Are your salaries improving?

  1. Hi,
    Just wanted to know if you see a noticable increase in your salaries because of the nursing shortages. My salary has almost doubled in the past 4 years. We are at a point where nurses can take control of their own careers and pay. Or can we?
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  3. by   cmggriff
    We just negotiated a 19 % raise over 2.5 years. I think over the last 4 years my income has increased about 10-15 %. Gary
  4. by   kaycee
    Still waiting for a big change here in PA. Haven't seen it yet!
  5. by   EXOTIC NURSE
    My salary has improved quite a bit but I also decided to work in house registry due to the higher salary but with no bennies.....but that is alright I do not need the bennies for now as I am carried on other insurance. I plan to continue to work but mainly through an agency because the pay is more and I am not on staff I dont have to deal with the crap from the floor. I set and make my own schedule do my eights or twelves and then go home.
  6. by   PhantomRN
    my salary has increased by almost 40% in the last two years. however, that does not mean i am making tons of money, it just means i have been severely underpaid for a long time.
  7. by   Furball
    When my hubby was offered a better job with great benefits I quit my full-time RN job and stayed at the same hospital on a per diem basis. My payscale catapulted from $17/hr to anywhere from $24-$46/hr depending on what shift I work on the weekend or weekday. Premium pay ($35-$46/hr) shifts kick in after the 6th shift for the month or if you're called in. I have no idea how long this is going to last but it is sweeet!

    Didn't last long......... back to $17/hr
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  8. by   TRN
    No, my salary has not improved and my starting salary was shameful.
  9. by   Neicee
    My salary has not improved at all. We are experiencing a nurse shortage at my hospital. There solution to the problem is paying double your hourly pay over your committment to work extra shifts. No one is jumping at the offer. We are just tired and need more help!