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  1. An open letter
    So how was your day?
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  3. by   ICUBecky
    hee hee hee!
    gotta love it, don't you? i had one experience where a nurse did overtime (16 hrs.) realized that that an IV wasn't working at her 0700 assessment (charted it too), but wasn't considerate enough to start another (the policy is to have at least 2 heplocks in our ICU), or even PULL OUT the bad one!! c'mon no matter how busy you are you could at least take out the bad one, it takes a whole minute out of your day. p.s- she had 2 stable patients!

  4. by   caroladybelle
    A few days ago, some idiot had the nerve to write a note saying "Needs Batteries" and to line up several flashlights on the freakin' counter that were all tested and demonstrated to need batteries.


    NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! TOO FREAKIN' EASY.

    Hell, their shift had a tech & a secretary - we didn't.

    They come in, go to the kitchen cabinet - find that there are no coffee cups................b#$ching all the way to the supply cabinet and instead of taking a pack of cups to the kitchen......take one (1) !! cup back to the kitchen. Do they really think that no one else (whom they've worked with for ten blasted years is going to drink coffee)? What kills me, is every single one will trail in to get 1 cup at a time. PS...I don't drink coffee.

    Does anyone know that they are physically able to use the last 1/2 sheet of tissue and change out the roll in the bathroom? That it is not fair to eat one bite out of two separate brownies that were left over and then not take the plates out to the dinner cart (no, the night shift doesn't like left over half eaten brownies - take care of your own dirty dishes please.

    And the reason that there is a sign on the frig. - NO SODAS ALLOWED IN THE FREEZER - THEY EXPLODE., ...and also on the kitchen door.... and in the freezer



    they EXPLODE!!!!!

    You Morons!!!!!

    and you never clean them up.

  5. by   caliotter3
    The toilet tissue issue happens at my bathroom where I rent a room. I'm so fed up with the jerks who do this that I've stopped being the idiot who puts the new roll in for them. I just take in my own toilet paper. So I can relate to the person who only gets one cup for themselves. After a period of time, I will get tired of being the "polite" one and will revert to selfish behavior also. If ya can't beat em', join em'. Either way, they don't care.
  6. by   cactus wren
    Sign I put up over sink in break room
    NOTICE !!!!!!!!
    THE MAID QUIT !!!!!

    Has helped a bit
  7. by   wildmannurse
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  8. by   GPatty
    I have to agree about the people wholeave messes at work. It's AWFUL! Dirty dishes stacked al over the break room table...trash left all over, half filled sodas laying around....and the break room fridge? better.....
    Toilet paper? Do we need to have a class on how to put toilet paper on a roll?
    Are these ADULTS I'm working with?
  9. by   JonRN
    One time I brought a hunk of longhorn cheese and some crackers to work and put the cheese in the break room fridge. When I went to get it, some idiot had taken a bite out of it and the teeth marks were in it. ARRRRRGGGGGHHHH. This was in the SICU, everyone who worked there was an RN. I was so pissed I went on about a 3 hour rant about it. Nobody ever confessed. What slobs!!!

  10. by   live4today
    Originally posted by cactus wren
    Sign I put up over sink in break room
    NOTICE !!!!!!!!
    THE MAID QUIT !!!!!

    Has helped a bit
    Hello there Cactus Wren

    When my kids were growing up, I use to have this magnet hanging on my fridge that read:

    "Want maid? Push red button. If Maid doesn't it yourself!" :chuckle
  11. by   ohbet
    There is a phrase I hear quite a bit at work and its "if its not charted,it wasnt done".
    Maybe nurses are taking this idea to far,thinking that charting is the intervention.
    In that case,go back to fundamentals,remember the nursing process.