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I am a soon to be recent graduate (1 week and counting). I will be working in the OR at Children's hospital. I would like some suggestions on the best shoes to stand still for long periods of time.... Read More

  1. by   Flare
    i like my dansko professionals - my feet appreciate them all day long. I have a really high arch and the danksos really support that. Also have crocs - they're good too but not as good as the danskos.
  2. by   VieraGrl1030
    those z-coils are really hideous looking... do you bounce all over the place. if they make my feet feel better than i am fine with them. i have a major case of plantar fascitis.
  3. by   LaborNurse1
    I've never heard or seen these z coil shoes. Can someone provide a link to where I can see them?
  4. by   KulRN
    Crocs are the best...I've been wearing them for over 2 years and my feet never complain....they look funny but they're the most comfy shoes can even wash them....I've tried different shoes in the past, I thank God I've found my CROCS! Try'em
  5. by   LadyNASDAQ
    I love Easy Spirit shoes. I buy good quality leather that lasts and I usually buy a good 6 pairs at Burlington Coat Factory. The shoes are comfortable, they don't wear out fast and the bottom of the shoes are skid proof. I am a traditionalist. I still buy white like most Nurses do. I'm from the old school that this is the only approved color and most hospitals don't allow clogs or plogs where I work. I don't think much of rubberized or man made materials on feet.
  6. by   Cherish
    I think the best thing is to go to an athletic shoe store that has different shoes for different problems. They usually have a treadmill you walk on and do a foot diagnostic, that can tell you what shoe would be comfortable for your type of pronation, and the shoes are refundable. I went to a place like this after my physical therapist told me about one. Best thing I have done for my feet, besides hand made insoles because I have flat feet, plantar fascitis and achilles tendinitis.

    Call different athletic shoe stores in your area, not the champs, footlockers, etc. Go to the ones runners and bikers go to, they are usually no name athletic professional shoe stores.
  7. by   sg6307
    I have some of those socks...and they do help alot...I just don't want my feet to be too tired at the end of the day...thanks.
  8. by   StrwbryblndRN
    I have asked a few people what they thought to get some ideas.
    Crocs seem to come out ahead. My friends who have narrow feet like Danskos. I have 2 pair. (one for clinical and another I bought pregnant) But I find berkenstocks great for my feet. I have wide, low arch feet.But have not worn them in the hospital yet. I always need to break Birkenstocks in but they are perfect thereafter. I want to like Danskos but my feet do not approve.
    But like all shoes, there are many different types and sizes. It is best to use trial and error. Just never know what will work best for you.
  9. by   crackerjack
    Quote from VieraGrl1030
    those z-coils are really hideous looking... do you bounce all over the place. if they make my feet feel better than i am fine with them. i have a major case of plantar fascitis.
    I've developed a major PF case here as well. I have some Z's and initially loved them. However, I tripped awkwardly back in November, black friday no less, and strained my rt great toe metatarsal joint. It was naturally misaligned due to lovely genetics but something about the Z's put additional stress on that strained joint to the point where I could hardly walk. Top that with 'fat girl running down the OR hall to fetch a pail of water...' (highly entertaining for those viewing, painful for fat girl) I have had to shop around for shoes to address the painful PF and the metatarsalgia. I've found somehting that works for both, MBT. I ordered mine from (free overnight shipping and free return if needed.) They aren't cheap but I'm desperate and need to be able to work. They have a moderate orthopedic shoe look to them but I soooo do not care! Very thick sole with rocker bottom and negative heel technology with fulcrum hitting anterior to the heel so the weight and pressure from each step isn't placed on the already painful problem area. I went from every step an "OMG my foot...OMG my foot" to not even noticing my feet through the day. That hasn't cured the entire inflammation issue or the problem with muscle contracture with rest so I'm still treating that with a soft boot when not up and around, anti-inflammatory med, icing, and today PF injection to try and get ahead of the game here. I hope it works...I hope it works...

    Ok, I know that went off topic but I figured it might be helpful to the OP or one of my sister/brother nurses who has been on the job a while and developed the same problem, as is soooo common

    Oh, One word on the MBT's, they have decent longitudinal arch support but the transverse arch sucks so I would advise a good pair of arch supports like PowerStep.
  10. by   regularRN
    I wear MBTs too - my feet never ache, my back never aches.
  11. by   gonzo1
    I had tried every shoe there is and still had severe foot pain PF that was limiting my quality of life. I finally popped for a pair of z-coils. In three weeks my pain of seven years was completely gone. I have been wearing them since September. I would have had to take a desk job if they hadn't worked.
    I do have to be careful about getting things caught in the coil. But they make coil covers if you want them. The worst thing is all the attraction they attract and some days I get really tired of it. Now I just write down the web site when people ask me about them, and give it to them.
    They do work good with kids because they think they are so crazy.
    For me they have been a life saver. So it is worth it.
    The sorry fact is that our feet just were not designed to put up with the abuse we give them on 12 hour shifts and in the end we are probably going to pay the price for overusing/abusing ourselves. But how else are we gonna pay the bills and feed the family
  12. by   allele
    Quote from ruby vee
    [font="comic sans ms"]danskos for me.

    some swear by birkenstocks, the plastic kind that you can throw in the wash, too, but danksos fit my foot better.

    you are going to have to find what is comfortable for you -- someone else's favorite may not work for you.
    i have to agree with ruby vee, what someone else loves may not work for you. i work with so many people that swear by dansko's, and there are a couple that spent the money and only wore them once, couldn't stand them. although i'm a big believer in caring for your feet, no matter what the cost, i wish there was a way to "trial" some of these more expensive shoes! lol like a test drive? lol anyway, i used to get mizuno running shoes, anywhere from about $100 to $125, depending on the style you got. now i wear crocs professionals, not only cheaper, but oh so comfy for my feet! good luck in your search!!
  13. by   canoehead
    Crocs gave me Achilles tendonitis after a couple of months, and I am still fighting it 6 months later, so if anyone starts having pain they should switch shoes immediately.