Any Regrets?

  1. Do any of you guys regret going into nursing? Or do you like nursing, but wish that you chose another field? If so, why? Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   empress04
    nope... i have no regrets from taking nursing.. nursing is fun... and nursing is one of the few profession that touches other peoples lives...
  4. by   classicdame
    My only regret is that I did not do it sooner. Offers lots of satisfaction and plenty of opportunity for personal growth.
  5. by   EmmaG
    [font=courier new, courier, mono]regrets, i've had a few;
    but then again, too few to mention.
    i did what i had to do
    and saw it through without exemption.
  6. by   oneLoneNurse
    Not in taking nursing itself, BUT wish I had of used it to support other education better. I am completing a library degree next year and hope to become employed in the medical library field.

    In over 20 years of nursing, have not really ever received a pay increase (barring step or COLA increases). I knew that going into the field.
  7. by   clemmm78
    No, never any regrets about taking nursing.

    Although I no longer work in the clinical environment, nursing has given me so much that I can't imagine what my life would have been like had I chosen another path.

    Was it easy? Not always. Did I want to quit sometimes? Absolutely. But all professions have their drawbacks and that's part of life.
  8. by   Fiona59
    A few, I should NOT have listened to my mother who talked me out of nursing after high school.

    I'm a retread and came to it late in life, because it was one of those "if I never I tried I'll never know" choices.

    But looking back, I should have either done health records (pays better and has better hours up here), or just finished my education degree and taught or went on to Law School.

    The job satisfaction is still there somedays, but I've just got to the point of wanting to know why the hell people want full codes called on their 98yo mother who has cancer and is being treated palliatively?
  9. by   marie-francoise
    But two who responded that they have no regrets are no longer doing clinical nursing or are studying to enter a non-clinical field, and a third says she should have chosen medical records? As a nursing student, it seems to me that nursing school is great for the useful knowledge it bestows, and then nursing practice itself is great when you actually have a chance to help someone; but as for the realities of the job, I'm wary... But, yes, one will never know until you try; and if you don't try, you might spend your life wondering.
  10. by   SICU Queen
    Yes, I regret the hell out of it.

    It's a miserable profession, and no matter how much it's candy-coated with the feelings of goodness you get from helping someone, there's always a big ol' pile of doo-doo to make that good candy taste go away.

    I am only in it long enough to pay off my debt, then I'm O-U-T.
  11. by   Nurse_Wretched
    I don't regret it at all! But I will say is my part-time job only. I am learning how to weld so that I won't ever have to work in it full time. I have two PRN jobs and I love both of them! I work PRN in ALU and HC for one employer. I work PRN as both a nurse and a residential counselor for my other employer. I wouldn't want it any other way!

    My last job was horrible! High acuity, low staffing, and ridiculous expectations! Been there, done that...
  12. by   ASSEDO
    Yes, I regret it on a minute to minute basis. Especially, when all my friends have retired from other professions, and my Honda is still on the road going to work at a hospital with no retirement in site.

    Yes, I regret it, when I pass my neighbor each morning and she is sitting on the front porch having coffie, (she retired from the post-office after 20 years, with lovely benefits), and I am on my way to work. She waves to me and I give her the digit sign.

    I regret it when I think of all the holidays and weekends I missed with my family and friend.
  13. by   Lorelai22RN
    Yep. I regret it. Should have studied english lit..........oh,well. It pays the bills, that part's good.
  14. by   tiezto
    No real regrets on choosing nursing (a 2nd career and 7th decided major in college), but I am questioning my following of the traditional idea of "getting your med-surg first." I've only been working as an RN for 5 mo's on an insanely busy surgical unit at a D.C. area hospital, but I'm thinking about moving to emergency care d/t the horrid amount of paperwork I do. All the moments that I feel rewarded in nursing make up for the "Murse Chastizing," difficult Pt's & MD's. I know I'm brand-spanking new, but it appears that attitude is everything in this field. Stay positive and you burnout, well, not quite as quickly.