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I am a 26 yo male who has had crohn's for like 6 years. I will be applying to a RN program soon. Any RN's out there with crohn's?... Read More

  1. by   Scst4l
    I was dx with Crohns when I was 12. I am currently in nursing school...
  2. by   K98
    Dx with Crohn's at age 11 (1970). Steroids, sulfa, blah, blah blah...bowel resected in 1995. I'm 48 now, not taking any meds except questran powder (no ileocecal valve). Just like anything else, you learn to live with it and soldier on .
  3. by   Wendy_RN
    I have IBS, which was made worse when I had to have my gallbladder removed. You will be fine. Sometimes I feel like I know where every bathroom is within a 20 mile radius though.
  4. by   careerchoices
    Thanks for the replies, everyone. I don't know what I want to's been a while since I stopped working in medicine, and the end of my medical career was about the same time I ended up being a patient A Whole Lot.

    Looking back now, reading posts around here and other sites, I find that I have changed. In many ways I am like all of you; I get all the jokes, etc. In some ways I am different now. Some of my best "gore stories" that are always popular with my medical friends seem just sad now; as if from another lifetime.

    Indeed, some of them I would not even tell now. I feel like I am being unfair to the patient.

    I'm not sure I can transition back to the health-care-provider role at this point, after having been mistreated so much as a patient. I might be too much of a patient advocate to be tolerated in the system. It's interesting to see these changes in me, something I had not predicted.

    I need to think about it. An ER doctor I know (with CD) reminded me recently about how folks with Crohn's tend to be looked down upon by a lot of the medical staff. I had forgotten how those patients were often seen as either disgusting or whiny psych cases. I don't know if I could tolerate that in my coworkers anymore, about Crohn's or any medical condition.
  5. by   careerchoices
    Oh, and for the record I had Crohn's sx as a child (failed to thrive, etc) and was diagnosed in my 20s after several years of ignoring it.

    I've worked my way down the list of medications and I am now on high-dose Remicade just to keep me treading water.