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It seems as though I may have ruffled a few feathers here with some posts I made to a particular poster. Even though I apologized in advance to the poster in case I was commiting a faux paus, it... Read More

    Originally posted by nurs4kids's been done several times, skm...hang around, you'll see more
  2. by   NurseDennie
    I kind of thought she was a student as well. It was a textbook kind of question. Then I saw, like you, that there were several of them, and that she posed them as a way to help us sharpen up on some basics.

    I didn't like that, so I just stopped reading them. I didn't think you were being rude (I didn't think she was being rude in posting the questions, either - just not my cuppa tea for my off hours recreation) and I think that if she had been a student, using the board like this, then you'd actually have given her some good advice.

    Big of you to apologize, though.


  3. by   micro
    nurse dennie......i interpreted them the same way.....but will say no more.....cause.....when micro speaks.....people throw stones.........
  4. by   hapeewendy
    people who throw stones shouldnt .....errr no thats not how that little proverb type thing went izzit?
    people that are gonna put you down cuz you dont agree with every lil tidbit they spew out on any given occasion need to realize that we are not in a communist country, or bulletin board as the case may be and that were not all gonna conform to one opinion on a subject
    but what the heck do I know??
    *OUCH* did someone throw a stone at me?????????
  5. by   hapeewendy
    oh and actually on this subject
    I dont think that you need to apologize for anything
    when I was in nursing school I didnt have the benefit of all you wise individuals to post questions too, all I did on the net was surf for goofy jokes and talk to desperate college boys....
    use the internet for good purposes not evil *Grin*
    if she was interested in feedback she should have maybe not taken the question right out of textbook and just said that she was doing an assignment and needed some resources etc
  6. by   micro
    yes, where was you all when I was in school...................
    I had to go to the community college and get online and also just to get wordperfect...........back in the dinosaur ages...............just to explore and or write so much that you you knew that you had to save just because....................
    so, now that I have joined the computer generation..................
    bring my cane, soooooooo' I can get to the computer to log on........oh, you say I have already logged on...........teeeeeeheeeeee'.........I am elderly, you know.........xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxxxxxooooo oooooooooo
  7. by   Randall
    Know I am going to get IT ........ but feel motivated to add my comments.
    Why is it so horrifying that a student wants to ask questions to the people actually doing the job? We are only exposed to textbooks, instructors out of touch with what really goes on, and occasionally an RN that doesn't crucify you for not "knowing your stuff". As a 42 yr old experienced in several other careers, I am stunned that this type of stuggle goes on. I am finishing my Jr year with a 4.0 and have worked hard to achieve this accomplishment. The conflict within the profession is evident even to an outsider (like me) looking in.
    Yes, I haven't posted here--think I am considered a lurker in BB terminology. However, have read many of the posts in the last year. Yes, I also know there is the student nurse BB.
  8. by   nurs4kids
    Asking questions aren't horrifying. Horrifying is a student who will pose a question that he/she should research to find the answer. Nursing, as I'm sure you know, isn't based on just questions and answers, but much more on thought process and analysis. In researching, you learn more than the simplified answer. You obtain critical thinking skills, strengthen critical thinking skills and pick up tid bits of other info through the process of research. To give a direct answer to a question that should be researched does the student an injustice now and the patient in the future. As "removed" as instructors appear, there is a method to their madness. They are trying to prepare nurses to competently care for the sick by using skills and knowledge learned in school. One of the primary skills is that of critical thinking. Also, the NCLEX requires critical thinking; there is no cut and dried answer. If we give the answers here then we're also hurting the patient when they sit for the NCLEX...we won't be there. Soooooooo, ask all the questions you want..they are long as it isn't a school assignment.
  9. by   micro
    lurk away Randall, are so all you say..............

    hey, listen all Randall, speaks words of wisdom.....are we listening...............what is wrong here.........this is not a management issue.....this is an us issue.............

    thx Randall.............
    at least two years back text books....., nursing instructors ready to retire and not actively learning anymore, and yet you proceed..............and you will
    BEST US ALL.................and be our manager or far more than that..........micro predicts...................

    keep on threadin, studyin(maybe what not to do) and all the rest.............
  10. by   stevierae
    I don't consider students' posting questions to be cheating at all; in fact, I am flattered and honored to share with them what I have learned through experience. Learning never stops. I have been a nurse for over 25 years; I work in the OR and do IV teaching and Legal Nurse Consulting. But, I am always asking questions; I like to see how people do things differently than I do. I often learn new techniques from new OR techs or new grad nurses that I think are really clever, and have revised some of my tried-and true techniques to THEIR way; I liked theirs so much. I also post questions on this BB, like the one I asked in the operating room section. I want to know how things are done differently in other parts of the country; I NEVER want to be one of those nurses who thinks there is only one way of doing things, and that is my way, or my hospital's way, or the way I was taught in nursing school. We should be ENCOURAGING nurses, especially students, to think outside the box, so that they won't be shocked when they see, on their first job, that everything is not done "by the book."
  11. by   KRVRN
    I didn't see the rule that said you couldn't ask questions about school assignments. Is it under f.a.q. ?
  12. by   fergus51
    I don't think there's a rule and I have answered some students questions, but I agree I am not here to type their assignments for them. I don't think their instructors had that in mind when they assigned the work I don't consider it a big deal to just not answer.
  13. by   Q.
    As a student myself, I don't find anything wrong with asking questions or gathering anectodal data from experienced nurses - or even asking questions on something you are stumped on. There is no point in letting a student sit there not knowing the answer, not knowing where to turn and just having the mentality of not moving forward until "they figure it out."

    However, there is a difference between an intelligently posed question looking for understanding, and one that is simply looking for THE answer.

    We should all simply point students to the research materials needed to find their own answer, or, engage them in a thought-provoking discussion.