Bed Wetting

  1. Hello all~
    As I'm sure you all know by now, our daughter and 5y/o grandson have moved in with us for the time being.

    Problem is...our 5 y/o grandson wets the bed EVERY SINGLE NIGHT!!!!!
    I am so fed up with this that I could scream! I don't know what to do....I have tried getting him up early to go, he just pees earlier...I have tried cutting down his liquids after 6pm, he still goes.....I have tried getting him up before I go to bed, he still pees.....

    I am totally at my wits end here! Last night, he woke up at 12:30am, because he wet his bed, crawled in bed with my 14y/o son (his uncle) then proceeded to pee in HIS bed too!
    I don't like the thought of pullups, but I'm thinking that to be the only solution I have. My washer is going to explode with all the washing of sheets and blankets everyday!

    Any suggestions anyone?

    Thanks, Julie
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    Hmmm. This isn't someting he did before he moved in with you? I've heard of quite a few occasions where children wetting the bed is a symptom of an emotional problem. I'm not sure what the circumstances were that led he and your daughter to move in with you, but it could lead to this.

    But regardless, it sounds like you're doing all the right things Julie. Why that little guy even has anything left in his bladder is a miracle

    My only other advice would be to take him to his ped. Perhaps there's an underlying medical condition????

    Hope you have a dry house soon!

  4. by   GPatty
    No...It's been a regular thing, I guess. and he was in a very turbulent time before he came here....
    It just grates on my last nerve when I ask if he stayed dry last night and he says, "Sorry." Like he's said for the past however long.....
  5. by   RNinICU
    When my son and his kids moved in, one of the five year olds started wetting the bed too. At first, I just washed bed clothes every day, but then we went to the pull-ups. He didn't mind them, in fact, he was glad the sheets were dry in the morning. After a while, he did stop, and no longer has accidents. I did all of the same things you did before I tried the pull ups. He seemed to think it was a punishment to limit his fluids, and I didn't want him to think that, so I used the pull ups. He has been dry every night for the past two weeks, but still wears them. He asks for them still in case he does have an accident. In a little while, when he is feeling more secure, I will stop using them. I think that it was because of the situation with his mother leaving. I do agree with Heather that you might need to see his doc to check for a medical condition. Some kids just have weaker bladders though, and it takes them a little longer to go all night without wetting. He will grow out of it if that is the problem. Good Luck.
  6. by   purplemania
    As a pedi nurse I will tell you that punishment is of no value. He does not WANT this behavior any more than you. Have MD check him out. Incontinence can be treated, and so can anxiety, but you need a proper DX first. BTW, I was a child bedwetter myself and it is a horror to get ready for bed and dread the outcome of what I could not control. Turned out I had anatomical problem that was easily corrected.
  7. by   Lausana
    ((Hugs to you Grandma)) :kiss That little guy's been through so much, I agree that's probably it...They make some pretty "grown up" pull ups that he probably wouldn't mind wearing, and I bet he'll feel good about himself when he wakes up dry!

    [and of course the added bonus of less laundry :hatparty: ]

    Good luck!
  8. by   SmilingBluEyes
    ((((hugs)))) I am with the camp that there is an underlying emotional or physical condition that leads to this. It may be as simple as an immature bladder/uretra you know! 5 is still quite young.....

    You know, my ds would wet his bed when under severe stress and I ignored it. I put pullups on, kept the sheets clean and pressed on. I would never get upset... I would just tell him we were going to make his bed clean and not to worry. Things happen and they can be cleaned up. I then would drop it.

    He was very stressed out w/starting school and his dad being away for military duty. It was temporary and resolved. I have the same thing going on w/my 3.5 year old. She wets about 1/2 the time. Now, I realize there is a difference between 3 and 5, but she has been toilet trained for nearly a year. It gets to frustrating to have had her been dry for MONTHS and then WHAM she starts peeing the bed. The dr. says nothing wrong w/her ok... It happens, I do the same thing. Pullups and ignore it. I just remind her what a potty is for and try to get her to use it before bed. Getting her up in the night is a BAD move; she FREAKES out; she is a deep sleeper and does not respond well to be awakened. Not worth it.

    I agree with the above; seek advice perhaps from a DIFFERENT pediatrician and/or child counselor. And go ahead and get those good nights or pullups to save yourself the aggravation of additional laundry. this child does NOT do this deliberately, I am thinking....he is unaware and helpless and humilated. Try to remove the stigma and just press on and you may see this problem disappear on its own! I feel for you. And i wish you well!
  9. by   nurs4kids
    I detect anger from you toward your grandson and that is concerning. Be assured he isn't wetting the bed to gain attention or to irritate you. I'm willing to bet it's all due to emotional stress. Get him some pull-ups and give him time to adapt OR see a pediatrician. Whatever you do, please don't show anger towards him..this will only add to his emotional distress.
    Good luck!
  10. by   deespoohbear
    I also agree with having the child checked out by a doctor. My sister was a bedwetter. She would be completely dry during the day, but would wet the bed during the night. My folks took her to the pedictrician and then on to a pediatric urologist. She had some kind of bladder problem that with easily treated. She stopped wetting the bed.

    If your grandson has been under a lot of stress that could cause problems. Maybe he needs someone to talk to such as a counselor.

    In the meantime, I heard of one parent who had a child that wet the bed. In order that she wouldn't have to change the sheets in the middle of the night, she would "double" make the bed. She would put two sets of sheets on with a waterproof cover in between the sheets sets. That way when the child would wake up wet, she could just wipe down the waterproof cover, change the kid, and put back to bed. Just one less step to have to deal with at 2am.

    Best wishes.
  11. by   tiredernurse
    I totally agree with seeing a doctor. No one has mentioned this because it's probably taboo, but there is medication for this. Maybe a temporary fix until his emotional/physical problems can be worked out. I also agree with not getting angry with him, will most definately make him worse.
  12. by   mzmckim

    My daughter is 10 y/o and she just now stopped wetting the bed. She has been doing it since she was little. I just bought her good nites. I have been told by dr's that there is a hormone that some children stop making until close to puberty. They offered a nasal spray, but I declined as it wasn't clear what side effects it would have.
    Also, it is hereditary...I did it until I was 13 (and we didn't have good nites then - GOD BLESS MY PATIENT MOTHER!!!) It is really alot easier to get the good nites and try not to make too big a deal. Trust me...I was mortified when there was a sleep over that I couldn't go to because of it...
    Best of luck with the situation - it definitely isn't an easy one to swallow...

  13. by   GPatty
    I have no anger toward my grandson...I have it toward his mother who won't wake up until late morning, and he gets up at 6am. I don't get home till 7am, have to get my kids off to school, then stay up with him and wash his bedclothes and get him off to school...
    as soon as I doze off, my daughter will wake me up wanting me to take her to work....only to have to be back at work by 7pm.
    yes, I have anger today, but it's not directed toward my grandson.
    He's been through enough hell all ready with out me compiling it....
    Thank you for the observation though. I guess I wasn't clarifying.
  14. by   jones58
    Buy the 'pull ups', and tell your daughter that she needs to take more resposibility for her children. Sounds like you work long shifts outside of home. Make her be the mom.
    My son wet the bed until he was 8, not every night but often. He felt bad about. It was fustrating, but it no longer happens.
    Kids are sound sleepers, and sometimes do not feel that compelling urge to get up to urinate, and nature just takes over.