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:D We have started having a blood drive at my hospital about twice a year. I gave a donation today and I feel great. I don't know if it's the temporary loss of hgb to carry O2 to my brain, or if... Read More

  1. by   P_RN
    The Red Cross is the only game in town. Last time I donated the clerk told me they had plenty of all kinds of blood, so they were planning to sell units to other places! My B+ Hct was just platelets were low though. They did take a unit .

    I realize that the banks DO transfer units between them...but DON'T TELL me that!
  2. by   uncRN
    i donate every 6 weeks, just to do my part...also they always tell you to EAT WELL! that day , so i reward myself with a fancy dinner out on the town somewhere!
  3. by   Whisper
    i have been to blood donors today, and I want to change my answer, I feel sh*t!! the stubi woman who took the needle out, and put a plaster then a wad of gauze on my arm, thought it would need securing with some micropore. So she wound a strip completely around my arm a few times, far too tight and cut off my circulation, i tried to tell someone there to help me pull it off, but they know I am a student nurse, and they thought I was trying to pull an I know better routine!! By the time, I walked home, my fingers were going blue(i couldn't get the stupid tape of my self, I really tried but it was just to thick, and wound round too many times) So now my arm, is very sore, and I have a bruise bigger than my hand around my elbow. I don't think I'll walk in to blood donors with such a spring in my step in 13 weeks time! Plus I said I wanted to go on the bone marrow register but now I am scared of that as well.
    I know i is realy stupid, but i HATE needles, but i have a really common blood group tht they always need so I have always gone, but am now feeling the urge to get my ears pierced again, or maybe a tatoo... that will put it off for at least a year.... I just hope i won't chicken out of going back
    Oh well thanks for letting me rant,
  4. by   boggle
    something to remember:

    When the blood drive is at the fire station or VFW hall, you get store bought cookies.

    When the blood drive is at the church, you get homemade, church ladies' cookies!!!!!!!! :chuckle :chuckle
  5. by   SaturnGirl
    I hit my 8 gallon mark in January of this year. I just gave again two days ago, and it was the most painful I've ever had!! I love giving, and have talked my 17 year old son into it recently, and I've never had the burning/pinching/poking pain I had this week! Normally the nurse slides that needle in, and I push out the pint in 5 minutes or less, but man! I felt like he was slicing my arm with a razor blade.
  6. by   nursegoodguy
    alternative lifestyle... they don't want your blood! Even if it is a monogamous 16 year alternative lifestyle!