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Hi Everyone! Ok heres my dilema... When I first told my husband that I wanted to be a Nurse he told me I was way too emotional.... But I've insisted and insisted, and persisted.... and I didn't back... Read More

  1. by   adrienurse
    Russell, you crack me up!
  2. by   jayna
    I take up this job to make me a strong person. I am very emotional as well. Even reading a sad book make me weepy.

    My advisor was here once and we talked about nursing care nursing practices here and tears started to run down my eyes. I cried infront of the big boss arrghhh .
    I told her things like, The nurses don't know the basic of nursing. The essence of nursing is not there. Nursing is just like a task orientated a job that could bring money home. I cried when I told her during a workshop where the facilitator ask the leaders of nursing here a question "You as a nurse what are you going to do for your patient" very simple question, with very diff. answers.
    I told her, we need to start at the begining at the nursing school and start with the nursing knowledge, the basics of nursing, what is nursing.

    I tears rolled down my eyes when I told them ( my colleagues) The ppl in the hospitals are eager to know more bout nursing. Nursing is treated like a second class job here. Nurse are frustrated because of that too. Nurses are screaming to be helped. Well, the sad thing is nursing lecturers are Medical doctors who don't have anything with nursing.

    Well, I better stop, cos this is too emotional.

    Emotional is normal.
  3. by   live4today
    the other night, i saw a rerun of er on television. the show was about carrie running around pulling the er nurse manager...someone help me with her name...i can't recall it right now...anyhoo...carrie was pulling her from one patient to another to perform certain procedures, take a look at certain signs in the patient that were indicative of their diagnosis or probable diagnosis... the reason carrie kept doing this was because the nm of er wanted to become a doctor, so carrie was over zealous in her quest to promote said nm.

    anyhoo...a little boy died, and said nm was secluding the mother off in a patient room to be alone with her baby so she could mourn his loss in peace until her sister arrived to pick her up. carrie was trying to get said nm to clear mom and deceased son out of the room to make room for an admit that had just come in. nm stood guard over the door and said to carrie "you can triage him out here in the are not getting this room.........period!" carrie said "if you want to be a doctor, you are going to have to learn to put your emotions on hold because if you don't, you'll never make it as a doctor. so, what's it going to be." (something to those words) the nm said to carrie "well...i'm not a doctor, i'm a nurse, and you are not getting this room until the mother has had time to grieve the loss of her son." she stood her ground, and carrie only could shake her head and move the patient on the gurney elsewhere.

    now...that's what i call giving it your best shot as a nurse....being a strong patient advocate...and honoring your patients emotional well as your own as the patients nurse. ole to nm! bravo...cheerio...and all that jazz! :kiss
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  4. by   tiki rn
    Try being an overly sensitive, emotional nurse in a man's prison working primarily with men colleagues. WOW!!!
    You really learn quickily how to wear two seperate masks. At work the inmates normally call me 'the mean one', however when they are really sick or have just received upsetting news, it is usually me they request to be seen by! An understanding person cannot hide their ability to be compassionate. However, there is always the appropriate time and inappropriate to display your emotions. Excellent nurses know the difference!!!
    Always remember though, your feelings belong to you and no one can tell you when to feel them... sometimes just putting them on hold for a moment might seem like the right thing to do--- for you and your patient.

    Take care and good luck!!!!:roll
  5. by   TracyB,RN
    i would have been done with nursing before I even started if I had listened to the person that told me I was "too emotional."
    Phooey on them. Emotions are important. So what, if you shed a few tears? You won't be the first & certainly not the last
    Good luck with your pre-reqs

    PS. I got all teary eyed at a Kodak commercial the other day. The Hallmark commercials get me, too.
  6. by   nrs2bme
    :kiss TO YOU ALL!!!!
    I can't believe all of the wonderful responses I've recieved so far. I was so glad that the members I really look up to responded and was very touched by all who said that I will make a good nurse!
    I am very fortunate to have found this special "family" and happy to know that I will have someone to turn to when I need it... and hopefully I'll be able to return the favor.... I asked God to bless each of you in a special way! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I 'm going to have my husband print out the entire thread so I can keep it with me always!!!!