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Hello, I was just wondering if anyone knows anything about the Atkins diet??? I have been hearing good things about it again, and I was thinking of trying it. I have never been on a diet before... Read More

  1. by   tshores
    Many low carbers do stay on the diet as their "way of life" eating plan. And they DO eat sweets baked with various artificial sweeteners using nut flours and such for flour. Some of the recipes for brownies, cookies, muffins, etc. you would not be able to tell from the ones with flour and sugar. (I've also tried some nasty-tasting recipes, but those are not the ones I keep) And they DO eat ice cream, usually homemade, rich and delicious. There's a lot of variety in a low carb diet if you study it--it's not just bacon and eggs for breakfast. They do eat carbs in vegetables and some fruits--most eat more vegetables after they start low carbing than they did before.
    Read Atkins, but read Protein Power by the Eades and other low carb books. And, yes, you should exercise. Check out some of the low carb sites like Livin' La Vida Low Carb and Truly Low Carb or Most low carbers start out with one plan (like Atkins) but end up doing a combination of plans or just make up their own plan as they go along. I never cut out caffeine and lost weight anyway--sweetened it with Splenda and lightened it with half and half. I eat fruit, too.
    And, yes, you gain it back if you stay off of it long anything else. But you can live with this diet forever if you want because you DO add carbs back in and it is the easiest for most people to stick to. You can eat your own homemade cookies instead of doughnuts at work.
    It does NOT mess your kidneys, liver, or brain up. We have nephrologists and cardiologists ordering this diet for patients in the hospital now. And, yes, there are still doctors and dietitians parroting what they learned about low fat diets in school. Low fat diets work for some people--the ones who like to starve and eat plastic cheese. :-) But I don't have hypoglycemic episodes like I used to. Been doing this for almost 2 years, and as long as I can find time to make my sweets (has to taste good, too!) and buy whole wheat bread for 7 counted carbs per slice, I will stay with it. Easiest "diet" ever. Not new, though--my mom used to tell me when I was little to cut back on starches and sugars if I wanted to lose weight--before Atkins ever came out.
    Do a lot of research reading and follow the people who stay on it--their labwork, how they look and feel-- then you can judge it. It may not be what you think it is.
  2. by   tshores
    Oh, I forgot! We eat chocolate, too! We bake with it (just regular unsweetened baking chocolate), buy or make sugarfree bars. Some of the Beligian ones are delicious! Can even buy sugarfree chocolate chips now! Oh, yeah, we're really suffering here!
  3. by   Agnus
    It definately is not what I thought. I used to (in my mind only) make fun of folks on this diet because they were so misguided thinking they were cutting out all carbs but ate salads. Poor things didn't know salad was carb.

    I am a good candidate for DM and feel I am actually on the verge. Even when I was running 5 miles a day and weighed 130 # (5'7") my cholesterol was up. My LDL was up along with my triglycerides.
    Since menopause my metabolism has changed. I did weight watcher to loose 30# it worked. But I could not stick with it. I starved even though I ate low calorie bulky foods and even used some fat to get satiation. My losses were sloooww. Much slower than I ever experienced.
    I took comfort in knowing that a quick loss was a loss of water and muscle. I wish I'd understood the Atkins better and took that route. But I probably would not have believed it was healthy. I kept saying that they way you loose was as important to health as loosing it self. I agree and it appears Atkins is healthy.

    Oh all those years I gave up my momma's gormet French fat laden dishes for naught. Well momma's gone and now I'm learning better.

    There was a time, whether I was running or not, when weight loss was easy. I was beginning to think there was a conspriacy that the foods I'd always eaten some how had more calories now and somehow had less satisfaction.

    I have a killer NY style cheese cake resipe that Atkins would love. I make it as my hubby's birthday cake once a year. He claims I am trying to kill him with with but now we will get to enjoy it without guilt. yippeee. It is soooo rich in pure fat that I did not dare make it more than once a year.
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  4. by   Tweety
    I wonder if by avoiding carbs, people are avoiding transfatty acids, which are found in breads, crackers, cookies, chips and processed foods, etc? And is this why the labs are looking good?

    I still scratch my head when I hear saturated fats are no longer bad for you. But then again, I remember when margarine was so much better for you than butter.

    I'm still waiting for the day, like in that Woody Allen movie that cake and steak are health foods!
  5. by   bagladyrn
    Agnus - I'd love to have your cheesecake recipe! I made chocolate meringue cookies the other day with Splenda that turned out really well. (trying to come up with some goodies for the holiday season)
  6. by   Agnus
    Hmm. Splenda. Oh yea I forgot the recipe has sugar. Quite a lot if I now recall. Hmm. God I hate the thought of altering this recipe. I resisted using low fat products in it now you just reminded me IT HAS SUGAR darn. What will I do what will I do (holding head in hands)
    well i can get it to you but I don't know if you can do it with splenda. You know sometimes certain ingredients in recipies have a chemical reaction in a recipe that is essential to the final product. I have no experience using splenda and have had someone tell me they got an after taste from it. Don't have time right now but I will get it to you if you still want it.
  7. by   Flo1216
    A friend of mine was on that diet and although he lost weight, he developed kidney stones as well. Also, a lot of what you are losing is water weight since increased protein intake has a diuretic effect. So when you start to eat normally again, you will gain a lot of the weight back. Some people swear by it. I don't know, healthy can it be?
  8. by   smag16
    My DH and I have been eating Lo Carb since june of 2001. It wasn't to lose weight, but to eat healthier. As a happy consequence we both lost wieght.
    We don't have the cravings for carbs anymore...we don't have acid reflux anymore ( no more antiacids or Prevacid) ...we don't have joint pain...I was able to come off thyroid meds. ... atrial fibs went away... DH's CVD symptoms cleared up .
    Did 2 years of research 14-16 hours a day..found out it's not the lipid panel numbers at all, it's if the lipids are oxidized or not!!
    SHOCK!!! Diabetes and CVD are heavily linked as you know... it's the carbs that are causing all the problems ....the weight gain is associated. Very strong antioxidants are the key to this entire problem. The weight loss is the added benefit.... they are all tied together.
    We judge all foods by the glycemic index... that influences the BS rise...hence the insulin rise...insulin irritates the arteries...oxidized fatty acids (which become very sticky) stick to the irritated areas..PLAC! The rise in the insulin creates insulin resistance...see type2 diabetes! Carbs are stored as takes protien to build protien...our bodies were designed to burn fat not carbs. The VERY SHORT STORY!
    If you wish to know more about all this I will be happy to reply.
  9. by   baseline
    Yes, the American Diabetes Association is now teaching Carb Counting ! Really Flo, there has been alot of "backing up" going on in the medical circles about lo carb eating. I will SCREAM this from the roof tops...........READ THE BOOK READ THE BOOK READ THE BOOK!!!!! People get into trouble because they enter into this diet uninformed, thinking they can only eat meat and cheese, and they lose weight. But they don't understand why. And they don't drink the water, and they don't add the carbs to diet. And Dr. Atkins gets blamed for peoples unwillingness to educate themselves.

    Ok. Hopping off the soap box now.........

    I followed the low fat diet and gained weight, and I followed it religiously.....excercise and all.

    I think any diet that you can live with along with excercise is the diet you should choose, but please, make it an informed choice.
  10. by   smag16
    By th' way, there are many sugar substitutes besides what is in the grocery stores. Nature Sweet ( maltitol) and DiabetiSweet (Isomalt and A-K) act like sugar in recipes. The DiabetiSweet tastes sweeter than Nature Sweet. There are also many other sweeteners on the net. These sweeteners do not have Aspartame in them...nor do they leave an after-taste.
    There are many brands of SF flavored syrups in stores and on the net. Check out Natures Flavors and DaVinci ...they are sweetened with sucralose...the real sweetener in Splenda.
    Almond flour and whey protien is used in place of wheat flour...
    Soy tastes yuck!!!
    Our foods MUST taste, look, and have the "mouth feel" of the carbs that we previously were addicted to and craved...

    Some examles of foods we eat all SF and very Low Carb...Lemon pie, Coconut cake, Brownies, NY Style Cheescake, Ice Cream, Yellow cake with chocolate frosting, Angel Food cake, Muffins of all types, Jello Cake, Neapolitan Cake, so many desserts that there is no way to list them all), all kinds of LC breads, BBq sauces, salad dressings, candies, lots of recipes involving CHOCOLATE!!!!
    There are so many recipes that are LC that you are never bored with your food. See tshores post....
    You can do this's a healthy "change for life"!!! It isn't a "DIET" a "Way of Eating" for a life time! There is no way we will ever go back to "carby foods"!!!

    I am 60 and feel like I am 16!!!!!! HONEST!!! Friends are amazed at how young I now look and my energy!! Most of all, they are stunned by the changes in my DH who now acts like he is 30 again!!!! (Statins and low Fat nearly killed him!!! He was the reason for all my indepth research that led me into studying molecular biology!! That is where I learned about what carbs can do to your body health!)
  11. by   baseline
    How about we start a low carb recipie thread? I am no chef....but I do cook alot of my own meals.....and would love to hear good lo carb recipies..........!
  12. by   smag16
    You can find all the low carb recipes here that you would ever's FREE!!

    No advertizing!!! They just help to support folks who want to stay low carb for whatever reason. We experiment alot and then post our recipes to share with other who might like to try them. There are many such sites on the web.
    You are NOT stuck with meat, eggs and cheese AT ALL!!!
    Don't go by what you have and learn for yourself!!!
  13. by   tonchitoRN
    i knew a nurse who tried the diet because she wanted to lose weight before getting married. she turned into a real b***h. she became very irritable and difficult to get along with. she had to stop after a few days because it was just not healthy for her. after she stopped she got back to her more pleasant self. [23]