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The hard Nursing need nurses keep good mood. Do you have the best mental state?


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Considering the time i have put into nursing i would say that my mental health is good. One thing that always work for me is to put myself in the patient's place. How would i want to be treated? That keeps me giving my all,and 10% more. It truly helps when you love what you're doing and that makes it "not just a job". I do believe that nursing is a "calling", and if one doesn't know or believe that in the beginning, they certainly will find out soon enough !! One thing though, You must find relaxation, stress busters and diversions. You must PLAY. Don't take your personal problems to work. We all have them but that is not a patient's problem. KEEP SMILING !!!!!!


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If I honestly look at all the negativies and all the positives I would say the overall I'm happy in my choice of nursing as a profession.

I have really, really bad days but than I have really, really good days so it seems to even out. I work with a great team which is the most important.

Currently other than win the lottery and retire to the hills, I can't think of anything else I'd rather do.


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I haave been truly blessed. I LOVE nursing. I love my job and have fun at it. I am continually looking around my community to utilize my talents more. I'm taking a class right now so my off time is taken up. When I finish I will do community service, again. In community service you can invent your own job. Pick something out and just do it. Folks are grateful for anything you offer.

I have had bad experiences with jobs that were horrible. I did not stay. I also keep my ears open to learn what different employers are like. So I don't make mistakes going were I'll not be happy.

This is truly a case of doing what I love and the money follows. By the way community service is not all altruistic. This is resume stuff too. It is also valuable learning.


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Sometimes our sentiments are in low inexplicably. Perhaps it influence our work..


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You are right, a-rose, our overall mood does influence our work. That is why we must take care of ourselves and think of ways to replenish and re-energize. I like the community service idea that Agnus has discussed. I think it is important for the general public to see nurses active and involved in their communities. Volunteer work does make you feel good about yourself. However, I have to say that there have been times when I am giving so much to my work, that I don't have anything left to give to anything else.

In general, I think nurses are having a hard time and I think we really need to help and support each other. Our "sentiments are low" as you have said so beautifully.


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DITTO !!!!


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Some of nurses have very distressed in the work. And it makes their mood be in more low.


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Some of what we do as nurses is distressing, dealing with life-changing illness, death, etc. I think one of the most important things we can do for ourselves is to develop a support system of other nurses with whom we can debrief when necessary-people who really understand what we are talking about.

On the other hand, it's also vital that we have interests outside of nursing, so that we don't lose sight of the fact that there's a vast other world out there!


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I totally agree with Nur20, on the way that Patients should be treated. I believe that to be so true what she said on the ISSUE of "How Would I want to be treated" I agree 100% with that answer. It is right I mean would you want to be treated bad I dont think So? And the same goes for the Patients that are Ill/ Elderly/ sometimes Dying. You have to know this to be true that TREAT others that you care for as you would want to be treated. Cause who knows SOMEDAY the BOOT might be on the other Foot. Nurses/ Carers may need Nursing attention and we would want to be treated RIGHT and with Dignity.


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We should treat patients as good as possible, and be treated ,too.

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At times as a staff nurse being required to do too many things at once, and families needing more that I could give I got to the point that I just didn't give a crap anymore whether they were comfortable, or not. I think that has a lot to do with needing to meet your own needs before you can help others.

Think about it- when a patient gripes at you for not giving them their bath before they were transported to PT, and you have spent the last hour dealing with chest pain, and getting diabetics meds out with breakfast...I personally want to tell them to get over it, but they do have a legitimate gripe. I don't want to make excuses to them, and I definitely don't want to violate confidentiality, so I haven't come up with the "right" thing to say.

But "Get over it you whiny prune" does not seem to be the right response.:rolleyes:

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