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I just got done reading the ANAs Code of Ethics with Interpretive Statements. If this is the moral code that all nurses are held to then any nurse I have worked with or met is not an ethical... Read More

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    Wow, that WAS an old thread!!! How did it get dug back up? I hate it when I'm going to post on a thread and then realize how old it is.

    I have to agree with whoever just said that it is still a worthy topic to discuss though.
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    Quote from ingelein
    Are ethics discussions no longer worthy?
    I do not recall saying that ethics discussions are no longer worthy - I merely commented on the age of the thread.

    And I am sure that there are probably "ethics" discussions more recent.

    And given that the OP has not been here for over 3 years, it might be of little use to address towards them. The OP will most likely not be reading the replies any more.
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    Quote from llg
    I think you are all being to harsh in your judgments. Ethical statements are written for the purpose of stating general principles that should be used to guide actions -- not as descriptions of actual working conditions. To equate the two is "comparing apples to oranges."

    For example, the nurse can hold herself accountable for her own actions even though the system does not give her complete autonomy. The nurse can advocate for optimal patient care even in a system that is far from perfect, etc.

    Even though this is an old thread, I can't help but post a hearty agreement with llg.