Any tele nurses???...need reassurance please!

  1. Hi all and thanks in advance for reading.

    I am an RN, but have never worked in telemetry.

    This am my husband said his heart felt odd. I listened, heard some irregularities and took him to ED. He is still there and on a monitor....I am at home wide awake, while our two little girls are fast asleep...

    Both nurse and monitor said that there were frequent PVC's. The thing that bothers me (and is keeping me awake) is that my husband feels pain with each PVC. I have not heard of this before...but rather pt says feels like heart "skips a beat".

    Cardiac enzymes are negative. And tomorrow my husband will have a stress test.

    I am not looking for medical advice...wonder if any tele nurses have seen painful PVC's?

    How strange/scarey it is being on "the other side" of the medical system.

    Thanks for listening...
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  3. by   shah
    Hang in there.
  4. by   Virgo_RN
    No, I have never had a pt. c/o pain c PVCs. Most pt.s I have c PVCs typically don't even notice them. My first thought, were I the RN caring for him, would be to sit down and have a friendly conversation with him and find out if he is really anxious about his condition. Does he know anyone that had an MI? Did they have a bad outcome? Is he worried that it might be happening to him? I would offer some reassurance that since his cardiac enzymes are negative, that is a good sign, and that most of us have PVCs occasionally. I would tell him that when it happens, try not to tense up, continue to breathe, and remember that if anything happens, we will know and we will respond accordingly, and that his job is to relax and get some sleep before the stress test tomorrow, and by the way, would he like a sleeping pill?

    I would tell him that he is in good hands, I am keeping a close eye on him, and I am certain that everything is going to be just fine, but that if he feels anything that is not normal for him, or if his symptoms worsen, to please don't hesitate to call me.

    Best of luck tomorrow. Let us know how it goes!
  5. by   PostOpPrincess
    Remember that you need your sinus node to kick those atria into action. Without that atrial kick, we're talking a loss of 20-25% CO.

    So, he's feeling it. The good news? There are ways to control it; first, gotta figure out what causes them.

    Good luck to you.
  6. by   nerdtonurse?
    Does he drink a lot of caffeine, or has he changed tea or coffee brands recently? Had the same thing with my mom about 3 years ago, scared the buhjeezus out of me. Turned out she'd switched to "Constant Comment" for hot tea, and that brand had a lot more caffeine than she was used to -- thus strings of PVCs that she said she could feel. Swapped back to Luzianne, and no more PVCs.

    I know we all jump straight to the worst conclusion (that's how we keep our patients alive), but try to handle it as he comes, and don't have him with a CABG or pacemaker yet...
  7. by   HouTx
    What a terrible experience for you ((((((((hug))))))). Sounds like hubs is getting good care - and hopefully, everything will be straightened out soon.

    My guess about the symptoms he was experiencing.... PVCs usually interrupt the regular rhythm, so that there is a little extra time before the next beat which allows for more blood to fill the ventrice. Since the ventricle contains more blood than a normal beat, when it contracts it forces out a much larger 'pulse' of blood through the Aortic & pulmonic valves. This can create a really weird feeling when it happens. Some people call it 'palpitations', but other people interpret it as painful or 'achy'. At any rate, when his irregularities get controlled, those unpleasant feelings should go away.

    Hang in there. Remember to take care of yourself during this trying time.
  8. by   SoundofMusic
    Yes, I agree he's in a good place.

    Also, what is his age and general health? How are his numbers? BP? cholesterol, weight, etc? This might be a good time to get in for a "tune up" and have some meds added in or changed.

    Some folks can get angina -- and it is benign. Some will proceed to the stress test, which is the next step for unexplained angina and arhythmias -- and then you can take it from there if they find anything -- or don't.

    Always good to get into the best health possible and reduce stress, caffeine, get an overall physical, etc.

    If I had a dollar for every PVC I've seen on the monitors, I'd be a wealthy woman. They are very common -- but you don't want to ignore them either.

    My dh had some unexplained chest pain a while back. Went into the ED and did the stress test, I think -- and they found nothing. AT the time, though, he was under a bunch of stress from a bad job he was in. He's out of it now, and no more chest pains in a while. But, he's 46 and has always worked really hard in his job. I worry about him a lot.
  9. by   jessi1106
    Thank you all so very much for your support, caring words, and for sharing your experiences.

    Dh is 41, and in good health. Good BP, cholesterol, weight etc.

    He does drink coffee each morning...but no more than usual lately.
    Stess could always play a part, as he is self-employed...and although he has always done fine..we never know for certain about that next paycheck.

    Cardiologist feels that my husbands PVC's are nothing to worry about. Says my dh is "sensitive" to them...and that some people (although rare) feel discomfort with PVC's..

    Stress test will be this afternoon (hopefully soon)...If that goes fine he'll come home this afternoon.

    Hmm..if PVC's continue..will be just have chronic chest discomfort??

    Oh ya.. I also just found out that headlice is (again!!) going around the neighborhood I'll be picking through my girls hair while waiting to hear from dh.

    At least life is never boring.

    Thanks again..and, hopefully I'll be able to post that dh is fine, and we are lice-free ..