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I feel like I am on the verge of a burnout. Thankfully, I haven't been working much overtime and for the most part have been getting cancelled. But I've been becoming increasingly frustrated with... Read More

  1. by   nrsang97
    Quote from TurnLeftSide
    Me too. I am also upset regarding the OT situation. I've been cancelled twice in the last week. If I don't work OT, I'm barely paying my bills. And I'm so sick of people, mainly management, saying that we should be lucky and happy to have a job yet they cut our benefits. Then they constantly want to shove more paperwork down our throats like this new rounding program they are instituting which is a joke because they expect everyone to follow it. So along with the paperwork and documentation I do already, I have to sign a stupid erasable form thats taped to the wall and if I don't, I will be disciplined for it. Mind you, I work in icu so I round every hour.

    The hourly rounding form I find stupid as well. Since it is eraseable how do they know you initialed it or not? Seriously. In the ICU we DO round every hour if not camp out in the room for 12 hours. Come on.
  2. by   GrumpyRN63
    Our large hospital has just done away with OT unless it's over 40 hrs, so if you do a double, no OT. Also something that we had many years ago and was revoked, is now back, mandatory PTO for low census for the regular employees. If we are still overstaffed after cancelling the casual/per diem or there aren't any scheduled that shift, the regular staff (rotating basis) will be forced to stay home and use their PTO, of course if you have no PTO, oh well....
  3. by   GomerPyle
    ah, the infamous "care and comfort" rounds...brought to you by press ganey. we have been using these "care and comfort" round sheets for a little over a year now at my hospital. what a waste of time! our nurse manager goes over these sheets religiously on a daily basis....looking for any discrepancies for which to leave you a "motivational voice mail" the stack of sheets in her office must be approaching 3 ft by now. fortunately, the press ganey scores have been above average for our hospital making all the administration happy. they even gave us a mouse pad as a token of their appreciation just my
  4. by   Moogie
    Quote from Ploppers
    I know the feeling on that one. I'm out right now because of surgery and the stress of it all took a toll on the way I looked at my job. Before I went out it got pretty negative there and I became really grouchy and intolerant of peoples attitudes even if I knew they were having a rough time. I can't really give advice but I too am hoping it'll get better when I get back. Seriously, the BEST of luck on your surgery. I know how hard that can be... If it's not better when you get back then you should look else where. If your not happy then whats the point?
    Ploppers, there's a lot of wisdom in your post. I recently had surgery, too, and while it was a minor procedure, it's taking a lot longer to heal than I had expected. I still have a significant amount of pain, although it is lessening as time goes by. But, in retrospect, the pain I was experiencing affected my ability to work and it made it difficult for me to deal with a highly dysfunctional system. Some shifts I would be in tears because it hurt just to stand at the med cart---and while I never lashed out at any of my co-workers because of the pain, it did make it tougher to deal with the drama, especially at change of shift. The insult added to the injury was when the DON said she could not give me time off for the surgery (I needed at least an extra weekend to recover) and I'd have to find my own replacement.

    But you know, there are a lot of people who don't take the time to heal---and by that I mean emotional and spiritual trauma and pain as well as tangible, physical wounds. I've seen nurse managers who are going through divorce take out their frustrations on new hires. I never realized that happened to me early in my career until my older son had trouble with a teacher who was---you guessed it---going through a divorce and she was treating ALL the kids in her class poorly.

    In reality, not everyone can take time off to recover and heal from their wounds. However, take the time you are given to recuperate---physically and emotionally---from the surgery and the toll the job has taken on your spirit. And if it isn't better, do move on---money is important, of course, but is it worth your mental health to work in a job that saps your soul?

    Hugs and healing to you!