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  1. by   nightingale
    Sometimes "I" need to get "over it". I have my times when I just do not want to listen to someone complain over blah blah blah... When I identify that then it is time for some RR.

    A few weeks ago I went to a Beauty College School and had a manicure and a pedicure. Every so often I get a massage or an herbal wrap (hmmm it has been a while).

    I try to make sure I assess my needs and where I am at so I can give 110% to all my patients.

  2. by   PJRNC2
    Yes I am Happy as a Nurse, a Mother and a daughter! unhappy as an overweight person and less than perfect housekeeper (always said I went to school for nursing not keeping house-which my mother would reply- that is why you were at home 18 years-to learn- and keeping house was one of the things to learn). Ha. Ha. (Also happy as the caretaker of 3 dogs and 3 cats)
  3. by   Sleepyeyes
    Sometimes I feel tired, and I am just doing my work. Then a patient or family member will say "Thank you" and mean it, and suddenly I feel much better.

    It's a good reminder of the interaction between nurse and patient and the unique relationship we have. I like that part the best.
  4. by   l.rae
    Honestly, I don't think of myself as a "religious " person, but going to church on Sunday changes my whole out-look for the week. I actually feel lighter on the inside when I leave the service and really notice a difference when I don't get to go. Don't forget to nurture your spiritual side!
  5. by   goldawgz
    i'm happy, but getting restless-
    i'm 44 and an rn for 19 years, currently working in an internal med office (very small!) , and am wishing to start a new career! but, the money would never be this good, so i pursue my hobbies-
    i have on daughter in college, and another that will be a senior in high school next year- i think the pending empty nest syndrome is hanging over me, and that has taken away my usual spunk and zest! but, i am happy, and am looking forward to new beginnings!
  6. by   JeannieM
    I recently went to Vegas for a quick getaway with my spouse (poor guy, he gets written in on my dayplanner!). One of my colleagues said something about "if you hit the jackpot, you'll probably be out of here." That's when I realized that if I "hit the jackpot", I'd probably sock the money away in the bank and be here the next day. I couldn't imagine life without nursing.
  7. by   Kimt
    I'm not sure if this answers the question of 'are you happy' or not, although I must say it certainly helps me to keep things in perspective. When my mind and time is getting caught up in all the tasks I have to do, and I find myself frustrated with what seem to be petty complaints from pts in the big scheme of things...I remind myself to look deep into their eyes. There is a person and a story there, that we as nurses are most often
    just getting a glimpse of. It tends to be my reality check in how I am treating, understanding and listening to another person. That quick moment seems to renew those feelings and thoughts about why I became a nurse. HAPPY NURSES WEEK TO EVERYONE!!!


  8. by   ClariceS
    I am very happy with being a nurse. Of course I have my good and not so good days but if I had to do it all over again, I would still be a nurse.
    Overall, I try to be a happy person. I have struggled at times with different things going on in my life but in general I consider myself happy. I do find that circumstances in my personal life do affect my overall outlook but I try not to let it bring me down where others would notice lingering unhappiness. Prayer and church help a lot!
  9. by   shannonRN
    i love what i do!!! yes, nursing is a very stressful profession, but i couldn't imagine doing anything else. when i become frustrated, i imagine myself as a patient and how i would like to be treated. and to see the gratitude my patient has for something as simple as fresh ice water makes all the difference.

    JeannieM~ my coworkers were recently talking about if they won the lottery they would be out the door running... i told them that i don't think i could leave. i would have to at least work a couple of shifts. they then replied, "you are too young, you will learn." my response was, "the minute i don't love what i do, i will leave regardless of my financial situation. but until guys are stuck with me!"
  10. by   ClariceS
    Oh, I'd have to stay working at least a few shifts a month too! I enjoy nursing way too much to completely leave it. My co-workers have often overheard me saying that they'll probably have to make me quit before I'd ever retire.
  11. by   susanmary
    I am very happy in my life. I choose to be happy. My happiness comes from within -- I believe we are all much "more" than our profession, possessions, and what others think of us. Sometimes life is very challenging -- but I always try to look at the "big picture" and face each challenge as it comes. I take time for myself, without guilt -- I'm kind to myself and THIS makes me a better wife, mother, daughter, nurse, friend. It's difficult, but I've learned to let go and try to leave work at work. Our lives are so much more than work. I'm not thrilled with the current nursing situation -- but I choose to remain in nursing. I try to maintain a positive attitude -- I've learned to let go of the trivial stuff and focus on the "big picture."

    All in all, I feel very blessed in my life -- I'm a happy camper.
    Good thoughts to all of you!
  12. by   a-rose
    Sometimes some of patients are not quite sodality and make nurses to be in low. So we couldn-t keep in a good mood for a long time. If only we meet to the high diathesis patients every day.
  13. by   boobaby42
    Yep, I'm content. I've been married to my high school sweetie for 25 years. We haven't killed each other yet. I have a great teenager. He really IS a good guy! My sister is my best friend, along with my cat "Angel".
    I honestly think nursing, the good stuff and the bad, has helped me grow spiritually and mentally. I'm still a little touched in the head, but I've come a long way baby!

    However comma I will be much happier when nurses all over the world begin to get the respect, the attenion and the money we deserve. I think the message is starting to get out. Don't you?
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