Bariatric Surgery....years later - page 2 are you/ your patients doing? I've taken care of a few now (LTC...they were short stays after the hospital and many were on TPN because of complications) What are the problems or sucesses... Read More

  1. by   nursemary9
    Quote from deeDawntee
    Thank you so much for starting this thread. I had RNY over 9 years ago and am very concerned about the long term implications of RNY. I have had many chronic issues that I suspect may be secondary conditions to poor nutrition and poor digestion even though I take all the supplements I am supposed to take.

    I deal with chronic infections, last winter I kept getting bronchitis and just really wasn't able to shake it for over 6 months. I already have osteoporosis and I am not 50 years old yet. I take Boniva. I get lots of cavities which I find very bewildering since I do the same dental care as I ever done. I do have receding gum lines which I as sure has something to do with poor protein.

    What is REALLY frustrating is that none of my Physicians know anything. I am doing Google searches and am looking for some Holistic Practioners who may have some ideas. I think I don't produce enough hydrochloric acid to properly digest my food and have started some OTC enzymes to try to help with digestion. My energy level is way down. I have great determination though and am pushing myself through this... The problem is that nobody knows anything, at least not anyone I have found so far. I feel as if I am alone searching for some answers.

    Thanks again for starting this thread... perhaps some others are
    struggling with the same issues.

    The site where I had my surgery has both an In-Person Support Group & an on-line Support Group. Have you checked to see if your site has one?
    I, personally, don't go to the meetings, because I work nites & it doesn't fit in well, but I do moniter the on-line group & utilize it when I have questions and problems.
    We also have a moderator on that site & you can leave questions with her.
  2. by   leielaine
    I have a friend that had gastric bypass 5 years ago and didn't have any problems until just recently. He has actually had a horrible time the past month. He had to go into the hospital because he had ulcers due to acid reflux. They had to remove part of his esophagus, also the ulcers had eaten into his liver so they had to remove part of that. The surgery went fine, except 2 days later he was losing blood from somewhere so they had to re-open him to stop the bleeding. Then he had a hemothorax. They drained 2 liters of fluid from him, also had an abcess in his stomach. He then had to go into surgery again for a twisted bowel. Then another blood transfusion. Finally he was able to come home yesterday. He had been in the hospital for over 3 weeks. I just pray that it he is over this hurdle and is able to make a smooth recovery.

    That's my story. Thank you all for listening.
  3. by   CoffeeRTC
    Thank you for the responses. Of course, you only see the problems in the hospital and not all ways getting the suscess stories.
    What about other implications...Shouldn't pts wear a medic alert band? What procedures do they need to avoid. NG tubes?

    This procedure and the lasik are so popular now days I just wander about the longterm consequenses that they are having. Of course, the other option of not losing the wt has a great impact, but ???
  4. by   Silverdragon102
    I was told OK with NG tube, in fact had one in post op, but would not be able to have ERCP and if need endoscopy then the surgeon had to be aware of the op before making definite decision to do it.
  5. by   TigerGalLE
    We have a frequent flier that comes to us quite often after having gastric bypass. This pt now has a PEG, a colostomy, ESRD (on dialysis 3 days a week). After their gastric bypass they developed a leak and ended up having multiple surgeries to try to fix it. they became septic, kidneys failed, they have fissures all over their abdomen.

    Usually when they come in the PEG is to suction. They take dilaudid 4mg every 4 hours through their life port. They are on methadone for pain. They constantly vomit and have nausea. They will try to eat small meals, just to vomit again.

    I think they finally went home with hospice last week. This pt is only in their 50s. (they had the surgery about 15 years ago) And has been in and out of the hospital constantly since. They could never get the sepsis under control....

    I guess this is an extreme case. We have a RT at my hospital that had the surgery and she looks great and is doing great. We also have a nurse on the floor that had it. She looks terrible, her hair is falling out, and she feels terrible...
  6. by   CoffeeRTC
    So...that was 15yrs out. Thats what I'm wondering. Say 10-15 yrs later. Of course it isn't the same "stomach stappling" that was done years ago...........
  7. by   Roseyposey
    At any given time on my floor we are taking care of at least one person who is 1+ years post RnY with complications - usually due to SBO.
  8. by   bigsyis
    Quote from RNLaborNurse4U
    I had Roux En Y gastric bypass surgery 6 months ago, and other than needing vitamin supplementation and iron supplements, I'm doing very well! I'm also only 33 years old, and didn't have any long term chronic medical conditions (diabetes, heart conditions, etc) prior to surgery.
    I am 3 years out from my Roux En Y surgery, down 137 lbs, and NO health problems, thank God! I feel better than I ever have, take no meds except vitamins and antidepressant, and am learning to golf. I am 57.
  9. by   DoubleblessedRN
    I had RNY back in 2000. I was 12# shy of 300#. I lost 110#and went from a size 26 to a 12. I never lost the last 20-25 pounds, and I gave birth to healthy twins in 2004 via c-section. I had complications during my pregnancy but only common ones related to multiples. I gained 30# and lost all but about 4# within a couple of months. Unfortunately I gained about 20-25# during school, but I'm optimistic about losing it when I get my RN and start working full time.
    I did have a common complication a little over a year ago. I hadn't had labwork done for a couple of years and I was severely anemic due to loss of intrinsic factor. My lowest Hgb was 7.8 and my Hct was 23%. I had to have IV iron, and it took 3 treatments to raise my Hgb to at least 10 in order for me to have a laparoscopy.
    I was also told that I could never take aspirin or PO NSAIDS for the rest of my life. That is unfortunate because I had been in a lot of pain from endometriosis, and if I would have went to the ER, I know I would hsve been looked upon as a drug seeker. But I had a hyterectomy three months ago and feel 99% better.