Appreciated in different ways...

  1. What neat tokens of appreciation did you get this year?
    Hey everyone i m jack, I was reminded of some of the different gifts I've received in the past and thought we could start a thread about all the different ways our appreciative employers have shown us just how much they care!? I always love the "T-Shirt" or "Caps" with hospital Logo on it...and.... I don't where t-shirts or ball caps. How about You?
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  3. by   AuntieRN
    Well living at the beach I have gotten stuff like beach towels, sunscreen, mats to lay on the beach, coffee cups and a weather vane for my yard.
  4. by   mamason
    Once I got a highlighter pen in the shape of a computer mouse, the marker was dried up! That was nice. And then, the next time I got some Reynold's Oven bags. Not even a whole box, just 2 of them. Yeah....that showed me and the other nurses how much we were valued!!! LOL!!! Just another reason why I don't work there anymore...LOL...:lol_hitti
  5. by   jayne109
    This year for Emergency nurses day, we got a car CD holder (you know that kind that hooks to your visor) that has our company logo on it. I have also gotten umbrellas, coffee cups, and we were promised a beach towel for bringing our pt satisfaction scores up but we never got it. We also got candles for nurse's day. Interesting thread!
  6. by   traumamomtx
    One time we got $5 to spend at Target as our xmas gift; that was special. Another time we got binoculars, like the kind you give a 2yr old, that was just weird. We are always getting t-shirts and stuff but we do have to pay for them we never get them for as gifts. HUH :smackingf
  7. by   AuntieRN
    Oh yeah I forgot...I got a $25.00 gift card to Walmart because of something a pt wrote in their survey about me. I never was told or shown what was written but I guess it was good.
  8. by   P_RN
    over the years....hmmmm. $25 certificate to kroger the year our cafeteria was remodeled, and we didn't get the traditional christmas banquet (read: stand in line an hour to eat prefab turkey and stovetop)

    t shirt /c emblem plagiarized from a national nursing organization and couldn't wear it because of that.

    umbrella that wouldn't stay open,

    lanyard made out of a shoelace with the facility spelled wrong.

    nice briefcase made of that ripstop fiber....big logo though.

    picnic on the grounds (read christman banquet above)

    lunch bag....logo

    one stupid one was a tiny golf towel ......who has time to play golf and what else can you do with a small towel with a big grommet in the corner.

    rn pin made like a rainbow.....but i'm hetero.

    gift cert to waldenbooks for a taber's-kind of nice.

    $5 off purchase of cellphone and service.....

    $3 off hairdresser 60 miles away.

    but then we are professionals and we should appreciate them as they appreciate

    this is a fun topic though and i guess they could give us nothing couldn't they?
  9. by   soingal
    Quote from P_RN
    T Shirt /c emblem plagiarized from a National Nursing organization and couldn't wear it because of that.
    LM (you know what) off!

    Umbrella that wouldn't stay open

    lanyard made out of a shoelace with the facility spelled wrong

    $3 off hairdresser 60 miles away
  10. by   can
    A plastic liceince plate holder with the hospital name on it. I ran out and put that on my car! The DON brought them around "just to show how much we were appreciated."
  11. by   ArmyMSN
    Last Nurse's week, all staff nurses got a cheap flashlight/key chain combo. I asked, "what the #$#@#$~~~!" is this? It doesn't even work.

    I swear only in our profession do these things happen. No physician would accept that crap.

  12. by   ArmyMSN
    Quote from P_RN
    RN pin made like a Rainbow.....but I'm hetero.
  13. by   Tweety
    I get a paycheck every two weeks. That's enough for me.

    But to answer your question, we got a nice lunch bag and a few other goodies for nurses week, and I got a $10 Walmart card on my anniversary, and a couple of other gift certificates scattered throughout the year. We good food on the holidays and lots of candy on Halloween.
  14. by   Antikigirl
    I had a DON that would make us care packages filled to the brim with lotions, candles, calm music CD's, slippers, and other things to illicit relaxation after a hard day. She would even make a poem that pointed to each gift in a special was creative and very special. She also went as far as to know your hobbies or things you like and represent that Asian style items for me or frogs! It was very special!!!! Got that for 4 years....

    Now...lots of free food, discounts at the giftshop and other stores around the area, awesome benifits, discount on travel and lodging places (I am talking like 70% off major resorts!), and excellent pay! I like this too because it is year round!

    LOL, but one "nurses appreciation" day when I worked in a Developmentally Disabled Group facility...they did a small lunch and then tricked us by having an inservice about 'patient safety with restraints' which was basically how to take a hit from a patient and suffer less harm (I am serious...they actually showed us how to properly get beat up and not retailate in any way!!!!). Okay now that SUCKED!!!!!!!!!! (I left shortly after that...showed to me they cared alright...take the hit and don't bother them with workers comp!).