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Hello everyone! I got accepted into my school's nursing program, and will begin in October (2006). Classes/clinicals run for 8 weeks at a time. For example, I will have class Monday and... Read More

  1. by   matt59
    Quote from ann945n
    I am in awe of everyones story. I am lucky enough not to work while in school I just live off of savings very very carefully. Let me tell you i have it down to the penny. I am also taking 2 other online classes to get my BSN at the same time. I dont know how you guys do it
    I am with you 100%!!
    I am in awe.
    I do not know how people do it. Nursing school & not working stresses me out; I cannot imagine how I'd function if I tried both. (I'd probably quit school & be back @ my old job, that's how.)
    Thank God for my rapidly deminishing 401k!
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    No husband, no kids - if you're fairly intelligent (and you wouldn't have gotten into nursing school if you weren't), you can do this. I had both, and homeschooled, and worked full time, and catered my daughter's wedding, and helped her with her first baby, and ...well, you get the idea! It isn't easy, but it's the most important thing you'll ever do - for you, and for all the patients you're going to help. My only advice is to make a study schedule, and stick to it - and keep important due dates circled in red on a giant calendar with the assignment due written in, plus weekly reminders posted in the weeks prior to the due date.
  3. by   CRWRN506
    Good luck to you!

    It is absolutely possible, and you don't have to be "highly intelligent" just determined. My school's policy said that a student should work only 20 hours a week and I almost didn't enter the program for that reason. I decided to try to see if I could handle it (because not working was not an option). During school, I worked full-time managing a doctor's office and I have a part-time business of my own. Averaged 60 hrs a week of work. I am single, no kids, 2 cats.

    Last May I graduated. Sure, I wish I had more time to study while I was in school, or more time to sleep, or clean my house, or see friends, but I am glad I didn't quit. It was worth the sacrifice.

    Yes, nursing requires brains, absolutely, but so much of it is about inner strength...working on tough shifts, with tough patients, in less than perfect situations with coworkers/doctors/processes ... and yet still finding meaning and keeping our eye focused on the goal - excellent patient care (without sacrificing our own health and well-being).

    PS I am new to this site - so hi to everyone!
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    The start of the program I attended, we had something everyday, whether it be theory class, lab, or clinical, so it was hard to work during the week. Throughout the rest of the program, we ended up getting at least one day off during the week.

    Personally, I went to school during the week, and then worked every weekend, for a year and half. Granted that was not full-time, but I didn't normally have any "time off". I know other girls that did work full time, well at least 32 hours a week.

    I think it is doable, but it all depends on you, and the type of student you are. If you don't need a lot time to get things done, then you can probably do it.

    Honestly at times I wanted to quit the whole thing, mainly due to stress, but now, I am glad I did what I did.

    Anyway, hope that helps.. Good luck to you

  5. by   Tiwi
    Quote from CRWRN506
    Good luck to you!

    you don't have to be "highly intelligent" just determined.
    Agreed totally. I worked full time as an EN (which I gather is similar to an LPN? from this board) until I finished my course. My last practical was four months long, so I had to save leave to do this. You can do it, it's just hard "yakka" as we call it here in Oz. More power to you. Mind you, working and studying turned me into the wife from hell, so I think my husband is mighty relieved that it is all over (even more than me!)...then again, it really is just starting..

    The ppl I admire are those who also have children. I have my cat and two dogs, and if anything they have helped get me through ... don't the studies say that ownership of pets can reduce stress?
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    It can be done. I did it working working 32 hours a week with an alcoholic husband and a teenage son from hell. Divorced that husband and son is now grown, married with 4 beautiful girls
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    Quote from crwrn506
    ps i am new to this site - so hi to everyone!
    :flowersfo [mouse]hey, crwrn![/mouse]

    it's so nice to read that i'm not the only who doesn't work while going through school! i am the only one in my program who doesn't work & i'm pretty sure i'll always feel like a bit of a failure because i couldn't handle working while going to school.

    i tried working when school first started - only 2 shifts a week - & i was still failing my classes. i still don't get why. i've always been an excellent student, i'm not married, no kids...i don't even have any family in the state! and i still couldn't hack it. it took 2 separate instructors pulling me aside, telling me that something had to change (& my mom offering to pay my way through school:icon_hug for me to quit my job.

    it was quite humbling, because, like i said, i've always been an excellent student without even trying. even without working, i still get "average" grades.

    and i know it's "not how you get to the finish line," & all that, but i feel like i'm not even in the same league as everyone else in my program that have babies at home, full-time jobs, husbands, boyfriends, whatever, that can pull this off.

    this is probably a good thing (because i loathe whiners), but i really never have the right to complain about how long clinical is, or how we didn't get enough time to study for a test, etc, when everybody else does, because where would i get off?

    (btw, i recognize the irony in whining about not being able to work while going to school in the same post where i'm complaining about people that's totally different here! i'm allowed to whine's my right!)