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  1. by   nurseman
    The job fairs I've been to have published the hospital on line and have interview booths in the back. A classmate of mine sent her resume to the hospital before the job fair and they were more than happy to interview her there. Saved herself a few hour drive. If your planning to relocate it may be a good idea to have any certificates and licenses that you'd bring to an interview. Make sure that you get all the free stuff after an interview. I went to a job fair and had a bag full of goodies (pens, mouse pads, post it notes flyers and even a travel mug) I then started up a conversation with a recruiter representing a hospital that I really wanted to work for not just get a free pen. The recruiter spent a bit of time eyeing my bag and didn't spend as much time with me as with the other nurses.
  2. by   adrienurse
    Here in Winnipeg we tend to have 2 different kinds of health job fairs. #1 the big American recruiters who come with their beach pics and promises. These tend to get a lot of press. #2. The local facility fair. Each facility/agency/health program that is serious about attracting new staff. I have seriously thought of volunteering to work the table at the next one for our facility. We really need some new blood here.