Are there any dancing nurses out there?

  1. I am sitting here watching a ballroom dancing competition on television. How much fun it looks like. I began to wonder if any nurses dance? Are there any ballroom dancing nurses out there? How did you get started and how far have you gone with it? I would love to try.
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  3. by   lannisz
    I use to ballroom dance and I loved it...then I became a nurse and my feet hurt all the time. Now I feel I have to "save" my feet for work. I would love to get back into dancing tho'
  4. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    A local community center has ballroom dancing classes, and we're going to start in January. I'm looking forwad to it.
  5. by   aainme
    both my husband and i take is a stress reducer....and we have so much fun...after a week of saving lives...LOL.... we love dancing and crusing...we find we can practice and then dance everynight of the cruise... i thought ballroom was just for old fogies.....but so many our age dance....we just focus on a few dances rather than get stressed out trying to learn so many....good luck...laura
  6. by   burn out
    how romantic. It sounds like a fantasy..dancing in the moonlight on a cruise ship with you husband...what great memories you will have.
  7. by   CHATSDALE
    i have two left feet, next incarnation i am going to sing and dance
  8. by   bigjay
    My wife and I have been doing latin and ballroom dance for a year or so now. We got into it through a friend of ours who we met through our baby group who is a dance teacher.

    We do waltz, tango, foxtrot, swing, merengue, cha-cha, salsa, samba and rhumba. Usually we head out to dance parties once a month or so to keep things up. We'll have to stop shortly though since both my wife and our teacher are three months pregnant so we'll be having a bit of a break.
  9. by   wooh
    Husband and I are obsessed. Gives me something to look forward to when I'm having a crazy day at work. Good exercise, fun, relieves stress, meet new people...
  10. by   bsugaRN2b
    I just got into this, as a friend got me started, and I'm hooked and grab every opportunity I get - it's my nursing school stress reliever...the only other hobby I put this much effort into is my violin, haha!!

    There was a place around my house that had a ballroom that charged $10/person...tried it out for the heck of it as I had nothing better to $10 I ever seriously considering taking private lessons in the summer between school at a dance studio... try looking to see if it's offered at the Y, mine offers a class so you get a general overview of all the dances...

    Quote from aainme
    ... i thought ballroom was just for old fogies...
    Oh, it's so NOT just for "old fogies", as you put it...unless of course, you consider my age - 20 - being old, lol!!

  11. by   dumitra
    My husband and I used to be professional dancers. We traveled the whole world dancing. Our daughter was a backstage child. But when she started school we had to stop. She had to be in bad on time, homework to be done. So, I'm a nurse now. But I missed it soooo mach! Talk about sacrifices for your children!

    Dumitra, RN
  12. by   miko014
    Hah! I'm not the only one! People at work tease me sometimes because I tap (not ballroom, but still dancing!). I would love to do ballroom, but I guess I'll have to wait till I catch a partner :spin:
  13. by   imenid37
    I am wayyyyy too clumsy. I do know a ballroom dancing ob doc. She is really addicted. I think it is a great hobby for (well-coordinated) stressed-out person.
  14. by   RNperdiem
    Ballroom dancing is a wonderful and fun hobby to take up. There are really two types of ballroom dance. Social dance is for everyone. The moves are simple and fun, and can be done at almost any age. Dancesport, or competive dance is what you see on TV. It is wonderful to watch, but requires a bigger commitment to lessons, practice, and maybe is not the most appropriate way of dancing with grandpa.