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As soon as I hear her son call out in the hall, "We need a nurse!!!" I know that it's my patient and I know that it's something bad. I run into her room and see her seizing. Of course, our medicine... Read More

  1. by   decembergrad2011
    CodeteamB, I totally understand your point of view. I think one day my heart probably won't beat fast like this forever, but in a way I'm glad I captured it while it still does. Codes are not normal for my acute care floor, so they are usually "exciting".

    I'm a writer at heart, a storyteller, and this was a piece of free writing that came from the soul hours after the event.

    But yeah, no running anymore... I blame the hormones! I have had situations like this since returning from maternity leave and I do feel more in control and calm. Experience also doesn't hurt.
  2. by   Been there,done that
    Your patient is seizing.. not breathing.. you are fighting with a Pyxis?

    Stay with her,call the freaking code. Even IF the Ativan was the drug of choice... your patient needed the support of the code team.
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