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Hi, I'm new here, I just want to ask to everyone out there, how is it working with hospitals managed by Tenet group? I'll be working with them in the near future, are they good to there employees,... Read More

  1. by   mark_LD_RN
    i worked for them twice and both times they were horrible.mistreated employes and cut beniefits often.
  2. by   peaceful2100
    OMG, you all are scaring me with this TENET company. One of the major health systems in my city that operates about 14 different hospitals in my city is looking at potential buyers and Tenet is one of them. I won't graduate until next year (May 2003) but I am now binded to a 2 year commitment after graduation with the health system that is talking about selling so that is why I am so concerned. The second potential buyer the system is interested in is HCA.
  3. by   CaliNurse
    This pay is a shock to me. I grew up in Los Angeles and went thru my training there. You will get paid more in LA county compared to Orange County. You will get paid more in Orange County compared to Riverside county. I now live in Riverside county and the RNs here to START with if they don't negotiate will get $21/$22 an hour. THEY ARE GETTING YOU CHEAP. Is it to late to negotiate? And if I remember right you said you are agency? Will you be agency at that rate? or on staff? Agency rn's - usually not less than $30.00. You can look at the news paper and easily see what other facilities are offering. I can remember one year may agencies / registries were offering sign on bonuses just before Christmas. I think I made a few grand just by signing on to a few different registries. I never even worked a shift. It was an easy year to do x-mas shopping.

    Good Luck,

  4. by   mark_LD_RN
    Peaceful2100.. I work for HCA now it is much better than tenet ever was,but still could be better.good luck

    I would never work for tenet again, i had a contract with them I opted to quit and pay them back my tuituion instead!
  5. by   nimbex
    Another facility will snatch up your INS status and sponsor you,,,, RUN!
  6. by   dianacs
    I heard that Tenet pays more for a this true?
  7. by   BadBird
    One more horror story about Tenent, When they bought the hospital I worked for I had 180 sick hours banked, they wiped the slate clean, no compensation whatsoever, I then went to HR and changed my status to full-time without benefits at a highter rate, since they took all my sick hours away I didn't trust them not to do it again. I only worked for them for about 1 year, then moved on. I wouldn't work for Tenent ever again. Run as fast as you can
  8. by   RGW RN
    I worked at a hospital for 17 years. Went through good times and bad times, always road them out. Until TENET..couldn't stand seeing a good place go down. BAD!!!!!