Best Brand of Shoes

  1. i have to get a new pair of shoes to wear to clinicals when they start and i was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions on a good brand?

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  3. by   luvmy2angels
    I wear Nurse Mates, have never really worn anything else. i need a good shoe too becaue I have REALLY flat feet so I need a shoe with lots of support. I have no compaints about Nurse Mates. There are a couple of other brands that nurses really like but I can't think of what they are. I'm sure someone will post them though. Good Luck to you!!
  4. by   dixiechickn71
    I like nursemates also...........and I am picky about my shoes.

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  5. by   hoppermom3
    Definitely Dansko....They are all about support. Coupled with a good pair of support hose, I can get through a 12+ hr shift with minimal foot/leg/back pain.
  6. by   TheCommuter
    I have a wide foot in addition to low back problems. I personally like Avia, Adidas, and New Balance athletic shoes because they're comfortable, supportive, and reasonably priced. I survive 16-hour shifts with no foot pain while wearing a pair of $29 Avia sneakers. I also wear TED hose to work under my scrub pants.
  7. by   ibambamama
    Wow, I'm so glad someone started this post - I have also just started the search for the perfect pair of nursing shoes (starting school in two weeks!!!) I have a question though - someone mentioned support hose, and I have seen these on the nursemates website - what exactly do these do? I know, maybe that's a stupid question, but I'm sort of well, a hippie chick who's been working a lot outdoors and lives in Teva's - I've pretty much avoided any sort of formal clothing or pantyhose my entire life -but does this really help your legs feel better while you're standing all day/night? They don't feel suffocating?
    Well, just wondering....thanks again for the thread!
  8. by   lovemyjob
    Hands down, danskos are the best! When I wear sneakers hey wear dowen really fast and I need to replace them every few months. Danskos (my last pair) I had all through nursing school, inmcluding my internship that was 40 hrs a week during summer, and then wore them my first year of nursing. Just broke down after wearing down my new balance in three months. Danskos may be 100 bucks, but they last forever, are great support for your feet, legs and back, and they look pretty cute too (i got the brown ones this time!)
  9. by   mitchsmom
    Another diehard Dansko wearer here. Got mine at Have used them all through nursing school (3 years- I just graduated). Love em. I'm going to get some more in a color now that I don't have to wear white

    Mine are from the occupational line (with backs - no clogs in school).
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  10. by   beautifulb
    Yes!! I love Dansko.
  11. by   Furoffire
    I have worm them all and I have found that a runners shoe is the best, one that is light and fitted to your foot. A good pair of cushion socks are nice too. I found that the heavy shoes weigh me down and my feet hurt after many hours of running.
  12. by   Runningnurse
    Another Dansko fanatic here. I have the black mary-jane style and I love them. I had some Nursemates for school and really hated them, actually. The Danskos feel fantastic for all 12+ hours, and I agree that when worn with support hose you really hardly feel the day.

    The hose, to me, are not stifling. They do add a layer, but I don't mind it. I actually find that the pressure around my lower stomach/back feels good...not to mention that my legs don't feel tired after 12 hours. I'm 24 years old and in good physical shape, and I'm still a die-hard support hose fan. I don't usually wear them when I work nights because there is (usually!) more sitting down, but I wear them almost every time I work days.
  13. by   lorster
    If you don't have to wear white shoes, I absolutely love keens. They do not come in white and I cannot seem to find a website. They are about the same in price as Danskos and have a ton of support. You can get them online as well as some of the high end shoe stores. Good luck.
  14. by   preppy
    Yes, I definitely love Dansko. They are well worth the investment and last forever. They are desinged for support and comfort.