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Each year I give our staff the annual flu vaccine. I find many people are hesitant to take advantage of this opportunity. Will you get your flu vaccine this year? If not why? Cali:nurse:... Read More

  1. by   Dr. Kate
    Sure will be taking that shot when they offer it here. I've taken it for some years now and gotten through the season with only minor problems. I also think it helps to have had some of the nastier strains of flu that have come down the road over the years.
  2. by   knapejc
    I not only take the vaccine, I administer it for the VNA at local retail clinics. I know many nurses who still confuse true flu with having a bad cold or sinus infection. Those aren't nice either, but the flu can be prevented and SHOULD be. If you work with a population of patients for whom the shot is recommended, set a good example and learn enough to tell everyone why it is important, when to get it, who should NOT get it, what to expect, and so on. In many patients with chronic conditions or poor immune systems, flu can kill. Do your part to see that it doesn't!
    Thanks for the soapbox friends! Stay healthy.
  3. by   flaerman
    Yes I get flu vaccine every year, it's good protection for me as I work in the ER and see a whole of cases when flu season arrives. Had a reaction way back when Iwas 18 but not in the last 29 years have I had a problem--Paul
  4. by   sunnygirl272
    i do get the vaccine most years...i have had the flu, once...for real, had viral cultures done...that was a year that i had had the vaccine...but it was the year they goofed and the one that hit far&hard here was not one of the ones they anticipated to hit far&wide, so it was not included in that years vaccine...
    gae my first vaccine of theyear my 103 yr old lady...some may say it's too early..we start clinics friday..this early we leave it up to the docs and the clients whether they want it now or wait...
  5. by   jode
    Well said and nicely stated. Stay well.
  6. by   Roland
    that are mandatory for nurses. Also, if Small Pox becomes mandated I will take the shot, but only because it IS mandated not because I believe that it is the right thing to DO! Consider, that we know based upon statistics from the CDC that at least an estimated five people per million will die from the Small Pox vaccine, and up to 30 per million will suffer long term health consequences. Now it may prevent millions of deaths, OR it may be protecting against a threat which never materializes. Even if we are subject to a Small Pox attack it is LIKELY that the version introduced will be a serotype to which current immunizations are ineffective. IF the ethical question were restated to this scenario "we will execute 200 hundred people to maybe save two million" how many would consider this acceptible? Now its true that we give drugs all the time that can kill or injure SOME people. However, this is to treat EXISTING illness not prevent one which has not, and may never appear.

    Doctors still take an oath to "first do no harm". I would submit that much vaccination directly contradicts this tenet of the Hippocratic oath. We are doing nothing short of sacrificing the lives and or health of the few to save the many. Such an action may be logical, but it is also morally questionable. That vaccines SOMETIMES kill and injure is not open to debate. You can confirm this for yourself by reviewing the CDC's public national adverse reactions reporting database. We still only understand a fraction of what makes the immune system "tick". We may not learn the consequences of this decision to play God for many years. No database in existence even attempts track the possible LONG TERM consequences of vaccinations. Diseases such as MS and Parkinson's, and Guillene Barr syndrome MAY have an etiological basis at least partially attributable to vaccination. By the way if I am FORCED to take a vaccination by my employer (or in my case my nursing school) and I subsequently have an adverse reaction are they going to be financially liable? After all every parent must sign such a waiver before a Dr will administer a vaccination to their child. Furthermore, if I am forced to sign such a waiver (under duress of losing my job) such a waiver is in essence worthless.

    All vaccination should be VOLUNTARY with the risks fully disclosed.
  7. by   teeituptom
    Howdy yall
    from deep in the heat of texas

    Nope. I never had a flu shot in all these years and I work the ER. I take my vitamins, my fluids, particu;arly coffee, and golf every chance I get. I usually dont get sick per se. I break bones yes. I had a MI yes. But I usually dont get sick.

    doo wah ditty
  8. by   knapejc
    Roland, I tend to agree with your thoughts about the smallpox vaccine. Using a vaccine which, as you point out, is known to be lethal on occasion, against a threat which may not even exist is certainly reason to question the ethics of such an immunization campaign. But most of the other vaccines, although adverse reactions do occur, are certainly responsible for saving lives and the quality of life for millions of people every year. I am old enough that I am among the survivors of polio. . . one of the luckier ones. Only now am I beginning to notice some of the post-polio sequelae that this virus caused. If you want to see what good old flu can really do, read about the pandemic of 1918. And as a peds nurse, I have personally seen what something like chickenpox can do at its worst . . . lost a beautiful sickle cell child in one instance.
    Your other point about the state of our knowledge re the immune system is also well taken, however, As a lupus patient, I know that there is a tremendous lot to learn. But my final word would be, get a flu shot. Like most things in life, there is a minor risk as well as nuisance, but the benefit is worth it. (Kind of like today's airline travel?????) Stay healthy and good luck in school.
  9. by   June55Baby
    sJoe.... the Flu vaccine is not 100% effective in preventing the flu. According to the CDC, "Some people who take the flu vaccine may still get the flu, but they will usually have a milder case than those who did not get the shot."
  10. by   MollyMo
    I've been exposed to the flu without taking the shot and I didn't get sick. I took the shot and slept in a chair for 3 weeks because I stopped breathing every time I lay down.That happened twice. I haven't had the flu since I stopped taking the shot. I haven't had pneumonia since I started going south during the winter months. Take the shot? Nope, don't think so!!!
  11. by   canoehead
    I talked to my MD about the flu shot and she said you can either take your chances of getting sick with the flu or you can guaruntee getting sick (though mildly) after you take the shot. Also add to that the fact that each shot doesn't guaruntee coverage for the bugs that might be around that year... Well I decided that I hadn't gotten the flu for a few years so why take the shot?

    Since then (6-7 years ago) I have not had the flu and in fact have not had to take a sick day in two years. I figure why mess with success? And besides, in the middle of winter I usually would welcome a good fever, stay in bed and feel sorry for myself, aches and pains, and lots of hot tea, and strong meds. Truly...I have a cold every now and then and spending a day or two whining and drinking hot tea with Tylenol feels pretty good.

    Nah, a flu shot would ruin my winter.
  12. by   midnightkk
    My work also offers the flu vaccine, and I have never gotten the flu. They also made it mandatory one year as the other reply stated, as there was such a shortage of RN's they didn't want anyone to get sick. The people that don't like receiving the flu vaccine were not impressed and if the refused to get the vaccine and got sick, they would receive no sick pay.
  13. by   frankie
    always get a flu shot - since 1989 when i had a terrible case of the real flu - that taught me! also, the patient population i deal with have immunocrompromising ways about them , so.....flu shots for everyone in our clinic - frankie