Anyone ever get the flu from a flu shot?

  1. Hi, has anyone here ever become sick from the flu shot? It has happened to me twice. Last year I got the flu after having the shot and I missed over a week of work. I really don't want to get one this year! :uhoh21:
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  3. by   Esme12
    You can still get teh "flu" if you happend to be exposed to the strain they didn't immunize you for....they study every year and make vaccine of the most likley strains to occur and make the vaccine. It will not ensure you won't get the flu but if you do hopefully will not be as sick. The has also been some evidence of Guillian-Barrie Syndrom linked to vaccinations. FYI
  4. by   mcmike55
    I don't know all the in's and out's of it...but from what I understand, you cannot get the flu from a flu shot.
    The flu shot vaccine is made from dead, inert virus.
    Now, again, as I know it....that shot will help you past numerous flu strains, but not every one of them. Sort of immunization from all the clubs, hearts and spades of a deck of cards, but not the diamonds.
    I suspect that if you already had a virus lurking when you got the shot, it appeared, that basicly is your bad luck.
    I have heard of some reactions, most are minor. Aches and discomfort at the injection site, but others, I suspect were more a reaction to the medication, not really the flu.
    Our hospital, along with most organizations, strongly suggest that nurses, docs and other health care workers get the flu shot. Also those in those groups such as the elderly, immuno-suppressed, etc.
    Hope that helps.
  5. by   matchstickxx
    The vaccine can cause an immune response. Your body may react to the vaccine as though you really have the flu. Sore throat, body aches, etc...
    It does not give you the actual flu....If you do get the flu, either you did not seroconvert or you were exposed to a strain not included in the current vaccine. Also, it takes 2-3 weeks before you develop an immunity to the three strains of virus included in the current year's vaccine. If you are exposed to the flu shortly before or after you receive the vaccine, you will probably get the flu.
  6. by   manchestergirl
    Maybe you're allergic to the preservatives in the flu vacc and thats whats affecting you.
    You really should not get flu from the vaccine itself because the organisms are not live...
  7. by   fergus51
    It is impossible to get the flu from the flu shot.
  8. by   SFCardiacRN
    Fergus51 is correct. A couple of times I have gotten the flu after the shot but the symptoms were much less severe than couple of times I skipped the vaccination. There are so many different strains out there that some years you will get sick anyway.
  9. by   sjb2005
    The flu shot cannot give you the flu. It is composed of dead virus. The dead virus is injected into your system and it stimulates your body into producing antigens to prevent flu infection(Immune response). The virus formula is a gamble...sort of. The CDC decides what one or two types of strains might be the most prevalent or deadly. They develop the flu shot based on those strains. There are about 6-7 strains each flu season. You are not protected against those not covered by the current vaccine. can still get a flu. But rest assured...You have been vaccinated against the worst strains.
  10. by   Nurse-o-holic
    I didn't get the flu but felt absolutely awful/run-down for about a week or two after getting the shot for 3 years in a row. That was evidence for me that my body just didn't take to it very well so I've taken the last two years flu-shot-free, and so far, so good.
    I suppose some people just don't react well to it.
  11. by   Daytonite
    I was just in the doctor's office with my mom, both of us getting flu shots, on Thursday when my mom asked the doc the same question. He told us "no". He suggested that what she might think she has gotten before was more of allergy related symptoms.
  12. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Nope, never.
  13. by   OjoRn
    Does anyone know if a transplant recipient should get a flu shot?
    Thanks in advance
  14. by   ICRN2008
    Quote from OjoRn
    Does anyone know if a transplant recipient should get a flu shot?
    Thanks in advance
    Here's some info from the CDC:

    Seems like the answer is yes, but they should consult with their health care provider.