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Ok here goes. So I got hired at a LTC facility. I did all the paperwork and the class orientation. During orientation, a bunch of people were talking about receiving a "Welcom Aboard" email which... Read More

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    Thank you for all of your replies
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    So I called them today and I asked if I'm actually hired and the HR said I am and that I'm already in their system. I told her how I didn't hear from the Scheduler at all and she said that she is suppose to call me later today. She assured me I am already hired. She transferred me to the Scheduler and she told me that she spoke to the nurse educator and that they were deciding on what days they will put me for my Orientation floor. I am scheduled for Night shift but they think it's better to put me on Days for 4 weeks orientation first and then that remaining 2 weeks will be on nights which will be my regular schedule. I start floor orientation next week. Now I feel quite uncertain.
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    New jobs are like dating. The upfront part is as good as it is ever going to get.

    Start looking.
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    Way too disorganized. Very poor communication from the facility. I wonder how long one would have to wait and keep asking for the paycheck? I'd be looking elsewhere.
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    Chewie, I got a bad feeling about this.

    If I were you, I'd keep looking.