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What do you, personally, contribute to nursing?!! I am contemplating a career change from corporate america to nursing and one of the main reasons is, I feel this need and desire to make a... Read More

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    As a new nurse (2.5years) I am disturbed and saddened by what I am reading. I find my job on a rehab unit of a nursing home very fullfilling and rewarding. Pt's come to us after knee/hip replacement surgery, we get cardiac pts, pt's with PICC's and the like. It is a very rewarding position, and as a new nurse a great place to start. I am 51 years young, I have been in the corporate world Underwriting mortgage loans for 15 years. I have also worked as a CNA (in homecare) for several years. It may be that I am a new nurse that I feel this way, although I do work with nurses who have been in the field for 15-20 years who still LOVE their jobs as nurses. My advise to the writer, consider obtaining your CNA license, work weekends to get "a feel" of what nurses do on a daily basis. Keep your day job, just in case. Good luck to you.
    Thank you! I agree! I love what I do, I have the honor of being present when our patients are going through an unfortunate life changing event (like an AMI) and have the privilege of help saving their life.
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    WOW... I certainly wasn't prepared to read all that I read. I was shocked by how so many of you seem to have lost your passion. But I do thank each and everyone of you for your responses and was happy to see that the more I read the more optimistic this post did get.

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    geez u guys sound so positive and optomistic. op alot of what everyone said is unfortunately right but do some exstensive research on nursing and maybe you'll like it. Me personally i love the analytical and technical side of nursing and i feel like i bring that to each patient.
    Love the two of these together. There are a bazillion experiences in nursing; if anyone was expecting them all to be remotely similar, well, now s/he knows better.

    I think you'll find some of the most passionate nurses around are some of the crusty old bats. If we didn't care so much, well, we wouldn't care so much.
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    Maybe it's just because I'm a low key person, but I'm a little puzzled by the posts lamenting nurses "losing their passion". I don't care who you are, after doing something for the millionth time the passion factor decreases. I still like my job and take it seriously. But, frankly, I find the idea of being "passionate" day in and day out to be a pretty exhausting prospect.
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    What do you, personally, contribute to nursing?!!

    I am contemplating a career change from corporate america to nursing and one of the main reasons is, I feel this need and desire to make a difference even if in the life of just one person. I feel my current career is all about simply helping the corner office executives make a buck, and that my career - and thus a large part of my life has no meaning. So I am asking you help me by answering - what is it as a nurse, that you contribute?!

    Thanks in advance
    Hi, I left a corporate oil and gas job to pursue nursing. Same reasons as you. I wanted to make a real difference in the world.

    1- nursing school is HARD and expensive
    2 - I have found nursing to be stressful, difficult, and a lot more work than I ever imagined. Am I helping people everyday? Yes! Do they appreciate you....sometimes I guess...?

    The bottom line is it is a tough career with enormous responsibility. I miss my big office, my heels, and actually getting a lunch break. A day of nursing is more work and more stress than a month of my corporate job.

    Just sharing my exprience...your post sounded like me several yrs back.

    Good luck though!
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    I don't think nursing is what is use to be nurse work hard and are under paid
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    Nope. You'll still be helping the suits and ties. In fact, you'll be their lackey, their puppet. You will make them the big bucks while you stay overtime without pay, get pooped on (literally and figuratively) by patients and said corporate big shots. They'll hold their little pep rallies and pat themselves on the back and pat you on the head and maybe give you a cookie while telling you how much you've failed them.

    As for me, I take care of little newborns while their mom and their mom's babydaddy go out and smoke, and try to teach them how to take care of that baby, while competing with their cellphones for attention.
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    Where can I find a corporate oil and gas job? Please sign me up! At least the pay is worth it.