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For the nurses 5'10" and taller, could you please tell me where you found scrubs long enough (@ least 34 inch inseam). All these catalogs and stores seem to think that a "tall" is 32 inches, as if no... Read More

  1. by   rjflyn
    I have long legs as well.


    Quote from rjflyn
    Im 6-2, male and buy scrubs off the rack all the time and have never had a problem. It depends on which ones you buy as well. The unisex ones tend to be the ones I get and they must be longer.

  2. by   UK2USA
    I am 6'0" and haven't had any problem with scrub pants. I go to Alexandria Workwear, but I think that this may be a UK company only. Should be arriving in Phoenix soon so hope I can find scrubs long enough over there.

    By the way, all this talk of long legs is making it difficult for me to concentrate!
  3. by   nurseem
    Banco or Branco makes some Tall ones.
    Quote from mjbsn2006
    For the nurses 5'10" and taller, could you please tell me where you found scrubs long enough (@ least 34 inch inseam). All these catalogs and stores seem to think that a "tall" is 32 inches, as if no one over 5'8" wants to be a nurse. Thanks.
  4. by   studentNY
    These are pretty long, fit like they have a 35 inch inseam. I thought the Barco's 'talls' were not very tall, FLOODS!!
    Good luck.
  5. by   myrenie
    Quote from skicheryl
    my fave uniforms are made by lizzy b, and maple sheild (canadian). inseam in size small is 33.5" exactly. (go figure). i always thought that i was better off being tall, as i hear the shorter girls talk about having to hem their pants.

    could you post the websites? i have trouble finding pants long enough, would also love to have link for tall flare uniform/scrub pants! i need at least 33 inseam.

    i found a website for lizzy b
    aswell just wanted to mention that for flared scrub like pants i love modrobes! (they're not "really" uniform pants, but who can tell the difference) super comfy, and they are long!

  6. by   whitecap1
    i am glad there are other women with the same problem as me! I am a new nurse and am having a hard time buying scrubs that fit. It seems like the only scrubs with a long inseam are mens or unisex scrubs (and are huge on me). I just want to be able to wear pants that fit! I wear a medium landau pant, but they are about 3" too short. They only have certain styles that some in long. So...I made my own. I bought a pattern from the cloth store and added length to the pants. The best part is that I added as many pockets as I wanted.
  7. by   shock-me-sane
    I have a hard time with this. Am close to 6'0 and am super skinny (120ish). I look like an idiot in larges and nothing is quite long enough otherwise.
  8. by   VegRN
    I am tall 5'11" and slim, I wear cherokee brand tall size (I wear the flares). I believe they are at least 34 1/2 inches long, the longest ones I have seen in my short career.
    They are sized big though so if you normally wear a medium you will take a small in cherokee.
  9. by   bklynborn
    I think it is funny when the catalogs advertise "now in petite sizes" and then the "talls" are 34 inches long...............I also HATE when my socks/legs show when I am seated.
  10. by   AliRae
    I like the Cherokee long ones ... just discovered 'em! The ones that are kind of flared with a slit at the side are great. I'll definitely be looking up some of these other brands though! My sister in law sent me a pair from somewhere in Canada ... Flirefly, i think? They're super SUPER soft and long.
  11. by   JBudd
    The Cherokee tall sizes do well for me, 6 foot, 185 lbs. Not long enough to drag on the floor, but do reach below the top of my shoes. I googled scrubs on line, and found them for under $15. I think I got them from Allheart online.

  12. by   WinksRN
    RIght, I guess we're suppose to be Models instead:roll
  13. by   bklynborn
    Wouldn't it be nice to have to hem your pants? At least when you are shorter you have that option............we tall people don't get enough material