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Two months ago I happened to stumble across while searching for a nursing job with my fresh CNA license. Let me tell you that I have learned a great deal in a short amount of time... Read More

  1. by   BeachNurse
    Mario....don't go!!!!! I enjoy your posts are welcome to post anywhere you like...! You will make a great nurse.
  2. by   CEN35
    mario - your not the only student to post here, and you won't be the last. so don't just go away, because you don't think it's right?
    i don't recall ever seeing a non-objective post by you? i don't think it matters where you post, just be objective. heck.......i'll be the first to admit, there are plenty of times i just blurt stuff out, without thinking however, having to type things out and read them, sure helps prevent that though! :d besides, i am also the first one to apoligize and admit when i am wrong.....when i am in my fog and am not so objective.


    p.s. - oh yeah mario.........were you watching a seinfeld re-run, when you posted this thread? you seemed to be reffering to yourself in the 3rd person alot! there's a seinfeld episode, where this guy jimmy, always calls himself jimmy. (i.e. jimmy thinks, jimmy says, jimmy does) sorry...but while i was reading your post that was the first thing that came to mind :chuckle
    anyways, chill out mario your fine!
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  3. by   4XNURSE
    Originally posted by mario_ragucci
    ....I just need to stick to the "farms" for awhile before thinking about steping up to the plate in the major leagues, if you know what I mean. You gotta know how to hit a hard ball a certain way. Mario still hasta work on hitting sliders, curves and spit balls, among various other wild pitches. And if you get hit with a pitch, a non-big-league-player is gonna get frightened.

    .... But I really don't have the uniform yet, and I haven't developed the skill to "charge the plate" or "hit the really fast pitches." :-) [/B]

    The Babe struck out more often than he hit home runs. Does that mean he should have stayed in the minors?

    H*** Mario, We're all just learning. Haven't you heard? We "practice" nursing.

  4. by   Cubby
    I hope you don't leave us, but if you do have a great trip and we'll hear from you soon.
  5. by   mario_ragucci
    The "Happy-Go-Lucky-Nurse" ending to this story is: If your gonna say stuff on a topic/thread, be ready to absorb/accept all opinions/additudes. Although computers are digital, the people who make this place the interesting/invaluable resource it is, are not. There could be hundreds of people, all with different moods and feelings, who will read, and by golly respond. Could I expect less? Mario shouldn't bug out just because he gets criticized; What a baby! :-)
    Nah - I assumed too faithfully all my posts would be equated as posts coming from a cool fella, with a 24k heart. For all the communication this board provides, it can't communicate a persons non-verbal communications, so words hafta be taken literally. There is no other way. Text alone can evoke emotion, but spoken words plus non-verbal communication can produce different emotions than text alone. It's possible to "loose sight" of this fact, for me. Especially after a long week :-)
    So, even though I shouldn't have thrown a slight "tantrum" by "going to the board" so to speak, I am kinda glad I did, because I learn all aspects of nursing expodentially at this place. This lesson is no exception.
    Mario is never beyond reproach! :-)
    Love Always - Mario (sorry to seem so mushy :-)
  6. by   CEN35
    ok mario........i am gonna say this once.....sighs.........deep beath........quote--> "there is nothing wrong with mushy"..... i didn't say that did i?
    jfr......mario........we all get that way, even though most of us guys were raised not to be that way, and looked down at for showing it.
    it's not bad, or wrong (although i have trouble accepting it myself). as mush as i hate to say it, someone whom i respect, care about very much told me (well that's all i'll say for now) "your just sensative, there's nothing wrong with that"
    anyways before i kill myself here, with my words............your ok, chill mario! :d

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  7. by   lever5
    Hey guys,
    I think we can keep our "gonna be" nurse.
  8. by   semstr

    keep it like that, Mario!
    Take care, Renee
  9. by   nursedawn67
    Mario, I think your opinion is highly valued, just because you don't have a nursing license yet doesn't mean anything, you are still part of the nursing team. Keep on posting and giving us your insight, so that we can all learn from eachother.
    :chuckle :kiss :roll :chuckle
  10. by   hoolahan
    Mario :kiss I love reading your posts! You are fun and refreshing!! I am glad you decided to stay, b/c I like loggin on and never knowing what picture of you I will see (I really liked the little kid one )
  11. by   suzannasue
    Your posts are fresh and inspiring to this board. Your presence has been appreciated and if you choose to post on the student board, I shall go there,as will the others.
    Most of the posts here,are informative,supportive,educational.... flames and bricks have been thrown in a few posts but I can appreciate the unique personalities displayed. We can laugh,cry,feel warm or feel a chill run the length of our spine here.
    I have rarely had a response to anything I have posted,but,just getting "it" out of my system makes me feel better. I salute "whomever" in your life made you the caring,sensitive man you are today. The profession has been betterd already by your presence.
    Take care, are cared for more than you realize. :kiss
  12. by   zumalong
    Glad your back Mario--so how do you get all those cool avatars instead of the ones they offer????
  13. by   aussie oi oi oi

    Dear Mario,

    I came across the website while looking for some research not long ago, I have found this site to be brilliant. I do however disagree with you if you feel that you have less to contribute as you are not quite an RN. I finshed uni in 98 and felt that I could not subscribe to any journals, websites etc as I was not an RN at the time. One of my clinical educators pointed out to me that I should be partcipating in such ventures as I got to hear views of experienced RN's. I found even if I did not feel that I could offer a view I enjoyed listening to other nurses stories and expereineces. Furthermore, students are nursing's future. i love working with with students as sometimes I find they pick up the things that I miss as they usually don't have a pt load. As all of us know sometimes you have stand back to see the big pciture and on a busy day not many of us have time to do that. I would like to encourage you to stay on line and put your 2 cents in, as this website deos not have a pre requiste that you be a nurse.

    You have a lot to contribute and nursing is not all what you learn in skills or from books but life experience. I was 30 when I started nursing and have found on many occassions it has been my life experience that had helped me to solve clinical problems.

    Never underestimate your value as a student, your input is refreshing. It helps to remind us why we are nurses, and when I see a struggling student it reminds me of I coped through my training. And remeber not all threads are related to clinincal issues. If you are an adult, if you are interesetd in nursing and will listen to other opinions with an open mind then you should continue to post and respond to threads. There should not be a line between students and registered nurses when interacting oustside a clinical setting, at the end of the day we can all learn from each other regardless of qualifications.

    ok I have rambled on enough, I hope it is food for thought!
    WE would like to support you in your endaevours so let us help from this little website that can be your sounding board!

    Best of luck hope to hear from you all soon

    tweety :chuckle