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I need help on something. If you don't feel like reading this entire post, the ultimate question I want to ask is this: Are the best of nurses/doctors extremely organized and meticulous and have... Read More

  1. by   gramette
    [Well I am fairly organized both at work and at home if no one HELPS me if you know what I mean. But I see that at work many nurses are extremely organized in the role but the break room is a wasteland of half eaten lunch trays, leftover snacks from the night shift, the refrigerator smells like something died in there sometimes. I often wonder if people are just that messy at work or if their homes look like that too:chuckle

    QUOTE=susanna]I need help on something. If you don't feel like reading this entire post, the ultimate question I want to ask is this: Are the best of nurses/doctors extremely organized and meticulous and have excellent time-management skills both at work AND in their in private lives?

    The reason I ask is because my private life has been anything but organized or meticulous, nor do I have good time-management skills. I'm messy and disorganized at home. I can't seem to develop good eating habits. I get depressed and antisocial very easily, forgetting that I need human interaction to keep sane and current with the world. Truthfully, I have been very anti-social and withdrawn most of my life(this doesn't mean I'm rude to people, just that I stay in my own little corner and don't go out much). I forget friends' birthdays easily and other things that mean a lot to other people. Plus, I still have the mind of a depressed, anxiety-filled existentialist teenager even though I'm 22 years old, ie. I think about "What is the meaning of life" while in a conversation with someone, or "Aren't jawlines and nose-shapes the funniest thing in the world?"...

    There's no outward academic problem at the time because I still get good grades and learn easily.

    I think I need to give myself a swift kick in the a** to clean up my life but I don't think I really will unless some FOAs (Figures of Authority) tell me that it is absolutely necessary to be very organized and meticulous at work as well as in your personal life in the healthcare field in order to be an excellent nurse.

    So, Doctors, nurses, or anyone else who comes on to these forums, if you consider yourself a good role model and successful at what u do, please tell me if this is how you live your life. If you dont consider yourself as good as you want to be, please tell me what you see from those who you admire. I'd really appreciate the feedback.[/QUOTE]
  2. by   Rapheal
    I think the best doctors and nurses have decent organizational skills. This is needed and can be learned. Some people can have a messy house or car and still be organized at work. You just may need some help learning this skill. But I think the thing that sets the BEST doctors and nurses apart from the rest is the ability to catch what is most important in the scheme of things. I believe most people have an inherent instinct for this- and some develop it by experience.

    I actually think that one of the most efficent nursing personalities is the nurse who is negative and critical by nature. I don't mean a cruel person but a "the glass is half empty" type of person. Don't laugh at that one- but I am sure that it sounds funny. The reason I think they are usually good is that they are used to constantly looking for what is wrong. This trait seems to help them note the slightly unusual things that may be the beginning of something going very wrong.

    If you want to be a nurse I wish you luck. Life is a process- a journey and you seem aware of your weaknesses. There may be many more strengths then you realize. Keep growing in all ways and you may surprise yourself. I wish you luck.
  3. by   purplemania
    Home should be the place you unwind and relax and feel comfortable. I am MUCH more organized at work. One of little rebellious acts is to not wear a watch on my days off. I also believe people in medicine tend to have a little OCD in order to get things done. But home and work are opposites and I refuse to combine them! However, your statements about being a loner made me think you are a little depressed. Before I got the right medication I was using all my energy to work, then collapsing at home. Hope you feel better soon too!
  4. by   Nurse Ratched
    We've mentioned this site before, but it merits another plug - - she sends out multiple daily email reminders to help you establish routines around the home. There is no charge and she has helped numerous people declutter their physical and emotional baggage. I firmly believe that routines are the key to preventing things from getting out of control in our lives. You need to make things so automatic that they just *happen* with very little conscious thought on your part.

    She also sends out testimonials from people who have had mood improvements as they get their physical space and lives under control. It really does work.

    Good luck .
  5. by   NancyRN
    I recommend for all of you who can't seem to get organized. Her methods have totally changed my life! My whole house is decluttered, peaceful, and clean! The FlyLady method is simple: if you don't love it or use it, GET RID OF IT! You can't organize clutter!

    Although the methods she uses are meant for getting housework under control, you can use them at work, too. The biggest change I've had at work is that I no longer try to multitask. I concentrate on ONE THING AT A TIME. Know what? I'm much more efficient!

    Anyway, check out for wonderful ways to get your whole house clean 15 minutes at a time!
  6. by   Neferet
    Aw man, I'm just a slob....I think the only thing that could make me clean my house is if my mom's coming over or if the police sends me an arrest warrant for being a lazy bum and a messy person. I can't be organized and sometimes it makes me go crazy.. ....I'm have an illness too...and it's been making it worse.
    I lose my keys all the time! ESPECIALLy when I need them. If I don't need them, then they're always in the way.
    Also I lose notes.....I used to write check lists to help me get organized, but I'd lose the check lists too!...write another one, and lose it again!...

    The worst thing I do is write info on a piece of paper.....and then I can't find it. Also at the end of the month I end up with pieces of paper everywhere with tiny information about everything written on them! And then I end up reading everything I've written again because I don't want to throw away important there any hope?
  7. by   Neferet
    Another bad mom's coming over...and I only have one week to clean this pighole.....what am I gonna do?
  8. by   Neferet
    Well the good thing about being a slob is that I don't have a nervous breakdown when the dishes are dirty, floors are not sweeped, or vacuumed...I can sit and eat ice cream, enjoy a movie and not get bugged by those things. Bad things is, if I have homework or work...I'd rather do the dishes....hehe