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  1. :chuckle I'm only a CNA but plan on atteding nursing school within the next year. The LTC facility where I recieved my CNA training is a wonderful place it has its ups and downs but I know now its the best in my area. I left this wonderful place cause I was so stressed out we were really under staffed and people were getting laid off since census was so low. I know now all I really need was a couple extra days off to rest. Cause by the time I left things were starting to look up. Instead I let myself work at a horrible facility an now I feel terrible .

    But I didn't realize what good training I had recieved until I went to work at another LTC facility just two days ago. After you read this you'll see why I quit.

    I went in with an open mind knowing it wouldn't be the same. The first night I was kind of disappointed the rooms were a mess stuff stacked everywhere. One resident who was on a ventilator and feeding tube had stuff stacked all around his equip & on his bed he also had BM everywhere did anyone care um no. They said oh he'll get combative and we don't wanna deal with it. Uh that kinda made me mad because well its for his health and safety right?

    Anyways the girl that was training me started telling me about some of the nurses that worked there. An well I wasn't very impressed so let me tell ya. One Rn didn't even know how to put a cath in or do suppositories and he wasn't new to nursing. Now heres my question shouldn't an RN at least have the basic idea on doing this? I mean the other LPNs working there were like um excuse me you don't know how to do what. He was basically clueless asking CNAs how to do this and that when um hello aren't you the one that should know. Then I really started to really see what a poor quailty facility it was. Then other nurses would just go into these rants about the residents. We'd say so in so is in pain oh well the'll just have to wait when clearly there sitting on there duffs. Or this person has open sores on there bottom and they were like so what do you want me to do about it. Now I know it can get stressful but this kind of stuff can become quite serious. I really can't even begin to tell you all the horrible things anout that place.arrgh

    Also the other cnas were horrible playing on the computer when call lights are going off. Residents are yelling for help people need to be changed. They complain they don't have enough time to complete there work but the sitting on the computer or sleeping yes i saw a cna sleeping on the job. :angryfire

    So now I know why people say the LTC facilitys have bad reps its places like this. No one should have to have dirty rooms, pressure sores, be left for hours sitting in there own urine and feces, dirty hair, dirty hands and faces etc. I know that all facilitys don't have adequate staffing but you get through it and do EVERYTHING you can. Its so disappointing to know these places exist it makes you wonder how state can let them get away with it and other places that are great get in trouble for the littlest things.

    Now where I had came from 96% of the nurses were wonderful they inspired me to go further in nursing. I thank all those wonderful caring compassionate skilled etc nurses and CNAS out there. Its a great and rewarding profession and its to bad theres other nurses out there that bring such negative reputations to nursing. So all you nurses,furture nurses & cnas keep up the go :hatparty: od work!!!!!!!
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  3. by   Blackcat99
    I think I would call my "old job" back and explain that I just needed some rest.
    At the LTC where I work they will usually "re-hire" people who use to work at the facility and want to return. Good luck.
  4. by   UM Review RN
    I'm glad you quit! Hoping you can get your old job back.
  5. by   Farkinott
    If that place is a bad as you say then make an official report to the right authority and get out of there!
  6. by   ICUsleep
    Quote from Farkinott
    If that place is a bad as you say then make an official report to the right authority and get out of there!
    Absolutely, report those conditions! That is a lawsuit (several) waiting to happen. You don't want to be there when that happens. Especially if you blow the whistle on it.... hehe. I would blow the whistle, but that is just me. Someone is paying to have those patients there. They are someone's mother, father, etc. That is not what you'd want for your loved ones. I wouldn't stay if I were you...things were like this before you arrived, and I doubt you will change anyone's mind...they will probably turn on you if you challenge them.
    Find another job, and then report those conditions...the folks in charge of that facility know better and need to be held accountable....and the staff needs a serious attitude adjustment and some education in patient care. :angryfire
  7. by   akcarmean
    If it were me I would report the LTC facility. Go back to my administrator at the old job and be honest and explain things. If you were a good worker (which sounds like your were teriffic) then more and likely they would hire you back.

    Good luck
  8. by   kim1234
    [QUOTE=runtough238] :chuckle I'm only a CNA but plan on atteding nursing school within the next year.

    Only a CNA.....Cna's are a very important part of the Healthcare field, but I am glad you are planning to go further in your career, you will make an excellent nurse.

    I hope your not stuck in this situation. Its sad and more common than one might think. Try to hang in there until you can find another job...

    Good lUck to you

  9. by   Santana
    This is a very sad story The saddest is this: Of all the jobs I have had this type of behavior was at all of them. Not all at such a horrible extreme. What we have to ask ourselves is why is this allowed to happen? It is apparent many people in the facilities know this happening. It's been my experience its best to quit and report these terrible actions but I can't name you a single time anything ever changed. If you stay and complain and report to management you can bet the farm you will not be employed long and they will cover their tracks and charge you will some trumped up lie so you will only sound like a disgruntled x-employee. This why UNITY is so important. One person will NEVER make a difference.
  10. by   CHATSDALE
    keep a notebook and name names and the times when these occurances happen...the state is the only one that can really make a differance here..they need to drop in for an unannounced survey...if these decubs are not documented and tx down for them heads are going to roll..
    it will usually be the don and the adm but i have seen lpns and cnas catch it also...even if they don't finger the nurses they will propably run like a rabbit when they see the results
    maybe in another facility where they don't see everyone get away with murder they willl straighen out and do their job
  11. by   ICUsleep
    Quote from Santana
    This why UNITY is so important. One person will NEVER make a difference.
    Santana, I respectfully but absolutely disagree with that. One person can make ALL the difference.....that has often been the only thing that HAS spurred changes throughout history. Unity is important, yes, but sometimes one person has to get the boat a-rockin' before others join in...and then sometimes people don't join in.
    I do guarantee that a defeatist attitude will never make a difference....nothing personal towards you; I have felt that way before, but I know that one person can make a difference and that there is no excuse besides fear for not standing up for what is right.
  12. by   DR2004RN
    I agree with Farkinott and ICUsleep, make a report and get the heck out of there. If you let it go, nothing will change for those poor residents. If you report it, maybe those with authority will be able to make changes. Good luck to you, and please keep us posted.
  13. by   eltrip
    Quote from ICUsleep
    Originally Posted by Santana
    This why UNITY is so important. One person will NEVER make a difference.
    I, too, respectfully disagree. One person most certainly CAN make a difference. Consider Raoul Wallenberg. He made a significant difference and he was only ONE person.

    "I am only one, but I am still one.I cannot do everything but still I am one. I cannot do everything but still I can do something. I will not refuse to do something that I can do." - Helen Keller
  14. by   Mystery5
    "only a CNA'?

    Hey, I thank God for CNA's like you. You sound like you'll be a great nurse. CNA's are the backbone of LTC, IMO.