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I am a senior nursing student. I was SO dissapointed on the unit the other night when a group of RN's were talking loudly about "that new GN who made a HUGE med error" they explained details and... Read More

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    Done here.

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    Old nurses never really give any nurse a break in regards to mistakes. Pack mentalityas a whole. Pecking orders exist with nurses. Anything like perceprtions about if a staff member is respected by doctors,has better schedule or considered "a know it all" will start the backstabbing.
    Very sad but true.
    Lead by example with this types of nurses and don't follow the pack. Keep your side of the street clean with regards of undermining and gossiping.
    Hey,a thought. A discussion about safety issues and education to prevent mistakes.
  3. by   Elisheva
    I find the sniping of this sort on the board to be just another version of "nurses eating their young", a mentality I find non-professional and damaging to the profession and, if taken to the workplace, damaging to the patients.

    Therapeutic communication doesn't have to be limited to our patients; we can actually use it when educating, correcting or just having dialogue with another nurse.
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    I think what the OP was asking of all of us was to examine our own behavior and not be party to such "lynchings" of fellow nurses (whether graduate or experienced). At least that's the gist of what I took from the OP's post.

    We all should remind ourselves as well, that the blame, if you will, for any med error - more often than not, is a system problem...could be staffing issues, orientation issues, pharmacy issues...seldom is an individual nurse totally to blame. (I really hate that word blame).

    anyway, let's please show this kid some support. we need all the fresh faces we can get!

    While I am on my soapbox I will take it a step further and state that gossip of any kind at the nurses' station, out loud for all to hear, is unprofessional. It's only human to raise an ear for salacious tidbits, but do you really think patients and their families want to hear that garbage? Can you really guarantee, even at 3 am, that they do not? How would you feel as a patient or a family member if you heard a conversation about ANY nurse making a huge med error?

    Be thankful that I have to leave for an appointment...otherwise I would have more to say on this issue.

  5. by   traumaRUs
    And when we single out one group of nurses "old nurses never really give any nurse a break" we are setting ourselves up to fail.

    To the original poster - I would discuss this with your clinical instructor. I love to precept new nurses and try always to be supportive of new grads - after all I was one once! If we do not treat others as we would like to be treated, then we have no recourse when we, in turn, are treated badly.

    I wish you the best in your nursing career.
  6. by   husker-nurse
    The same thing happened to ME when I was a brand new RN. I overheard the float nurse say (at 11:30pm, the start of the shift) "Who had the patient in room such-and-such last night??" (won't go into details, it involves a PCA pump with not enough training for me,) and when I realized that I had possible mis-set the pump, right away I asked the RN (mucho experience) who was replacing me to check the settings, she said it was fine, but it wasn't! I saved my job just because I had an experienced nurse double-check for me. Yes, everyone got a great laugh out of that one, and everyone in the hospital was aware that it was me. Did I feel AWFUL? I could not have felt worse. But, strangely, I felt a little sad for all those staff members who felt the need to laugh at such a (possibly) tragic outcome. Patient was fine after a bit, and no one got sued. (and no support from colleagues). I will never forget that, but I will never spend time in any henhouse that treats others this way.
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    Quote from Marie_LPN
    Why not direct this at the people you're actually annoyed at instead of ripping total strangers here a new one?
    I didn't feel that the OP ripped anyone a new anything. She/he can reach a much wider audience by posting on a forum that thousands of people read. Seems like as legit of a post as any that I've seen on allnurses.
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    Quote from Elisheva
    I find the sniping of this sort on the board to be just another version of "nurses eating their young", a mentality I find non-professional and damaging to the profession and, if taken to the workplace, damaging to the patients.

    Therapeutic communication doesn't have to be limited to our patients; we can actually use it when educating, correcting or just having dialogue with another nurse.
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    Let (s)he who is without sin (mistakes) cast the first stone!! Thank you for your reminder to "be careful". In my opinion, when a nurse makes a mistake (s)he needs a hug, and if open to it, suggestions on how that mistake might be prevented in the future.
  10. by   CaseManager1947
    SN Kerri: I heard what you were saying, and support your feelings (that's the Psych nurse in me coming out, sorry), But the important lesson in this whole deal is what was learned from this experience. You just reinforced a critical issue that often is "forgotten" by us older more experienced nurses. Think back to your student days, and I'll bet you had a time when someone made you feel lower than dirt! I've been around quite a few years, and I believe it crucial to support our up and coming nurses. They are, after all, our future. Kerri, you're right. It's inappropriate to discuss other's mistakes in a public forum such as a nurses station, just as it's inappropriate to discuss your date last night, or other info of a personal nature. Oh well, I don't want this to turn into a rant. Kerri, good luck in your career in nursing. We all make mistakes from time to time, we are after all ... human.
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    Quote from sandys
    She wasn't "ripping total strangers a new one"! She was appalled at the behavior of the nurses she witnessed and was embarrassed for them and by them! No one is so rightous that they should totally degrade a new nurse or old, especially in a public forum. Why can't we bond together? Why can't we support each other? Does your wisdom make you so much better than everyone else? We need to suport each other, not bring each other down.
    I didn't see that they she was comming down on anyone either, other than the lack of proffesionalism displayed by those perfect RN's who don't make mistakes and take great efforts in humiliating the person who made the mistake.
  12. by   flashpoint
    We have a brand new RN at the nursing home I work at. She got her license in July and has never had a job. She is pretty nervous and still second guesses herself a lot. She made a med error...she gave a resident oxycodone instead of darvon (the resident gets one or the other every three hours). The nurse who was supposed to be precepting her came down on her really hard. She pointed out how she could have prevented the error and kept pointing it out throghout the shift. She even got angry to the point that she gave the new RN the keys to the med cart and told her that she just couldn't deal with her and that she was taking a break. She continued to rant and rave to the point that within a couple of hours EVERYONE in the facility knew whta had happened. The new RN had never called a doctor or a family member before, so she was a little unsure of how to explain what happened. The nurse precepting her got really nasty about that too. When I came to work, the new RN was in tears. I reminded her that mistakes happen...there was no harm to the resident, the resident's pain was well controlled, and that everything was OK. I told her that I liked the fact that she owned up to her mistake and that we learn from our mistakes and that she wasn't likely to make a similar error any time soon.

    Well...this nurse had called in sick every day she was scheduled since that day. I don't know if she is just upset over the error or what...if she is, I think it is horrible that people would beat her down as much as they did. I hope never do that to someone...I hope she shows up tomorrow.

    This is one of the worst examples of "eating our young" I have ever seen.
  13. by   banditrn
    cotjockey - that's just plain disgusting!! If I were the DON, I'd have had a word or two to say to that preceptor!!

    I've worked in good units over the years, but the last one I worked in at the hospital was terrible about that - one day the bunch that was bad about the back-stabbing was gathered around the desk, and the supervisor was one of them!! They were going on about one of the nurses, who I personally thought was the best one there. I was standing there charting and listened to about all I could, then interrupted them and told them what I thought about their behavior - it didn't go over very well, but too bad!