling for the results and the guy wouldn't give me the info, and tried checking on-line but had no luck there. I guess I just have to wait in fear until I get the thing in the mail.
  2. by   TracyRN
    Just wanted to make sure that you all know that you can go to your state's web site and look up all state-issued licenses. Its possible to know in 3-5 working days whether you passed or not. It ususally posts to the site the day after the license is issued.

    Ah, the glory of technology...
  3. by   journeyy
    I just took my boards 2-24-01. It shut off in the high 80's. I've heard 75 is the 'magic number'..or at least more seem to pass with that number. Best of luck to you. The waiting is cruel and unusual punishment in this age of technology, isn't it?
    Originally posted by e-nurse:
    I just took the boards and it seemed that q question had 2 possible answers.I prepared for the test by taking a reveiw course and by doing 100 reveiw questions/day for 6 weeks, and yet p/ having taken the test I don't feel certain whether I passed or failed and the computer turned off @ the minimum of 75 questions. My question is this: Is it usually a good thing or a bad thing when the computer turns off @ the minimum? Does anyone know?
  4. by   CashewLPN
    Well... I remember my computer stopping after 75 questions, and I just stood there and stared at the screen for a minute (you know the blank white, I think the damned thing just locked up screen)...

    It was scary, but 3 days later, I got a call from my best friend who had looked at the licencure website and found my licence number after she found hers (she took the test the same day and the same time as me...) it was a joyous occasion... we passed...

    75 seems to be magic to most, but I do know of a person who got 75 and did not pass... (how she made it to the boards that first time, I'll never know... she was my only classmate who actually scared me...)

    Good luck...
    --Barbara, LPN
  5. by   prmenrs
    Ya'know...back in the dark ages...Me and Florence had to drive up to Long Beach, stay in a crappy motel for 2 nights, take 6 2hr tests, 3/day on 5 different specialties, Med, surg, psych, ob and peds; one subject got 2 tests while they swore up and down they weren't "testing the test" on us--duh!--then wait about six weeks for them to MAIL you the results, which were scores like SAT, to find out whether you'd passed. Geez, kids, relax...
    I drove home after the tests (I had to borrow my Dad's Buick) and told he'd just wasted $$$ on Nursing School, I was SURE I had flunked, and if he thought I was going back and try it again, he was mistaken.. Oh, and the second morning, I managed to get toothpaste in my eye. Don't you think THAT was special!!
    I passed, not so sure abt Flo, she kept walking around that HUGE auditorium with this weird lamp!!
  6. by   allevi

    I know just how you felt. I took boards saturday and the damn computer stopped after 75 questions. i too have heard that if it shuts off at this point it is usually good, but in my case I of course am convinced it will be bad. i can't wait until wednesday so i can check the website of my board and see if licensed. Let us know how you did

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    Congratulations and good luck to you!!
  10. by   realnursealso/LPN
    Originally posted by e-nurse:

  11. by   allevi
    Congratulations enurse on passing. I found out earlier that i passed too.
  12. by   prmenrs
    Hallelu... YIPPEE! )
  13. by   hannabear1
    I hate to tell you this but anyoneone who can just graduate from Nursing school IS competent-it's just a matter of whether you are a good test-taker or you have too much anxiety taking the test. I cannot believe you would insinuate someone to be incompetent if they failed at 75. there are a lot of reasons for it.

    Originally posted by OBNURSEHEATHER:
    Since 75 is the minimum of questions you can receive, shutting off at 75 means that you very clearly demonstrated something. Whether that something is that you are a safe competent nurse or you are a danger to society is something that I think you can figure out. Mine shut off at 75 also, and I passed. (yeah!) What it comes down to is you're either extremely competent or extremely incompetent. When you look at it in those extremes, I think that will put your mind at ease. Please keep us posted! It's been 2 years for me, but I remember that time when my mailman though I was one crazy girl for waiting for him everyday! (What a relief that big white envelope was!)