1. Hi!
    I am a nursing student in my last semester who will graduate in May. I was wondering if you all could shed some light on the best way for me to prepare for the NCLEX exam? Our teachers are recommending that everyone take the Review class, which costs $359 and then they have also recommended a ton of those study books with the disks that you could do on your own. I was just wondering what worked for everyone else??
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  3. by   ShannonB25
    I have been wondering the exact same thing. I will also graduate in May. I am already studying when I get a chance. I have 3 books, 2 of which have the CD practice tests that go along with them. Our school is also offering a review that costs ~$250 that I plan to take. I guess everyone from last year's class who took the review did pass, so I figure that it can only help. Good luck and I hope others will post what worked for them as well.

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  4. by   babs71
    hi amystudent,
    when i graduated a couple of years ago.i prepared by reviewing all my nclex books. which i had 5 of those. the nclex disk also help me prepare,in the sense i felt like it would help me lower my anxiety by practicing questions over the computer, since that is the way the exam is setup.i also took the review class which i highly recommend.I would focus on the computer disk that really helped my anxiety,and i only had to take boards one time. well good luck! I hope this will help.
  5. by   Julie, RN
    Use a NCLEX book to study for all your tests and quizzes. I had several, but felt Saunders was the most helpful after the fact. Practice on the computer using the disk as much as possible. Remember your A,B,C's and Maslow (basic needs, safety,..).
    Good luck!

    Julie M.,RN (new grad)
  6. by   khoward172
    Hi, I will also graduate this May. Our school implemented a new NCLEX review program. We have community until Feb, and then every Wed after that we will be having an NCLEX review class. Then at the beginning of May, after graduation, the people who run the course will come and do a comprehensive 4 day review. It consists of many computer-based practice tests as well. The cost is only $50. Maybe your schools could add this on in the future. I am also studying from Mosby's comprehensive NCLEX review which is really helpful. Good luck to everyone this semester. PS--where is everyone doing practicum???
  7. by   kellysue
    i studied from that book. the more i studied, the more i got wrong. i stopped the study sessions and had some fun before i had to take the exam. when i took the exam i recieved 96 questions and passed!!! the more you study from that book the more you read into the questions. So RELAX, you know the stuff!!
    when u sit for the boards it will all come back, take your time and think it through. Good Luck!!
  8. by   hogan4736
    Use the disk...both of my classmates (6 years ago) that took that worthless class failed their boards...I repeated the disk over and over until about 2-3 days before, then just slept well each night, and ate a good breakfast the morning of the exam...75 questions later, I passed!
  9. by   RNforLongTime
    When I graduated back in 1997, I did both. I took a week long intensive review course and I had about 5 different books which I did questions from each night. Back then the review course I took only cost 225$ and was put on by the American Nursing Review company. The course started the day after I graduated (in May) and I didn't take the NCLEX till August--I had 110 questions before the computer shut off and I passed on the first try. Good Luck!
  10. by   shavsha
    I did not take a review course. (Too expensive for a poor student!) I did, however have several good NCLEX books. I found that rather than reviewing content (Way too much to cram for), a better way was just to do lots of practice questions. Get use to how they word them, etc. Additionally, Kaplan has a paperback book out that tells you the way the test is written and gives you lot of good tips. It is an excellent resource. My computer shut off in about an hour at 75 questions and I passed. (Although I was absolutely convinced that I had not!) They way the test is programmed is to keep giving you harder and harder questions if you are getting them everyone I talked to was freaked out...but my whole class passed- even the students that seemed to struggle with bookwork. GOOD LUCK and let us know how you do.