Any one CLEP'd sociology??

  1. I am getting ready to take the CLEP exam for sociology on friday and I am VERY nerous. Any one taken it?? Any helpful hints?? I am used the college netowork sociology book to study. Any think will help!! Thanks
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  3. by   donsterRN
    Welcome to All Nurses! Good luck on the CLEP exam; I haven't taken the Sociology one, but I am scheduled for later this spring. I'd really like to know how it goes for you. Please post again after you've taken it, OK?

    I'm studying the guide from REA publishers group...
  4. by   bopps
    You should do just fine. I CLEPed it after studying for only two weeks. And I'm not always the brightest lightbulb. I just used a study guide for Cleping Soc I picked up from Barnes and Noble. I would advising getting one of those because they have practice tests in there that are almost just like the actual thing. Good luck.
  5. by   1979blazer
    bopps-OK. I will do that with my next test cause it is a little late to pick it up. There was a practice test at the end on my college network book so I did that so hopefully it will be similar. did the questions seem hard to you or just basic knowlege that your learned?? Thanks so much!!1
  6. by   txspadequeenRN
    i hear it is easier than most clep's but i have never taken it... i hated the college class though....boring..good luck
  7. by   gstrahan
    I CLEP'd Intro Sociology, Intro Psychology. I had previously studied for Excelsior's Developmental Psychology and didn't do any additional studying for the CLEPs. I scored high enough for an A. I found them very easy and was finished in about an hour both times.

    Best of luck,
  8. by   GregRN
    I'm embarrassed to say just how little I studied for the CLEP sociology test. My accelerated BSN program required it before beginning the program. I put off the CLEP test as long as possible, rescheduled it twice, started studying for it on a Tuesday, took it three days later on Friday and began the BSN program on Monday.

    I used only the book linked below to study, took notes, did all the practice exams and ended up getting the equivalent of an "A" on the test, based on my score. I had way too much riding on that test to approach it the way I did.

    Helpful hints? It's impossible for the books to cover every topic on sociology in a condensed format. That said, you will likely see questions on the test based on topics and concepts that you have never even heard of in your study book. There were a few questions that frustrated me because I had never even heard of what they were asking about. That may happen to you, and if it does, just relax, think your way through it and move on to the next question. You have plenty more questions to carry you through the test.

    1979blazer, if you're using one of the recommended study books, are doing the practice tests and scoring well, you will do well on the test on Friday. The practice tests really are remarkably similar to the CLEP test you'll take. You'll know your score immediately after the test and it really isn't difficult. Honestly, relax, you'll do fine. And report back here on Friday after you pass.
  9. by   1979blazer
    Thank you all soo much. I am not feeling as nervous and I was. I know that I can pass it. I made it throught the LPN program so I should be able to pass a sociology test right!!! I will let you all know on friday!!
  10. by   Jules A
    Quote from Don3218
    I'm studying the guide from REA publishers group...
    I passed using the REA and the CLEP official study guides. If you've taken any Psych classes or Statistics that will help you a bit also. Good luck, Jules
  11. by   Dixiecup
    You'll do fine! I clepped it years ago and I'm sure it's not any harder now. I'm sure glad they had that option instead of taking a whole 16 week sememster course.
  12. by   1979blazer
    Does anyone know what you have to get to pass?? It is a letter grade or a pass or fail?? Thanks!!
  13. by   1979blazer
    So I went to take the test today and the computers were broke!! So hopefully I will take in tuesday!! I will let you all know!!!
  14. by   GregRN